How to Clean VCT Solenoid- Only 7 Steps To Do It Perfectly!

How to Clean VCT Solenoid

It’s true that simply cleaning the VCT solenoid when it’s not in the most terrible shape would be enough to revive its functionality. But the chances of the part completely being off to anymore serve the way it used to, is still there.

And so, you may learn how to clean VCT solenoid and give it a try. But be mentally prepared if the trial doesn’t seem to work. Because usually, according to experts, the best thing to do with a VCT Solenoid that’s almost on its death bed is giving up on cleaning and simply throwing it away to replace it.

But, if you want to give it a go, definitely do that. We will be helping you with the entire cleaning process below. And in case, things don’t go the right way, the replacement guide would be there to help you further. Hope that seems a comprehensive solution to this whole matter!

How To Clean VCT Solenoid Without Damaging It

Cleaning the Valve Camshaft Timing aka VCT solenoid is a big job. Depending on your truck models and series, the process can be a bit different. Just keep an eye on the instruction and you’ll easily clean VCT solenoid with no hassle.

Don’t use a cheap product that includes methyl alcohol to clean VCT solenoid.

Leaving a dirty VCT solenoid will result in lower viscosity of the engine. It also affects the performance of trucks when riding. Besides, the dirty VCT solenoid can cause the engine to run roughly when in an idle position.

However, it’s also true that sometimes the rough behavior comes from other issues such as a failing throttle position sensor. You may want to check how to reset throttle position sensor ford if in doubt.

Anyways, let’s get back into what we were talking about. So, can a VCT solenoid be cleaned permanently? To be honest, cleaning it will solve the issue of rust for short while. After that, you will need a proper replacement of the VCT solenoid. Before that, let’s learn about the right way of how to clean VCT solenoid down below.

Required Tools:

  • A Brush
  • Safety Gloves
  • A Mild Cleaner
  • A Clean Towel
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Torque Wrench
  • A Nose Plier

Let’s dive into the 7 steps below on how to clean vct solenoid.

Step-1: Protect Your Hand

First off, wear your safety gloves to avoid oil and dirt contact. Be sure to use a pair of gloves that is good for this purpose. After securing your hands, go to the next step.

Step-2: Take Out Negative Battery Terminal

Detach the negative battery terminal. Be sure your truck is not starting and don’t attach the key on the ignition. To do it rightly, open the truck hood and lock it. Then, locate the battery which should be on the front.

After that, remove the negative battery terminal using nose piler or your hand. Don’t touch the battery directly as it can cause accidents.

Step-3: Detach Engine Cover

Next, take out the engine cover. This step may seem easy but it requires good pressure. Detach all the nuts using a torque wrench or impact driller.

Be sure to use low pressure to pull out the nuts well. After that, remove the engine cover. Use pressure to take out the engine cover.

Step-4: Clean Out The Engine 

Then, use a clean towel to wipe the engine. Makes sure to use oil for cleaning the engine. If your engine has corrosion, use a rustproof solution on the surface. Also, makes sure to use a brush when cleaning the engine parts.

Step-5: Loose Out The Bolt

Then, take out the bolt attached to the VCT solenoid using a torque wrench. When doing that, be sure to insert a clean cloth under the space to avoid losing nuts.

The nuts can drop inside the truck which would be hard to reach. So, use a clean cloth inside the space. After that, secure the nuts in a good space.

Step-6: Clean The VCT Solenoid

Now, it’s time to clean the VCT solenoid. Take out the VCT solenoid and spray a cleaner on the surface.

And then, use a brush to rub the surface gently. Wipe out the dirt using a clean towel. If you see visible dirt, then spray the cleaner another time on the VCT solenoid.

Step-7: Attach Bolts & Cover Back Together

Put back the VCT solenoid in its place and attach the nut using a torque wrench. And then, pull back the engine cover. You can use glue to attach the cover rightly.

Then, fit all the nuts over the cover using a screwdriver or torque wrench. After that, insert the negative battery terminal.

How To Replace the VCT Solenoid- When Cleaning Isn’t Enough

The VCT solenoid replacement cost is higher compared to DIY. If you want to replace it but don’t have enough money, then the given steps will be helpful.

The replacement time will take at least 30 minutes.

Step-1: Remove the battery terminal using a nose plier. Then, take a torque wrench to loosen out the nuts of the engine cover.

Step-2: Detach the engine cover and take out the nut of the VCT solenoid. Use a torque wrench to loosen the nuts. Be sure to wear gloves before detaching the nuts.

Step-3: Remove the old VCT solenoid. After that, insert the new one by attaching the nut using your hand. Then, tight it out using a torque wrench.

Step-4: Attach the engine cover and nuts just like you have detached them. Then, insert the negative battery terminal. And, you are done. 

Wrapping Up

With the way you are facing the struggle, we hope this guide helped you. Cleaning the VCT solenoid won’t be a piece of cake since the rust and junk take place on its surface. Our given process of how to clean VCT solenoid is effective and easy to follow.

Most experts find the cleaning of the VCT solenoid as a temporary solution. For that, you may need to replace the VCT solenoid sooner or later. Don’t worry, the process of replacing it isn’t hard if you follow the direction rightly. And, be sure to watch videos for easy understanding.

It is okay to make slip-ups but avoid doing outside tricks when following the upper method. Hope It Works For You!

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