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[3 Main Causes]Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems & Solutions

Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems

To stop aerodynamic drag and add fuel efficiency when driving in a bad environment for performance, the active grille shutter plays a great role. Even if it gives good benefits for drivers to ride trucks well, sometimes the grill shutter can act badly.

Due to a bunch of reasons, it can react weirdly by making noise or high-temperature issues. A lot of people also express the struggle of facing a problematic active grille shutter on their ford truck and want to get rid of it.

And, if you are one of those, then calm down as we will be showing you all the possible fixes that work to treat the ford active grill shutter problems. Don’t rush and take a step without figuring out the root causes as it can get you in trouble.

Observe your ford truck behavior and then decide what action would be perfect for fixing the error. For your sake, we have given causes and fixes why your ford active grille shutter is not working. Let’s Solves Them Together!

Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems – Reasons & Easy Solutions!

Reasons for Active Grille Shutter ProblemsSimple Fixes to Try Out
Lost communication from the PCMClear out the error code using a scanner tool
Blow up fuseCheck the fuse and repair it
Improper alignment of active grill shutterPosition it rightly

Before you know the real fixing process of bad ford active grille shutters, learn about the causes. To put it simply, the main role of an active grille shutter is to control your ford engine temperature.

The signs of a problematic ford active grille shutter will show once you turn on your engine and start to drive.

According to Ford,

When you’re driving slowly, the Active Grille Shutter system keeps the grille vent open to cool the engine. When you pick up speed it can automatically close, improving aerodynamics and helping to save fuel.

You can easily tell whether your truck needs treatment by noticing these 2 signs as it means a bad active grille shutter. And, they are:

  1. Trucks spend a lot of fuel
  2. Adding aerodynamics drags

Maybe your truck’s having a bad fault code that causes the active grille shutter to act weirdly. Or, it could be the fuse blown up issues as a few people face the same error after checking. Sometimes the problem can be due to the wrong alignment of the grille shutter.

And for that reason, your truck’s active grille shutter is not working. However, if nothing works out, then you must replace it with the help of professionals.

Fixing The Active Grill Shutter Problems With A Scanner Tool

Most ford drivers are facing active grille shutter troubles due to their truck’s internal fault code. Sometimes ford has DTC aka Diagnostic Trouble Codes with the active grille shutter module that might cause problems.

If this thing is new to you, then we suggest getting an OBD II adapter or scanner tool to continue the following steps. Let’s see what you need to do:

  • Turn your engine to an idle position.
  • Next, connect the OBD II adapter to plug in your truck and the laptop using FORScan. You can also use a scanner tool to plug it into the truck.
  • Wait for a while so that the FORScan scan shows data. And then, a bar will pop up by showing a warning of AGS or active grille shutter module’s fault codes.
  • After that, click on the fault code and press the reset button. Next, wait for a few seconds.
  • Again, a bar will pop up for you to cycle the ignition and then start the engine.  

Bad Active Grill Shutter Fuse Could Be The Reason Why It’s Not Working!

Have you dealt with a very hot temperature of the engine while driving your ford truck? Perhaps the active grille shutter fuse is the main cause that needs replacement to fix out the overall issue.

image 7

In short, the fuse of ford’s active grille shutter can turn bad or worn out. You first need to locate the bad fuse from the fusebox to ensure the problem. To do so, follow the procedure:

Step-1: Open the hood of your ford truck.

Step-2: Next, take out the fuse box cover.

Step-3: Then, locate the blown-out active grille shutter fuse. Be sure to use a pair of nose pliers when removing the bad fuse.

Step-4: Attach the new active grille shutter to the old one’s place.

Step-5: After that, lock the fuse box cover. Then, close the hood.

It would be better if you re-calibrate the active grille shutter module by using a scanner tool. Then, start your ford truck to finish the process.

The Ford Active Grille Shutter Alignment Might Solve The Problems

Another possible reason a lot of ford drivers find AGS aka active grille shutter problems due to incorrect alignment. For that, you need to see whether the grille shutter housing, retainer, and wiring harness are broken or have the wrong alignment.

Just be sure to locate the active grille shutter which is on the front side of your truck. Then, use a tool to take out the cover gently so that the part doesn’t crush. Next, check all the parts if anything is loosened or needs to be fitted.

What do you see? If the wiring harness is loosened or broken, then be sure to fix it by soldering. And, treat the other parts too if they need alignment.

After adjusting all the housings, wiring harness, sensors, and other parts, attach the cover of the active grill shutter back to its place. Hopefully, the problem is now cured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are ford active grille shutters?

The active grille shutter or AGS is an engine part that controls the temperature by opening and closing the vents for stopping aerodynamic drag. In simple form, it takes care of the engine cooling system in a different way. 
And, most ford models including focus, escape, fusion, and others have this system to improve 6% fuel economy. In fact, the active grille shutter works like an air conditioner to enter airflow when the engine is hot.

How much does it cost to fix active grill shutters?

The active grille shutter repair cost is around $100 to $170 depending on your truck model, location, and of course labor. If the work is hard and needs a complete replacement, then the price can be higher. 

How does the active grille shutter system work?

Well, it works by providing air to the engine by turning the vents on to promote a good cooling sensation in hot weather. Yet, it will do the exact opposite thing when not opening. So that, you can run your truck on cold areas without having a lack of engine performance.

Wrapping Up

Now, you will be able to fix the ford active grill shutter problems all by yourself. And if, trying these solutions still invites the same issues, then maybe the shutter system and actuator motor is the problem.

We have given all the possible fixes based on the causes that most ford drivers are facing so you don’t. And, if you don’t want to do anything and don’t mind spending some from your pocket, then it’s best to hire an expert.

The professional mechanic will figure out the error and give a proper solution to cure the damages of the active grill shutter. No matter what step you are taking, be sure to figure out the issues first then think of treatment.

Hope checking this guide helped you in finding causes along with solutions. Be fast to fix the issue and return the old smooth performance of your ford truck. Best Of Luck!

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