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[Quick Fixing] Ford F150 Instrument Cluster Not Working+Video Guide!

Ford F150 Instrument Cluster Not Working

It could be because of one reason, or even due to a combination of problems going on inside. We’re talking about why your ford f150 instrument cluster not working anymore. The role of this part in your vehicle’s proper functioning is immense. From telling you about the traveling speed to signaling a hot engine as well as warnings or similar alarms, it has a good amount of responsibility to conduct.

Clearly, the thing for some reason stopping to respond is a signal that your vehicle’s wellbeing is in danger. So, definitely, you should not be sitting laid back and start finding more about solving this situation. Something we’ll be helping you with today.

In this guide, we’re about to explore some symptoms that this part has stopped working, move into the repair process, and more relevant issues one by one. Make sure you chose to stick till the very end. Let’s go!

Why Your Ford F150 Instrument Cluster Not Working

Reasons for Instrument Cluster Not WorkingEasy Fixes to Try
Minor issues in the cluster systemPlace the key in the right position to click on SEL/RESET button or knob
Blown or problematic wiring harnessReplace the wire as fast as possible
Shorted fuse issueChange the blown instrument cluster fuse
Improper connection of odometer on the circuit boardJoint the connector and circuit board by soldering

If you pay attention to the instrument cluster more closely, you’ll notice how there are so many dial arrangements on it. Along with the mounted lights. It basically looks like aboard.

And why the thing isn’t operating anymore could be due to all of these components getting failed to function.The F150 compass not working sometimes also leads you to a problematic instrument cluster that’s to be blamed.

According to Trucksauthority.com,

In general, the Ford F150 instrument cluster does not work due to shredded gear, computer error, and a defective digital dashboard. Other reasons include failed sensors, blocked circuits, grounding issues, and faulty wiring.

And that basically shows how it could be so many things alone or together causing you the current situation of a failed instrument cluster. This is why, if you have absolutely no idea about how vehicle repairs and fixed work, diagnosing the exact problem can be a bit hard.

Signs & Symptoms Of Bad Instrument Cluster

Various symptoms refer to different ford f150 instrument cluster problems. And when you have some idea on those signs or signals, diagnosing the cause becomes simple. This means you get one step closer to solving the problem. So, we felt like a segment like this one was necessary.

Now the most common sign of a problematic instrument cluster is noticing the speedometer is suddenly becoming wholly dark. And also, there are final delighting issues. In some cases, you may also notice that the trip odometer is not functioning as well.

When you open the door, if the warning signals sound is not working anymore, this could also mean a failed instrument cluster situation. Also, sometimes the tachometer speedometer starts malfunctioning.

There’s also a possibility of experiencing no notification receiving as before from the vacant tank. Display processing not working is also a serious sign of a failed instrument cluster case. Other common symptoms are flickering of more or all lights, turning off the threat buzzer, and also incorrect gauge reading.

How Do I Reset My Ford Instrument Cluster

The most common and usually enough to solve minor issues that your instrument cluster is having types of solution is going for a reset. And it’s super simple. You should be able to find the process in the manual. And if you cannot find it, here’s how to reset ford instrument cluster all by yourself:

  • Hold the ignition key to attach to the ignition lock. Usually, the ignition lock is located on the right side of your car’s steering wheel.
  • You must reset the ford instrument cluster the right way, and to make that happen, turn the ignition key to 0 or i position. The 0 position indicates lock and the I position means accessory. In short, these are the normal ignition key forms for resetting.
  • Next, press and hold the SEL/RESET knob. It is located on the instrument panel in the fuel gauge. You can also do the same trick with the SEL/RESET button. That should be on the right side of the steering wheel under the multi-information display info button. And, you are done.

But If the Problem is a Faulty Wiring Harness– Here’s What to Do

The steering column might be consisting a damaged wiring harness. And if so, the instrument cluster showing issues is very much reasonable. You simply need to check the area around the shift lever to find out if actually, the wiring harness is in trouble or not. Due to overtime short out, these wires can cause the fuse to get blown as well. Especially the #29 fuse. Usually, in such a case, the fuse will repeatedly blow until you replace it. The wiring will also make gauges go bad. They won’t be working at the same time anymore. Replacing it shall solve the problem.

Keep in mind that in some cases, a faulty sensor can also result in gauges malfunction as well as the wrong readings of the instrument cluster. And if that’s the problem, a voltage regulator is what you need to replace.

A Few More Things to Note About Wiring Issues

  • As the voltage regulator flows the electrical power stably to some parts of ford pickups, it responds fast. If the voltage regulator doesn’t work the action well, it means broken wiring.
  • A wiring issue will cause your ford pickup parts to act inversely in weak performance. That means your pickup instruments will show the maximum reading. It will help you figure out the root reason. You’ll experience hazy console light or a weak electrical system of your pickup.
  • The reason behind a wiring issue can be fully diagnosed by an expert mechanic. It would be nice if you take your ford pickup to the mechanical store or experts who can identify all the issues using a circuit analysis unless you’re expert enough to handle wiring problems.

