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Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot ­– Think Again After Reading This Comparison!

Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot

Having a bunch of pretty shades to pick from does not looks like a privilege anymore when your head gets stuck between two colors. As it cannot anymore tell which one to go for. Something that quite frequently happens when an f150 owner has to pick from these two very popular exterior colors, Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot.

One has a reputation of being pretty PRETTY and showing fabulous UV protection performance! While the other is a sweetheart when it comes to absorbing less heat and keeping things cool. But there is also the dark part to both of these hyped f150 shades, and to make a choice you should be well aware of those. Exactly what we will be helping you with today!

Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot- Why This Argument?

Key FactsAbyss GreyLead Foot
Heat AbsorptionHigh heat absorption Low heat absorption 
Blending AbilityEasy to blend and touch upNeed efforts to blend
Flaws VisibilityLacks hiding scratches and marksCovers all the flaws easily
Color VibrancyLooks beautiful with a formal appearanceDull and weak color vibrancy
Price PointReasonable Expensive

If you know a little bit about the recent Ford F150 truck models, they have removed some of the previous exterior colors such as Ruby Red, White Platinum, and Ingot Silver, etc. After removing these shades, Ford added some of the new exterior shades including Lead Foot and Abyss Grey.

And, that’s where the comparison of Abby Grey and Leadfoot Grey was born. Most people find the need of talking about both of these color’s outlooks and appearance. To make it clear, both of these colors do vary if you look closely under direct sunlight.

Let’s start by introducing both of these exterior colors to find out the main differences. The Abyss Grey is a darker exterior color compared to Lead Foot. Besides, it gives metallic vibes that suit vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

On the other hand, The Lead Foot is a lighter version of dark grey. It looks more neutral and plain with no luster or shines even under sunny weather. Both of these colors are available on Ford 2019-2021 models. Apart from that, you will see other colors including Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Stone Grey, Magnetic, and so on.

From both of these exterior color’s identities, you should have guessed they do vary a lot. In short, the tone of Abyss Grey and Lead Foot is visibly different.

Practical and Beautiful, Less Shine To The Van

Among all 2021 Ford series trucks, the Abyss Grey exterior color is the most handsome shade that improves the truck look fabulously. It not only let your truck get a new appearance but also adds positive value.

Apart from other Ford exterior colors, the Abyss Grey adds style and a cooler vibe to the truck. This metallic color lets you have a better exterior shade that won’t be visible to dirt or dust.

Most people go with the Abyss Grey when choosing exterior colors for its darker tone and tons of benefits. Even if using this exterior color have some downsides too, but the benefits are a lot pleasuring to use on trucks.

For this purpose, the Abyss grey will cost around $64 to $494 if you want to paint yourself with no expert help. But you may need to pay more than $600 if hiring a professional mechanic.  

Not only does that the Abyss Grey is more versatile but also reliable exterior color to use on a cab or van. Using this color will be a plus point if you are a busy driver. But, while picking this exterior color for the truck, you want to learn about its benefit along with a few downsides too.

And so, the exterior color of Abyss Grey is everyone’s favorite due to its darker metallic tone. Other than that, here’s why people love the Abyss Grey color:

Advantages Of Abyss Gray

  • Protects the truck body from direct sunlight heat. In the case of UV rays, this exterior color does a great job to resist skin peel or exposure.
  • Good for hiding out flaws such as dirt and dust that are visible. Apart from its competitor, this exterior color doesn’t highlight obvious dust from the van surface.
  • Fine color for giving a sense of calm and composure. It improves the truck’s overall classy look without ruining its formal appearance.
  • Not only this exterior color needs low maintenance but also saves money from extra repair or car wash costs.
  • Very easy to blend into other colors. Also, this color is easy to touch up or hide flaws.

Disadvantages Of Abyss Grey

Some people don’t like this exterior color for its plain and neutral shade that doesn’t gloss under sunlight. Other than that, let’s look into other reasons why people don’t like the Abyss Grey.

  • The exterior color is not shimmery or shiny. Besides, a few people don’t find a lot of vibrancy on its shade.
  • Unlike others, it is a lot easier to notice scratches and scuffs. This exterior color makes truck marks and dents to be seen without hiding all the flaws. 
  • As the color hides the dust very well, some users forget about the cleaning requirement. If you frequently don’t remember about the cleaning of your truck, then it may cause future damage and spends.
  • Another big drawback of this exterior color is the fact it absorbs a lot of heat than Lead Foot. The darker colors attract heat that causes the truck exterior and interior to hotter rapidly. And so, the Abyss Grey lack in reflection to keep out heat.

Looks Amazing on Van, Cannot Protects From UV-Ray

The Leadfoot Grey F150 exterior color is a good-looking choice that won’t disappoint most people’s expectations. In fact, this color is a lighter version of grey that improves truck surface beauty.  

To make things clear, the Lead Foot is the latest shade that replaces the lithium grey exterior color. If we talk about the winner of Lithium Grey vs Leadfoot, it would be undoubtedly Lead Foot. Yet, it does have a few downsides with advantages based on user experience.

Now, let’s see what its good and bad sides look like.

Advantages Of Lead Foot

  • This color absorbs less heat. And also, it doesn’t keep the sunlight in which helps the surface to stay cool longer. Besides, most people find no heat issue thanks to the Abyss Grey good reflection.
  • It is one of the easiest to hide dirt and scratch. A lot of people find it standard and smart that don’t need daily cleaning or washing. 
  • This exterior color doesn’t cost at all for repairs.

Disadvantages Of Lead Foot

  • A lot of users find this exterior color nice for formal truck looks but do criticize its dullness and no vibrancy.
  • The cost of the Lead Foot exterior color is expensive.
  • Compare to Abyss Grey, it needs more effort to blend into other shades due to its color lightness.  

Paint Code of Abyss Grey & Lead Foot

Color DescriptionColor Code
Abyss Gray MetallicKL5EWHA, M7418A, ME
Lead Foot GrayJMTAWHA, JX, M7394A

Overall Thoughts?

Now, which name would we take as the winner of this comparison between the Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot?

If we pick the Abyss Gray then it would be because of its excellent ability to protect from UV and not peeling characteristic that also hides dust and dirt for the most part. But then we would overlook the preference of shimmery shiny outlook lovers as it somehow feels dull to a few people.

While if we chose the Lead Foot then the less head absorbance and ease of repair would be our major points to do so. But then again, it’s expensive and a bit hard to blend.

Actually, both of the colors are good in their own ways while having a few negatives to talk about. It’s you who need to practically measure things up and then make a choice of which one will be more appropriate for your F150. We believe that would be the best way to determine a true winner.

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