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F150 Misfire Symptoms: 4 Main Reason & Solutions

F150 Misfire Symptoms

It could be one or many reasons due to your lack of care that causing misfire issues. Due to lack of airflow, the engine starts to misfire and shows a few signs. The ford f150 misfire symptoms are very easy to figure if you keep your eye on performance.

Clearly, any weird activities of your f150 truck could be a serious sign that telling you to take proper action. And yes, you have to pull yourself up and work hard to find out the reason why your truck is acting all differently. 

In this guide, we’ll be with you to figure out and fix the misfire issues with logical solutions. So, what are we waiting for? Let Get Into It!

Ford F150 Misfire Symptoms & Solutions at a Glance

Reasons for F150 Misfire SymptomsQuick Fixes to Try Out
Bad coil packs issueReplace them with a new one
Faulty or loosen up spark plugsRepair them
Dirty fuel Injector IssueClean it using a liquid solution
Internal engine defects including pistons & rings, cylinder head, and timing beltReplace the faulty part

Ford F150 Misfire Symptoms – Explaining The Root Indications!

Have you ever faced an engine light turning on suddenly or the smell of fuel from the exhaust? If so, it indicates the misfire of the ford f150. If the engine has problems inside its functions, it shows signs beforehand to grab your attention.

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Your truck message center will show trigger code such as P0301 to P0310 that means misfires. Apart from that, there are a lot of signs that indicate your ford f150 engine misfires. And they are:

  1. Check Engine Light Flashing.
  2. Bad Engine Performance.
  3. Low Acceleration Issue.
  4. Fuel Smell Coming From The Exhaust.

Bad Coil Packs Might Be Causing F150 Misfire Problems

The very first thing you can do after knowing the misfire thing with your f150 is change coil packs. It is the most popular reason why a truck misfire most of the time. Replacing the coil packs will not require a lot of time.

According to Jason from Drivetrain Resource,

Misfiring is the most common symptom of bad Coil Packs. Anything else that you may feel is a result of the misfiring itself.  The real question is, what is causing the misfire?  There is more to your F150’s ignition system than just the coil packs.  There’s also spark plugs and plug wires.

So, get good-quality coil packs from the store to replace them yourself. To replace them, park your truck in a quiet and level-up ground to continue the procedure rightly:

  • Remove the fuel rails.
  • Take out the bolts and connectors using a wrench.
  • Next, twist to detach all the faulty coils.
  • Inspect all the coil packs. If one coil is damaged, then fit the new one. And if more than 2 coil packs are damaged, then replace them too.
  • Afterward, tighten them out using a wrench. And attach all the bolts, connectors, and fuel rails.

Note: You can use grease when taking out the coil packs from the spark plugs.

Repairing One Or More Spark Plugs To Treat Ford F150 Misfires!

A lot of drivers meet the ford f150 misfire at idle with a shaky feel due to one of more than 2 plugs are damaged. To put it simply, bad plug sparks are one of the common issues of f150 misfires.

So, are 2 or more spark plugs being damaged? Or, the spark plug wires are fully damaged and needs treatment? If your f150 spark plugs wires are damaged, then follow the given steps:

  1. Park your truck in a flat and even terrain. Then, pull up the hood of your truck and disconnect the battery negative terminator.
  2. Next, you need to remove the wire from the spark plugs. For that, unclip the tab by using a plain screwdriver. Then, take out the bad spark plug wires one at a time so as not to get confused.
  3. After that, place the new wires on their place and that’s it.

Now, you need to get close to your hood and then start your truck to ensure whether your truck works without misfire or not. And if the misfire problem on the ford f150 still continues to take place, then it must be due to bad spark plugs. To replace it, do the procedure:

  • Block the tires and open the hood of your ford f150. Remove the negative battery terminator.
  • Then, take out the plastic cover of the air tube by detaching the 2 bolts.
  • Next, remove the air tube. Flip the label, detach the connector, and loosen up the clamp using an 8mm socket wrench.
  • Detach the power steering reservoir by removing 3 bolts. Also, take out the 3 bolts from the bracket. Remove the 8 cylinders from your engine. Be sure to take out the coil packs too.
  • Now, use the double swivel socket to remove the spark plugs from their place. Next, attach the new ones to the right areas using the same tool. Be sure to replace it completely to avoid future damage.
  • Then, attach all the tools back to their place. Connect the negative battery terminator.

Note: Remove any external device such as a USB hub or charger from your truck when doing the replacement work.

Clean The Clogged Fuel Injectors Using A Cleaner To Stop Misfire

Another reason a lot of f150 users have to deal with misfires is blocked or clogged fuel injectors. For those of you who know a little bit about fuel injectors, they are a very busy part that goes through work to balance air to fuel ratio.

But, due to lack of maintenance and care, the fuel injectors sometimes build up dirt that needs to be cleared to fix the misfires. To do so, here is what you need to do:

  • Pull out the hood of your truck and locate the fuel injector. Check the ford f150 vehicle owner’s manual to find out the exact location of fuel injectors.
  • Next, remove the fuel injectors and inspect them. Then, grab a fuel injector cleaning kit to deeply remove dirt and debris from them.
  • After that, attach the fuel injectors back to their place to finish the job.

Note: You need to clean the fuel injectors once a year by yourself. And, if you locate bad fuel injectors then be sure to replace them too.

What If F150 Misfire Is Happening Due To Internal Engine Defects?

This is the worst-case scenario if your f150 misfire under acceleration due to engine parts damages. A lot of time f150 drivers share the stories of their truck misfire because of worn-out pistons and rings or faulty cylinder heads.

If you are also having similar types of problems, then change the cylinder head. Look into the nuts of the cylinder head which sometimes cause a misfire if broken. In that case, read out how to remove the broken exhaust stud from the cylinder head to fix it.

Even if the replacement cost is very expensive, you should do that with the help of an expert as the labor will need a lot of effort and energy. And, change the pistons and rings if they are worn out. Be quick to take action as it’ll cost a lot of problems in the future.

How about your f150 truck misfires due to loosening up the timing belt? Well then, it needs to be fixed by following steps:

  • Open the hood of your truck and secure the shed by using the strut bar.
  • Then, disconnect the battery.
  • Next, take out the timing cover. And, release the timing belt’s tensioners.
  • Now, loosen the bolts so that you can adjust the fitment better. And if the tensioner is worn out, then it’s the right time for you to replace that.
  • After that, attach everything back to its place.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a cylinder misfire feel like?

It actually gives a shaky feel that makes drivers and other people who are sitting on the back hesitant. The cylinder misfire can happen if the engine has to deal with unbalanced air. It also gives bad riding performance if not fixed rightly.

Can an engine misfire fix itself?

No, the engine misfire won’t treat itself if you don’t do anything. It actually gives poor riding and gas. You should fix the issue unless it would cause permanent damage to the engine.

How long can you drive with an engine misfire?

Technically, you are able to drive the ford f150 that has an engine misfire for 1000 miles. But, the driving rigidity and ability are not decent like a normal truck. It will also cause shake and lack of acceleration due to misfires. Still, the truck will run anyway.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know the ford f150 misfire symptoms and possible solutions depending on the causes. And, if any of these fixes don’t help you sort out misfires, then it might be something really serious. You should get help from a knowledgeable mechanic who will fix it easily.

Yes, the price of replacement will be higher but the problem will place you in even more damaging situations later on. We have given you possible solutions based on common symptoms. But if things get worse, seeing a professional should be the next most important step.

Hope this guide has helped in some way with those f150 truck misfire problems. We hope you are quick to take action by appointing an expert and getting things fixed. Good Luck!

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