Bak Revolver X2 VS Truxedo Titanium – You’re Almost Ready to Make a Choice!

Bak Revolver X2 VS Truxedo Titanium

The whole matter of tonneau covers is not much talked about and often newbie truck owners find it too confusing as there are not many resources to hold and think about.

When you have reached the point where you’re almost done with making a choice but the confusion of picking between two equally good offering options have somewhat halted that process.

And maybe that’s the case for you to end up in this comparison of bak revolver x2 vs truxedo titanium, two of the really hyped options of tonneau covers.

Well, don’t worry because we are about to break that confusion with a comparative analysis. Let’s see what they both provide to wisely measured up which one will possibly be the better deal for you to grab. Ready?

What We Recommend and Why?

After long research based on durability, low maintenance, design, latching system, security, easy cleaning system, weight capacity, water resistance and a few other major factors we recommend:

Bak Revolver X2 Vs Truxedo Titanium Tonneau Cover

From having a look at the very basic features of tonneau covers, both Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium hold great variations. We’ll try to explain the dissimilar points of both tonneau covers down below and hopefully, that will help.

Durability & Low Maintenance

The Revolver X2 is a top-notch bed cover to use in pickup trucks. As a reliable model, it contains good coverage and durability. Basically, the Bak Revolver X2 is made out of aluminum and vinyl. As you know, both of these materials are one of the strongest to stop rust, scratch, and other exterior damage.

Besides, most users find it very stable and durable to last a good while. The Revolver X2 is protected with a solid warranty for up to 3 years. Due to its amazing structure and design, you are able to use it with no UV or rain damage.

Unlike most tonneau covers, the Revolver X2 is nice in wintery weather too. It also lets you use it daily with no need for maintenance.

On the other hand, the Truxedo Titanium is a solid tonneau cover crafted with aluminum and leather-grain fabric. If comparing the Truxedo Titanium vs Sentry, another very popular name, we can clearly say Titanium is better for its killer durability.

And yes, it is known as the stronger option for long-term benefit. Depending on its great longevity, most people get hooked up with this tonneau cover.

As only the aluminum won’t be able to give better protection along with security against different weather. So, the manufacturer of the Titanium chooses leather-grain fabric that ensures water resistance.

Apart from these, you can also able to use this tonneau cover on sunny, wintery, and rainy seasons. And also, the Titanium contains a nice matte finish to stop scratch or scuff marks. But it is not heavy-duty compared to Revolver X2 as the Titanium can bend or break easily.

In terms Of Design & Profile

The design of both tonneau covers does differ. If talking about the BAK Revolver X2, it has locking rails, an automatic slam latch, safety slat caps, and a one-hand rolling outline. Besides, this tonneau cover doesn’t have Velcro closure or stitching, unlike others.

In the case of vehicle fitment, the Revolver X2 has a compatible outline for use on Toyota Tundra, Dodge Rambox, Honda Ridgeline, etc. It also has a nice look and design that won’t block your pickup truck windows.

Plus, most users find the Revolver X2 nice and good-looking for 100% bed access. Not only does it let you cover the bed securely but also ensures outline thanks to its low-profile design.

Then again, the Truxedo Titanium is a finely designed tonneau cover. It also has beautiful lines, a Velcro strap, and slats that ensure better functionality. Thanks to its beautiful design, you can pretty easily use it on your truck bed.

Besides, most people like the design of this tonneau cover for daily usage. It has a hard roll-up system that lets you have good storage without blocking your truck windows or space. Due to its nice black matte finish, you will no longer see any marks on the surface.

Even if both Revolver X2 and Titanium are suitable for outside use, we find the Revolver X2 well-designed.

Great Latching System, Quick Securing Benefits, One-Hand Access & Easy Cleanup

Starting from the Bak Revolver X2, this tonneau cover is designed with user-friendly options thanks to the latching system. It let users depend on the system to get rid of the wrong position after locking.

In fact, this system lets you quickly and easily secure items with no struggle. Most users love the Bak Revolver X2 for its nice functionality that lets everyone comfortably use it. Amazingly enough, you can pretty easily adjust the cover using the pull cord.

And, the coolest part of it is the roll-up design that lets users employ one hand to open or access the cover easily. Depending on the length and lines of Revolver X2, some people find it very easy to clean the dust and debris from the slats.

In contrast, the Truxedo Titanium is an easy to accessible tonneau cover according to most users. From the outline to its functionality, you can pretty simply use this cover on your pickup truck with no hassle.

