Bakflip Vs Gator- Which One Stables More With Quality?

Bakflip Vs Gator

Truck accessories just make life much easier and that is why people still are extremely interested in getting them from time to time. Even if there’s some cost that’s adding up to its whole maintenance bill.

Because the truck you own needs to keep lasting and working for a long time ahead. And without proper maintenance and pampering, that rarely happens. One of the things that basically serves you with a combination of well-working benefits such as bed security, versatility and of course weather protection is tonneau covers. And two brands that are by far the best to give excellent ones in the market are bakflip and gator.

But what if you have zero clues about which brand actually offers options that you specifically would love to have for your truck? Well, that’s where a comparison like this one on bakflip vs gator comes into play. Let’s put both the well-known names side to side and find out which one deserves to be finalized for your next purchase. 

Bakflip Vs Gator – Finding What’s The Difference in Detail

When it comes to bakflip vs gator tonneau cover brands, they hold differences for their manufacturing style. Let’s talk about the bakflip brand as it is the most popular and dependable option for tonneau cover according to most users. This brand makes unique and user-friendly designed bed covers that are easy to install with no drilling required.

The bakflip also ensures the items of its manufacture are fully protected so that users can simply customize the fitting without scratching or scuffing the truck bed. In the case of truck fitment, this brand offers tons of choices for different models or series of vehicles to customize fitting at ease.

Based on most tonneau cover market selling points, the bakflip is currently at the top. From the construction to the comfort of usage, this brand knows what to serve up its sleeve.

Coming to its competitor, the gator is born with versatility and functionality beyond anyone’s imagination. This brand focuses on everyone’s desire based on rigidity, comfort, easiness, and so on. Some people love its nice design that most brands failed to create.

So, who makes gator tonneau covers? The gator just relabeled another brand’s created bed covers. That means the brand doesn’t make tonneau covers, unlike bakflip. However, due to gator’s nice collection of relabeling tonneau covers, this brand has made a huge name.  

From both bakflip and gator introduction, it is clear that both hold a lot of differences. The main thing that poles them apart is the fact one is a manufactured brand and the other one is a brand that relabeled tonneau covers.

In Terms of Construction

As you know, gator or bakflip tonneau covers have dissimilar construction points based on an obvious different production system. Starting from bakflip, this brand is known worldwide for its excellent making of bed covers. 

While others are busy thinking of functionality, the bakflip concentrates on long-term comfort and durability for a user. No matter if you are a fisherman, gardener, homeowner, or hunter with a truck, the bakflip tonneau covers will fulfill your needs.   

This brand in fact makes the bed covers using aluminum, FRP fiberglass, and vinyl materials. You can pretty much enjoy using bakflip tonneau covers with no fear of rust, scratch, or other structural defects. And, it won’t cause issues of warp or rot due to moisture contact.

Thanks to the bakflip’s almost faultless construction, most people don’t suffer from cleaning mildew or mold. On the other hand, we have the versatile brand gator that makes bed covers with heavy-duty vinyl, aluminum framework, and rubber.

The construction of this brand’s tonneau covers is stable and rigid. Most people find no problem using the gator tonneau covers. And, you can pretty easily use them on heavy or light rainy days with no fear of moisture damage.

In fact, the gator tonneau covers are durable to stand for a good while. Amazingly enough, you can also get rid of rust or corrode struggle by using gator tonneau covers.

In simple terms, this brand’s structure and material choice of tonneau covers are perfect. Even if bakflip bed covers are warrantied for 5 years, the gator wins for its 10 years of assurance. It also shows the confidence of their making quality.

The Load Capacity & Performance

If we talk about the load capacity of gator vs bakflip bed covers, then there is a slight dissimilarity. The bakflip brand usually makes tonneau covers that can hold good weight to be fitted on the truck. Basically, most bed covers have a good capability of load carrying.

Based on most tonneau covers of bakflip, the weight capacity is not more than 300-400 lbs. The tonneau covers of this brand can carry items or people on the bed easily. But the max weight shouldn’t cross 400 lbs.

