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How To Program Ford Garage Door Opener Without Remote but Other Ways

You are willing to program your ford garage door opener, but there’s no remote with you at the moment. Now how do you get yourself out of this weird situation? Simply try to do so without the remote, yes, it’s possible. Usually, the ford garage door opener without remote method is not hard if you know some basics.

In the case of ford trucks, they have a HomeLink or Car2U system to control the security system, lighting, garage door opening, and so on. Besides, it works perfectly 99% on tesla, BMW, and Hyundai along with ford garage door and opening system.

However, most of the solutions given on the internet is not quite helpful to newbie drivers who want to program garage door opener without remote. And, we know you are struggling too.

Now to find how to program ford garage door without remote, we have given 2 different methods based on the latest and oldest models. As you’ll be getting detailed and explained ways of this whole topic, calm down and enjoy learning the steps. Here We Go!

Program Garage Door Opener Without Remote on Ford

So, if you are thinking how do I program my garage door opener to my car without a remote, the process is simple with two different methods. Now, programming a garage door without an external device or remote is quite impossible. 

As your truck has a remote transmission installed that needs to be reset before using any function inside the control module. But we find solid solutions for that to control the garage door opener with no remote support. And, they are:

  • Using the HomeLink button.
  • Programming the remote transmitter with a DIP switch. 

Before we go explain the whole process, park your car in a safe place and avoid using these methods in a busy area.

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Step by Step Instructions for Latest Ford Models

If you own a ford truck that is under the 1996-2021 model, then it is suggested to generally program the rolling code of the garage door opener to access without a remote. You’ll see a HomeLink button on your ford truck that will directly control the garage door opener for programming it rightly.

Note: Be sure to unplug any device that is connected to your truck computer.

And also, keep in mind if the ford garage door opener red light blooms after following this method, it means the process failed. The ford garage door opener will illuminate in green to ensure its success.

Park Your Truck in Safe Place

Place your ford truck in a secure area where no animals or people are around. Then, remove the key from the ignition and close the door of your truck.

Reset Factory Remote System

You have to press and hold the 2 outer HomeLink buttons. Once you release the buttons, the light will begin to flash for up to 20 seconds. Wait for it to complete the beam. This way you can reprogram the factory remote system.   

Place The Hand-Held Transmitter Rightly

After that, put the hand-help transmitter from the HomeLink surface in 1-3 inches (2.54- 7.62 cm) rightly. In this step, you have to set one of the HomeLink buttons as a ford truck garage door opener transmitter.

So, select one and keep on holding the HomeLink button till you see the indicator light. Keep your eyes on the indicator light of HomeLink. 

Click The Learn or Smart Button

Now, the garage door transmitter is linking with the ford truck HomeLink button just like you have installed the remote control. You will find the Learn or Smart button at the receiver of your garage motorhead unit. It is usually next to the hanging antenna wire that is attached to the motorhead unit. 

After finding the Learn or Smart button, you have to click and release it quickly. The process will take not more than 30 seconds to program the garage door opener easily.

After that, quickly go to your ford truck and press on the trained HomeLink button for up to 2 seconds nonstop, and then release the button. 

Note that you have to do the same thing up to 3-4 times to complete the programming process. You will see the light indicator flashing which means it is processing.

Test Out If It Works on Not

Now, the moment of truth. You have to check whether your HomeLink button controls the garage door opener system or not. To know it rightly, just click on the trained HomeLink button and see the result.

If it works, then you have successfully programmed the ford garage door opener without a remote. And, if not, then you have to do the same process from start to end.  

Warning: The ford truck exhaust does contain harmful gas such as carbon monoxide. To avoid damage, don’t start your engine while programming the HomeLink button.

Step By Step Instructions on Old Ford Models

For those of you who have ford models that are constructed before 1996 and want to program garage door opener without a remote, the DIP switch will help. 

Note: Turn your ford engine off while the key is attached and then start the programming steps.

To simply put that, the ford previous models have fixed code that needs a DIP switch to manually change the remote transmission. And also, you’ll need a paper and pen or similar object to do the steps well. Now, start following the given process. 

Step-1: First off, open the battery cover of your ford truck. And, there you will see the code written on the bottom side. You have to set the number on the DIP switch settings from left to right based on the written number. 

Switch PositionsOn Position (+)Off Position (-)Neutral Position (0)

Step-2: Next you have to input the positions of switches into the Car2U system by following the serials. Just like HomeLink, Car2U is a garage door opener system. Next, press all the 3 Car2U system buttons for 2 seconds and then release them. 

Step-3: It will take a few seconds to place the DIP switch into the programming mood. You can easily say the process is working by looking at the indicator lights that will blink slowly. 

Step-4: After 2.5 minutes, you have to set a corresponding DIP switch settings into your Car2U system based on the code you have adjusted. And for that, click and hold the buttons until the light blinks faster  

Step-5: Then, continuously click and release the 3 Car2U system buttons for a while until the indicator light flashes. 

Step-6: Now again, choose a button for your Car2U system to make it work as a garage door opener transmitter. After deciding, hold the Car2U button up to 5-55 seconds and if you see the garage door opener is working, immediately release it. 

Step-7: If the door doesn’t move, then repeat steps 2-6. 

Warning: When you are selecting the Car2U button, the indicator light will blink slowly. And, avoid doing this method while your ford truck is inside the garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HomeLink in a truck?

The HomeLink is a control system that works wirelessly located in your truck, car, or SUV. You can pretty easily open and close your garage door opener using this control system on your truck. Also, this system lets you take care of opening the garage door without a remote.

Is it safe to program garage door to car?

Yes, it is pretty much safe to use the garage door to the car. It only needs a suitable HomeLink button that will be on your car. And if your truck doesn’t have that, then it will need an external DIP switch to change the switch position for opening the garage door.

Can I use my smartphone as a garage door opener?

Even if most people don’t use smartphones as a garage door opener on their ford truck, there is a way. Ford or any other truck has a computer to connect via a phone that has GPS or Bluetooth system.
It will automatically access work as a remote to open the garage. And, using a smartphone as a garage door opener will also help closing or opening it when you needed.


And, that’s pretty much what you need to know about how to program ford’s garage door opener without a remote. We have given you two different methods to make it easy based on your ford models.  

The steps are really simple and penny-pinching compared to buying a new remote for programming the garage door opener. We also considered the fixed and rolling code program of HomeLink that will probably help your ford truck to turn on or off the garage door without a remote.  

Hopefully, you’ll get rid of the struggle of programming a ford garage door opener without a remote with this guide. Best of Luck!

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