Too Old Trucks? Blown Fuses Are More Common Reasons

To locate the blown fuse, you want to check the #29 fuse. You will find this fuse inside the fuse box easily. Basically, the wires can cause unstable short out that cause #29 fuse to blow. It will be a frequent situation for ford f150 riders.

Occasionally, the older version of ford f150 pickups may face several blown fuse issues. From electrical issues to climate control elements weird working, you will face some issues that indicate blown fuse. For instance, the backup light will not function or unstable radio system.

Blown fuses in fact affect your ford f150 performance. You may even face your f150 computer or harness wiring issue due to blown fuses. That causes the speedometer to stop responding.

Ford f150 pickups are designed with panels with a fuse that ensure stable electrical contacts.The blown issues will pop up while the fuse has electrical connections. And, the 2 main reasons for blown fuses are:

  • For any reason, if you use wipers, cigarette lighters, heater, and other systems at once, it may cause a blown fuse.
  • The fuses can keep blowing if the fuse stays separated.

The faulty fuse actually makes a big impact on the whole instrumental cluster’s working ability.

Instrument Cluster Fuses

Relay NumberAMP RatingRelated Parts
2220 AAuxiliary Power Point (Cigar Lighter) (Instrument Panel)
6520 AAPP (Instrument Panel)
315 ABrake On/Off – Instrument panel

How To Fix a Bad Joint Issue with Your Instrument Cluster

You will get a better idea with this video!

A very common problem that can also be your case is the odometer blackout issue. This could be one of those problems that force you to spend a huge amount on the repair. Unless you actually pay extra attention to all parts of how to repair instrument cluster that is dealing with a problematic odometer.

In this situation, you basically cannot see the digital odometer anymore on the dash. As if it strangely vanished somewhere. And often the reason behind this instrument cluster gauge failure is a bad joint on the circuit board.

Getting professional help for the odometer fix can cost you around 150 dollars if you remove the panel and then send it for a repair. If you cannot take out the panel, the cost will become double.

If you don’t know how to fix instrument cluster odometer by soldering the bad joint, then we’ll give you a simple guide to follow below. Before that, gather a few important tools, which are a removal tool for plastic trim panels. magnifier, extension included socket or 7mm nut driver, and of course a soldering panel.

Once you’re ready with these items, start from here:

Popping Loose the Knee Bolster

First off, grab a trim panel tool to pop loose the knee bolster. This tool will help to loosen it faster. Then, take out the both 7mm screws on the rear side of the knee bolster. It should be on one side of the steering column. Be sure to gently use the trim panel tool to work around the trim piece.

Detach The Harness Next

Take out the steering wheel. Then, raise the panel and unbolt the harnesses that are located behind the back. After that, remove the trim using your hand. Unbolt the 7mm nut driver that are attached on the instrument panel tightly. You’ll see 4 of them holding the instrument panel. Take them out gently to remove the harnesses.

Check For Bad Joint

Afterward, take out the screws behind the cluster. Use your hand to remove the white cover. Detach the connector that is located on the rear side. Next, distance the circuit board from the gauge assembly cautiously. Inspect the equivalent pins to find the faulty joint. You can use a magnifying glass for that.

Using Soldering Pencil to Fix It

For fixing the faulty joint, get a soldering penile to repair it. After repairing, gently attach the circuit board and connector. Reattach the screws on the white cover just like you have done before. Then, attach the cluster in the dash. Next, change the bolts and top trim panel in the knee bolster.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I know if my instrument cluster is bad?

The instrument cluster will signal if it turns bad. It causes flickering gauges, untrustworthy readings, zero gauges when driving, and so on issues. These kinds of errors can occur if the instrument cluster is faulty.

How much does it cost to fix the instrument cluster?

It would cost up to $900 to $1100 to fix the instrument cluster. Yet, the replacement price will raise if you hire a professional mechanic to fix it. Apart from that, the price of fixing can be high or low based on living area, ford f150 models, and other factors.

Does changing instrument cluster change mileage?

No, it won’t affect mileage. In fact, when you change the instrument cluster, it won’t reset the mileage. So, you are free to drive a long way after changing the instrument cluster.

Can I drive my car without the instrument cluster?

The short answer is both yes and no. You are able to drive your car without an instrument cluster. However, it is not suitable for long riding. As a matter of safety issue, you’ll need alarms, warnings, and indications when driving on long-distance areas.

And, there are some areas where driving a car without an instrument cluster counts as illegal. So, it is kind of necessary.

Why and where the instrument cluster is located?

You will find the instrument cluster near the steering wheel and displays. It’s is located on the upper view so that a driver can easily see the speed, fuel level, and some important status of the truck.

Wrapping Up

And that was our attempt to help you with your f150 instrument cluster not working. Hopefully, you have already found a solution. If not, then don’t wait and take it to a professional.

Yes, it will cost you a bit. But also remember that the importance of this component is very high and you cannot miss out on its functioning. Also, your entire vehicle’s integrity of performance will fall at risk. And none of us ever wants that.

So, don’t make any delays and either repair it yourself (if possible) or just find someone who can sort things out for you. Good Luck!

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