Due to its nice roll-up design with strong construction, it is simple to access using one hand. And also, it takes a couple of seconds to fully access the truck bed. Sadly, some users find it very hard to clean as the dirt blocks the slats. That sometimes gives hard times to roll the cover.

Besides, the sliding latches of Titanium will need good force to open or close rightly. Don’t worry, these struggles won’t be a big pain if you clean the slats on a daily basis. Luckily, the usage of Titanium is quite simple. Besides, you won’t need drilling or an extra tool during the fitting process.

In case of user-friendliness, the Titanium tonneau cover contains a quick-release system to stop making mistakes. In general, the Revolver X2 is easier to use compared to Truxedo Titanium.

The Fabulous All-Weather Performance

Both Revolver X2 and Titanium have different sizes, colors, and styles that poles them apart. Let’s talk about the Revolver X2 as it is one of the high-performing tonneaus covers in the market. Want to know the reason for its popularity? From freezing to hot temperatures, it is suitable for all weather.

Besides, it won’t give you the pain to roll or unroll except in freezing conditions. This is normal if you leave the revolver X2 for a long time in cold weather. However, it is light and travel-friendly that can hold good pressure even on bumpy or uneven road conditions.

Unlike most tonneau covers, the revolver X2 lets users use it in heavy rain or sunny weather too. It won’t give you a rust, decay, or leakage issue. Most users find this tonneau cover excellent for busy riders.   

Coming to its rival, the Truxedo Titanium is exceptional in summer and rainy weather that won’t cause exposure issues to your stored items. You can pretty easily secure items without letting moisture or UV damage.

Even if the Titanium tonneau cover won’t cause leakage issues, but it is quite hard to drain or dry out water after using over heavy rain. So, to collect the water, you have to use drain tubes. And so, most people find the Bak Revolver X2 better in performance than Titanium.

Weight Capacity Differences?

Bak Revolver X2 is great at carrying a big load. It can hold for up to 400 lbs. without damaging both the items and the truck’s bed. As this tonneau cover is durable with aluminum slats, it can hold bulky items or weight. 

Even if the Revolver X2 is light in weight, still it can carry a lot of weight during use. Besides, this tonneau cover isn’t for hauling or moving. But most people find it great for carrying daily used items at ease. And, it won’t cause skin damage even under heavy snowfall.

Conversely, the Truxedo Titanium is made solid and functional that can carry a similar weight to the Revolver X2. Thus, it may not work under heavy snowfall as the construction can cause exterior damage. In short, both Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium are good for carrying weight.  

The Water Resistance

The tonneau covers of Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium do differ in water resistance. As you know, the ability to stop the moving friction of water is defined in different ratings. The Revolver X2 is able to repel water during rain thanks to its vinyl overlay.

Since the overlay is water-resistance, it would restrict rain to get under the bed by leaking the seal. That makes the Revolver X2 people’s choice for keeping the truck beds dry and waterless. And, most people find this ability of this tonneau cover helpful.

However, you will get a different experience with the Truxedo Titanium. This tonneau cover has a good ability to protect the truck bed from water. But it requires a lot of struggle to get rid of existing water on the cover that can’t be removed.

And, for that reason, most people find the Revolver X2 better since it has an easy drainage solution through the drain tubes that only need position adjustments.  

Provided Instructions for Installation

The installation of Revolver X2 and Titanium is super simple. Both of them take up to an hour to install rightly. When it comes to the popular tonneau cover, the Revolver X2 has a good instruction manual and video that helps users to learn about the fitment process easily.

Even if the process is easy, it needs more work compared to Titanium. You have to tighten the clamps after aligning rightly and lock the cover into position or it won’t fit ideally. For beginners, installing Revolver X2 will be a struggle.

But, the Truxedo Titanium has hard to understand manual. Still, most users find the fitting process of the Titanium easy and painless thanks to the instruction video.

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This Will Also Help You!

Overall Thoughts on The Best Choice

After taking a look at more than just one factor of picking the proper tonneau covers, it looks like we have a winner in this bak revolver x2 vs truxedo titanium comparison.

And it’s the Revolver X2 with not just great coverage and durability but also fewer maintenance demands that get even better with low profile design and overall ease of use. Then again, the Truxedo Titanium might be comparatively a bit less amazing, but it still is amazing. With your constant and proper maintenance, this one will last you a good amount of time plus the water resistance ability will help in avoiding many unwanted situations.

Overall, both of the tonneau covers do a good job of performing outside. As a user, it will highly depend on what set of features you’re willing to go for plus your overall budget. Now that you know better about both of these fabulous covers, making a choice should be easier.

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