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Find Out the Cam Phaser F150 Replacement Cost First – Preparing for Replacement

Cam Phaser F150 Replacement Cost

The cam phaser is a vital element of the truck that improves or retards the valve timing to suit the engine working. But sometimes this part becomes problematic which affects badly and causes errors when driving the f150.

And for that, one will need replacement to get rid of this type of situation. Before that, you may need to learn how much money a faulty cam phaser will need to get replaced by an expert. The overall expense will not be cheap at all. So don’t have that expectation. 

In this guide, we’ll go through in discussion of the cam phaser f150 replacement cost for your easy understanding and to help in deciding what to do. So, What Are We Waiting For!

About Cam Phaser F150 Replacement Cost

Place To ReplacePartLaborShop MaterialTaxTotal
Ford $663 to $900 $1012 to $1300$30 to $100 $119 to $172.5$1824 to $2472.5
Local Shop$525 to $600$800 to $900$0 to $20$92 to $100$1417 to $1620

Driving with bad cam phasers will cause your truck to act very weirdly and increase fuel spend. From the cam phaser noise to the rough idle, there are a lot of signs of them as they tend to react differently which impacts seriously. 

According to Getcarsnow,

So, to sum it up, the Ford F150 Cam Phaser Replacement Cost can vary in the range of $500-$2500. The Cam phaser needs to be replaced at an appropriate time otherwise the vehicle will neither be able to provide proper comfort nor it’s safe to ride it. Hope there is relevant information that you found here based on which you can decide upon when the cam phaser replacement.

If your truck is making an irksome sound that gets louder when you accelerate, it can be because of a bad cam phaser. You can replace the part or maybe check how to quiet cam phaser noise to solve the problem.

Now coming to the main point of this article, the cam phaser replacement can be done by 2 dealers. And, these are:

  1. Ford Dealer
  2. Local Shop Dealer

Both of them are excellent for fixing and replacing the cam phaser. But, if you are lacking budget, we suggest going to the local shop dealer as it’ll save a lot of money.

Cost Of Replacing F150 Cam Phaser by Ford Dealer

Replacing the f150 cam phaser via ford dealer will cost around $1,824 to $2,500 to get the job done. Yet, you may need to pay a little more depending on your truck model, taxes, and labor.

And also, it will take $1,012 to $1,100 of labor costs if your cam phaser is having serious damages. Plus, you have to count the parts which will be around $663 to $700 of part expenses. It may cost a little less if you buy the part by yourself.

For example, the 2004 f150 truck will cost you around $2,000 if you change the cam phaser on both sides.

Replacement Cost Of F150 Cam Phaser Via Local Shop Dealer

If you are having a bad cam phaser and want to replace it with any local shop dealer who is professional in this work, then it may require $1417 to $1620 on average. The main reason a lot of people repair the cam phaser in a local shop is because of the budget-friendly price.

In fact, you may need to think of labor, taxes, parts, materials, and other things too when replacing it. The price of the part will be around $525 to $600 which may reduce the overall cost if you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when a cam phaser goes bad?

If a cam phaser goes bad, it will cause truck VCT aka Variable Control Timing solenoids to be damaged. Due to that the ECU can’t able to handle the phaser which causes loud noise and weak power. A faulty cam phaser also results in your truck riding in rough idle.

Is it worth it to replace cam phasers?

Technically, you’ll need to replace the cam phasers rightly to get the old performance. If you repair them wrongly, it may result in your truck’s engine to damage.

Will bad cam phasers damage the engine?

The bad cam phasers will possibly result in your truck’s VCT solenoids, ECU, and engine being destroyed after some time. It also causes uneven idle, irksome noise, and engine light to pop up suddenly.

Wrapping Up

Now, after all, that’s pretty much all that you need to know about the cam phaser f150 replacement cost. A lot of people have to go through repair due to certain problems of cam phaser that ruin the truck working miserably.

A bad cam phaser may cause knocking noise, terrible performance, and rough idle which lead to the f150 driver replacing it as soon as possible. For that, we have given details of the possible price you have to pay for replacement based on labor, tax, part, material, and other factors too.

And so, we hope this guide helped you learn about the cost and other factors that will need for fixing the faults. That’s All For Today. See You On Our Next Article!

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