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Ford Sync Update Problems – 4 Major Problems With Easy Solutions

Ford Sync Update Problems

Have you found yourself in frustration just because of ford sync update problems that occur repeatedly when you try to install the latest versions? Yeah, we get it you desperately want to get rid of these issues to update sync successfully.

And, a lot of people are also having the same issue due to update problems that can be solved if you find out the root cause. Luckily, we have got our hands on this topic to give you a perfect solution so that you can fix the issues well.

In this article, we’ll try to give some possible reasons why the ford sync update not working and offer easy-to-follow solutions to help you with worded terms. Make sure you read this guide from start till the end. Let’s Get It!

Ford Sync Update Problems – Causes & Fixes!

Reasons For Sync Update IssuesEasy Solution To Try
Connection issue of Wi-FiTroubleshoot by updating via a USB hub
Plug out the USB hubReboot several times and then update it
Vehicle turns off or times outPerform a factory reset
Loosen up or bad fuse issueTighten up the fuse or replace it with a new one

Determining The Issues of Ford Sync Update!

Before we give the ford sync update troubleshooting and solutions, let’s first know the real problems to identify the causes. Basically, the ford sync update taking forever or showing failed during the process may occur if you are doing it wrongly.

We have seen a lot of people are facing similar problems when updating or rebooting the ford sync. Keep those notes in your mind so that you know which one is your problem as we will give solutions later in this guide.

  1. Poor Wi-Fi connection or disconnecting repeatedly
  2. USB loose connection
  3. Truck times out
  4. Fuse problem

If you are having one of these problems while installing a new version of ford sync, then it needs to be fixed by taking actions like how most DIYers should do.

No Connection Causing Sync Update Issues?

The ford sync update not working can be the reason for your Wi-Fi’s poor connection. It’s okay if you can’t figure out whether the real problem is the connection or not. Just be sure to check the Wi-Fi sign on your screen.

What do you see? Does it show no connection or weak performance? If so, then we suggest disconnecting the Wi-Fi and then use the USB hub on your plug-in harness with a phone to update successfully. By doing this, the updating process will take only 9-10 minutes.

Be sure to download the zip file or sync installation and the external program like 7-zip to open the file in your USB port (that will connect to your truck).

Next, follow the given steps.

  • Attach the USB to your truck and then click the Phone Button. Next, go to System Settings and click on the Ok.
  • Look for the Advanced option and hit on it. Press the Ok option.
  • Then, find out the Install App option and click on Ok.
  • Wait for a while until it shows Sync Installation completed.
  • Next, reboot the sync to finish the process.

Note: Be sure to park your truck in the garage while running the engine to successfully update.

If USB Loose Fitting is Causing Ford Sync Update Problems

This is a common situation where a lot of people failed to update the ford sync due to a loose USB connection. It can happen when you have shaken up the wrong USB hub while removing the charger from the truck.

And, if you have done the same thing, it is nothing to be getting panicked about. Just press on the Volume or Power Knob button along with the Next Trackbar for up to 5-7 seconds.

You will notice the screen is turned off after hearing a clicking noise. And then, it will automatically turn on to complete the reboot. Next, go to Settings and there you’ll find the General option.

Next, you need to click on the Automatic System Update. Then, hit the Scan For Updates Now. After that, the ford sync will automatically update in the background.

Vehicle Being Turned Off

Another common reason why the ford sync update isn’t working rightly could be the vehicle turned off or times issue. A simple reset will make it all right for your truck to update sync well. Before that, try to clean your ford touch screen.

It will help you see the options well and improve touch sensibility. If you don’t know the cleaning methods, then check out how to clean my ford touch screen right away.

Now, go to the settings and then click on the General bar. After that, scroll down to locate Master Reset then click on it and follow the instruction. Then, wait for it to reset completely. After that, open the Wi-Fi connection and start the update of sync.

Fixing Fuse Issue to Update Ford Sync Easily

If you see the screen is blanked or couldn’t operate by showing an error code when updating ford sync, then the loosen-up fuse might be the real problem. In that case, follow the given instructions:

  1. Locate the fuse box and search for the sync fuse.
  2. Next, remove the sync fuse for an hour and then attach it to its place.
  3. After that, turn on your engine and see whether the sync update works or not. If it works, then stop right there and complete the installation.
  4. If not, then replace the bad sync fuse with a new one. And then, turn on your engine to check the sync update which will work.
  5. Then, go to the Settings option and then the General bar. Afterward, locate the bar Automatic System Update and click on the Scan for Updates Now. You will see the sync update is starting. Complete the update by following the instructions.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Ford Sync?

Ford company made a special system in their trucks since 2007 which called sync that lets users use different functions such as music, apps, map, and so on. It is a big part for ford drivers to enjoy the functions while driving in their destinations.
Based on Tractionlife,
Ford Sync is an infotainment system developed by Ford to ease the driving experience. It offers access to various applications you can use while driving, such as Music, Map, and other apps available on your phone. The idea is to have as much entertainment and information available to you as possible while you travel.
Amazingly, the ford brand offers sync 1-4 versions to let you enjoy the latest updates as well. To update the sync, you’ll need a USB hub or Wi-fi connection.

How long does it take for a Ford SYNC update?

Based on most users who own ford, the working of sync update may need not more than 30-35 minutes. Yet, it may take extra 1 or 2 minutes to reboot sync that’ll fulfill the installation process. Plus, you can schedule the time of update depending on your free time.
But, if your ford sync update failed, then it may need a lot of time to complete the installation via USB or Wi-Fi connection.

What app is needed for Ford Sync?

To use the ford sync ideally, you’ll need the AppLink app to access it with a mobile app. In fact, you can pretty easily enjoy various options of sync to manage settings via your smartphone. It also lets you use onscreen features along with a voice command system.

Will SYNC update with the car off?

The answer is both yes and no. To put it simply, you can update sync while your car is off if you have an external Wi-Fi connection in the ford. Otherwise, it is suggested to use a USB drive to do the update with no hassle of car off.
However, if you don’t have these sources, then be sure to update the ford sync using home Wi-Fi without turning off your truck.

Final Thoughts

If following the given solutions shows you the same ford sync update problems, then it may need serious fixing. In this case, hurry up and see a mechanic who can solve this issue right away.

We have given possible fixes you can try based on key causes that might hinder the update system. And yes, you won’t be needing pricey repairs if the given solutions work out. Also, the update of ford sync won’t require 2-4 hours based on different circumstances.

No matter what is the reason for your ford sync update issues, hope this guide helped you in any way. Don’t wait and either try to fix the problem by yourself or hire an expert to do this for you. Best Of Luck!

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