Do You Know Why Dodge Ram Trailer lights Not Working?

Are you annoyed because your Dodge Ram trailer lights not working? The most common problem for bad trailer light can be loose ground or a bad fuse. However, there remain a plethora of reasons why a trailer light won’t work.

All models of Dodge Ram trailer light not working issue are almost similar. We have explored all the issues regarding the Dodge Ram trailer light. Here, you will find all the probable causes and their solutions.

Before going to a professional try to solve it on your own, let’s get started.

Dodge Ram Trailer Lights Not Working

Possible ReasonsProbable Solution
Fuse Short CircuitReplace Fuse
Loose Ground ProblemGround Connection might be loose
Dirty Power Connection PlugCheck & Clean Plug
Damaged 7 Pin ConnectorTight Wire Or Replace
Not Getting Enough PowerCheck & Fix Fuse
Bad BulbReplace Bulb

Dirty Power Connector Plug

When your old 2003 dodge ram trailer lights not working, you should check your power connector plug. Debris around the power plug can turn off the power connection. First, clean the socket and plug with a cleaner spray.

Then put the power connector back on to check the light. If the light still doesn’t work, then clean the contact pins. Use a wire brush & electric contact cleaner to clean the pins.

Loose Ground Problem

A loose ground is another common reason for which your Dodge ram trailer light is not working. Firstly, clean up the ground properly. Then the metal frame needs to be tightly attached to the ground wire.

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Remove the ground screw and check for rust and loss of connection. Use sandpaper to sand trailer chassis & wire terminals. Replace the ground screw with a new one if there is any damage.

Fuse Short Circuit

Faultless in the fuse is the most common issue for which dodge ram trailer running lights not working. Fuses can have short circuits when overload happens. Use the trailer manual to look for the fuse box.

If the fuse is burnt, then replace it with a new fuse. But if it isn’t burnt, take out the old fuse and put it on again. Sometimes it can become loose when the lights aren’t working. Commonly fuse issues can be seen when 2017 dodge ram trailer lights not working.

7 Pin Connector Issue

In the 7 pin connector trailer, the connector is mainly used for brake light, reverse light, auxiliary power, electric trailer brake, ground connection & taillights. Lights can stop working when the wire is damaged or loose. The damaged wire needs immediate change as other features won’t work.

Firstly, remove the damaged wire and plug. Remove the covering shield to insert the new 7 pin connector cord. Then connect the center & cord wire for plugging terminals. Lastly, tightly seal plug housing and assembly.

Not Getting Enough Power

Sometimes the wire doesn’t get enough power to light up the bulb. It’s mandatory to take a continuity test. Take a jumper wire & connect it to the pin.

If the light starts working, there is no issue with the wire. But make sure to change the wire if the light doesn’t start working.

Bad Bulb

Sometimes the issue is not as critical as we think. The bulb can stop working after a certain time. Before checking on the fuse or circuit box, we would suggest checking out your bulb. If the bulb is bad, just replace it with a new one.

Firstly, switch off the light. Then just lightly twist the old bulb out. Take the new bulb and twist it in the reverse direction. Turn the light switch to check. Bad bulb issues can commonly be found when 2005 dodge ram trailer lights not working.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes trailer running lights to not work?

Many issues cause trailer running lights to not work. Commonly when there is a loose connection between the trailer and truck’s ground light doesn’t work. A bad ground is also the main reason for 2015 dodge ram trailer lights not working. Aside from these loose power connections, a bad 7 pin connector, not getting enough power & a bad bulb can also be responsible for the light not working.

Do trailer lights have a fuse?

Yes, trailer lights have a fuse. The fuse is just right below the slot. If you still can not find out, take help from the trailer’s user manual. In the main fuse box, you can find the light fuse. Each time you turn on the trailer light short circuit may happen.

What happens if trailer lights don’t work?

If the trailer light doesn’t work, there won’t be an issue with other utilities. The trailer light is connected with a fuse separately. Without the trailer light, everything will be too dark at night as there is no way for natural light to come. however, if the 7 pin connector is bad, then other features can stop working immediately


Don’t panic and identify the problem properly before fixing the trailer light. If you think the issue is more critical, then immediately call a professional.

Also, make sure to wear protection from preventing any electric shock. We hope now you can understand why your dodge ram trailer running lights not working.

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