So, you can carry most types of bicycles, people, daily required stuff and so on with no hesitation. And, the bakflip brand also prioritized to makes tonneau covers using good technology to hold a lot of weight which most people will need in their daily life.

Meanwhile, the tonneau covers of the gator brand are tough and very stable to hold better weight. Even if the difference is not huge, but the bed covers of this brand can carry up to 300-500 lbs.

Based on pickup truck models fitment, the gator tonneau covers can carry perfectly. So, you can pretty easily store items in the bed without causing truck riding imbalance thanks to gator tonneau covers big load capacity.

And, the gator relabeled bed covers are protective to hold items without falling as well. This is one of the reasons why people find the gator brand perfect for beginners who worry about riding conditions or damaged items that are stored.

Weight Differences

The tonneau covers of both bakflip and gator brands do vary in weight. Starting from the bakflip, its designed tonneau covers usually won’t weight more than 40 lbs. Thanks to its light weight-point, most people find it standard to use on their pickup trucks.

It is one of the biggest benefits of bakflip tonneau covers compare to its competitor. The tonneau covers of this brand also ensure good rigidity although the weight is not bulky. You can also hold or carry them with no struggle.

Even if the weight is light, the bakflip brand makes tonneau covers flawlessly. So that, they can maintain good shape under pressure.

Then again, the tonneau covers of the gator brand are heavier compared to bakflip. Most people find them sturdy and durable but the weight is bulkier. For that reason, a few people don’t like to use them on their pickup trucks.

However, not all tonneau covers of the gator brand are heavier. Some bed covers are lighter compared to bakflip.

By now, you should have already known that the bed covers of bakflip are user-friendly, portable, and supportive to ensure the comfort of usage.

Better Return of Value

The price of both brands poles them apart from one another. Depending on the price, the backflip brand offers the most budget-friendly choices without sacrificing quality. Some people find the bakflip better for its affordability of tonneau covers.

Most bakflip bed covers will cost around $899 to $1110 on average. As for the value, the bed covers of the bakflip are pretty reasonable. Most people find the bed covers of the bakflip well-made.

And also, the tonneau covers of the bakflip are a lot protective that won’t cause leakage under rainy weather. Besides, most people find the bakflip bed covers good for sunny and wintery weather too.

In contrast, the gator brand offers expensive bed covers compared to the bakflip. Due to quality, durability, and protection, the relabeled tonneau covers of this brand do price a lot. Usually, the gator offers bed covers that cost not more than $239 to $2599.

Even if the price is higher, the performance of the gator tonneau cover is also exceptional. You can pretty simply use the tonneau cover under different situations with no scuff or leakage. But definitely, the price is expensive.

And so, the bakflip is considered the best-selling option for its logical rate with quality and durability assurance.

Ease of Installation

If we talk on the topic of bakflip and gator ease of installation, it would give different experiences in real life. The bakflip designed tonneau covers to be installed needs simple nuts and bolts adjustments. And, the process of fitment won’t give you a hard time.

Based on most users of bakflip tonneau covers, they find the installation easy that takes not more than 30 minutes. You can pretty simply align the bakflip tonneau covers and put them in the right fitment with no extra struggle.

Plus, the installation of bakflip tonneau covers won’t need an extra tool or wrench to fit in the pickup trucks. Yet, the scenario will be different if you use the gator tonneau covers.

The gator brand itself played a great role to relabeled the finest tonneau covers that need about 1 hour to fit into a pickup truck. 

In the case of the installation, most users find the gator bed covers hard to attach due to the clamp and cap alignment. Other than that, you can pretty easily install them.

Overall Thoughts

And that basically defines the ending moment of this whole bakflip vs gator conversation. Do you have a preference?

Does the backflip brand with its convenient pricing scheme and better weight distribution sound to be more appropriate for what you look for in a tonneau cover? Or perhaps easy installation, simple usage scheme, better protectiveness, and great making have made you favor Gator more?

No matter which team you choose, to be honest, there’s less chance of losing anything. Because from what we see, both of the brands are actually amazing at providing a bunch of great things along with maybe one or two drawbacks. And it will also highly depend on which tonneau cover exactly you plan to consider for your pickup truck.

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