Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart: Check the Swapping Compatibility

Chevy users wonder how to use the Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart for better performance. The interchange chart makes it easier to ensure the compatibility of the product.

Therefore, judging by the production model of your Chevy and other information about the internal parts can compare them with models in the interchange chart.

The interchange chart will help you select the most compatible transfer case for your Chevy 4WD truck. Hence, your truck up-gradation or rebuilding becomes easier and cheaper. Because taking the truck to a garage will end up taking too much money.

Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart Explained

The transfer case is a major component for a smooth and powered ride with 4WD and AWD trucks. It can get worn and torn over the years of heavy usage.

Then you may require an entire transfer case or only the spare parts which are compatible with your Chevy. It is tedious work because incompatible transfer cases won’t fit in. For this, an interchange chart is important.

Transfer Case ModelAvailability YearChevy Model
GM NP 1361999 and upAstro Van
GM NP 2071982-1988 (6 years) 1983-1988  (5 years) 1983-1988  (5 years) 1983-1988  (5 years)  S-series Blazer S-10 Jimmy J-series S-15
GM NP 2311988-1997 (9 years)  Blaze S-series, S-10, S-15, Compact truck
GM NP 2081981-1988 (7 years)Suburban, Tahoe, Blazer
GM NP 2361999 and upS-10 Blazer, S-10 Pickups
GM NP 2461998-2000 (2 years)Chevy 1500, 2500, 3500 truck and Van.
GM NP 2411989-1999 (10 years)Chevrolet Blazer, Suburban, and Tahoe, as well as 1500, 2500, 3500 Truck and Van
GM NP 2611999 and upChevy 1500, 2500, 3500 Truck and Van
GM NP 2631999 and upChevy 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks

Importance of the Interchange Chart

If you plan to upgrade, repair, replace, or rebuild your Chevy transfer case, this interchange chart will be handy. The transfer case for different models of Chevy vehicles is made differently.

You have to the type and internal specifications of the transfer case in your vehicle for a successful operation. It is because there are some minor yet very crucial changes in all the Transfer cases from GM.

Over the years, from 1988, many Chevy models of cars, pickup trucks, and vans have been launched. Thus, lots of transfer cases have also become available in the marketplace.

Therefore being a newcomer in this field can get you confused a lot. Using the chevy transmission interchange chart, you can easily determine what type of transfer case you should be looking into.

The chevy transfer case identification also becomes straightforward for you using the interchange chart. You can get the most compatible transfer case for rebuilding effortlessly.

Moreover, rebuilding a transfer case may require small upgrades and replacements of the mechanical parts. These parts can only be found in similar types of transfer cases.

Using an unsuitable transfer case for rebuilding may not work. Instead, this may cause additional damage to the transmission system of your Chevy.

Is It Worth Having A Transfer Case Rebuild?

Rebuilding the transfer case can become a necessity for you because many Chevy vehicles have issues with the transmission performance of the vehicles.

You may face difficulty and roughness while changing into different gears if your Transfer case is broken or malfunctioning.

Moreover, you can hear heavy clinky noises constantly. Lastly, fluid and vent leaks in the output shaft are observed.

It becomes tedious and unpleasant to drive a vehicle with such problems. It is also possible that you may face some potential accidents while driving a Chevy with a malfunctioning transfer case.

In such circumstances, you have to take your vehicle to the garage or dump it for a long time. Taking the transfer case to the workshop may cost you a lot of money.

Besides, do you know a bad transfer case can cause no reverse for several reasons? Check if a bad transfer case cause damage transmission or not and some other facts, as well.

But, having the required tools and the compatible transfer case, you can rebuild and repair your truck on the driveway or garage. This will save a lot of money, and your truck will be revived.

Most Chevy 4WD built during the 90s possess transfer cases with similar models. You can check out the 4l60e transmission interchange chart to rebuild your transfer case and use your truck for a prolonged time.

For this reason, it is worth it to rebuild a transfer case. It prolongs the longevity of your vehicle and delivers a smooth ride.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I know what GM transfer case I have?

The GM transfer cases have a unique identification and assembly number. These values are written on a Transfer case tag, and it remains attached to the hardware with adhesive. You can also know about the GM transfer case type you have by looking at the model year of the host vehicle.

What transfer case is in a 1997 Chevy K1500?

Using the vehicle model and production year, it is imperative that The Chevy k1500 1997 has an NP 246 4l60e transfer case. The official website visit or a visual inspection of the transfer case metal tag needs to be done to confirm the Chevy 4l60e transmission compatibility.

What 3 types of transfer cases are available?

The transfer cases are used in 4WD and AWD vehicles. Hence, the 3 three types of transfer cases available are the part-time Four-wheel drive, full-time Four-wheel drive, and an active Four Wheel drive. Each of these types has its advantages.

How to identify the Chevy Transfer Case?

There is a metal tag attached to all the transfer cases, made by all the car manufacturing companies. Check there will be the transfer case model number, assembly time, etc. Using these data, you can identify the transfer case of your vehicle.


To rebuild the transfer case in your owned garage can be confusing and tedious. It is important to match all the relevant data with the host transfer case and the replaceable transfer case.

Going through this article would help you check your decision’s compatibility, availability, and worthiness. All you would need is to look at the chevy transfer case interchange chart.

Hence you will feel more confident while rebuilding or replacing a transfer case in your vehicle.

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