6 Reasons And Solutions to Why Toyota Remote Start Not Working

Why is Toyota remote start not working? It will not work if there is a bug in the Toyota app. This problem can happen for many other reasons, too. These include Toyota server issues, key fob issues, and the free trial of the key fob ended and more.

The Toyota remote start system lets you start and stop your car’s engine through your Toyota car’s Smart Key fob. It also lets you control functions such as your doors, trunk lock, or unlock, and might even let for keyless entry if you own the Toyota Smart Key system on your Toyota car.

Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

Toyota Remote Start Not Working

Let’s check out the causes of this problem and solutions before we go through the details.

Probable ReasonsShort Solutions
Bug in the Toyota appContact Toyota
Toyota server issuesUninstall the remote connect app, wait for two days and then reinstall it
Remote connect app not supportedStop using the remote connect app and start using the Toyota app
Remote connect problemsRemove the battery cable for about 20-25 minutes, and then put it back.
Key fob issuesReprogram the key fob.
Free trial of the key fob endedBuy a subscription

Bug In The Toyota app

Sometimes you can face the 2020 Toyota highlander remote start not working problem on your 2020 Toyota highlander car. You may experience that you have signed up for the remote connection, but it is not connecting with your vehicle. This problem can happen if a bug in the Toyota app you are using to use the remote connect feature.

Solution: To solve this problem, you need to contact Toyota. They will work on this issue and fix it. Until they fix it, you have to wait.

Toyota Server Issues

Some people stated that their 2020 Toyota Tundra truck’s remote started working with the key fob and then stopped working when they registered the remote connect app. At that time, neither the remote connect app, nor the key fob worked.

If the remote connect app damages the key fob system, this problem can happen. It can also occur if the Toyota server is having an issue registering your vehicle identification number to the app.

Solution: To solve this Toyota tundra remote start not working issue, you have to uninstall the app from your Toyota Tundra truck and phone. After a day, the key fob will start working. You need to wait for a couple of days and reinstall the remote connect app to start working.

Remote Connect App Not Supported

Many people find that their remote connect app is not working with their 2020 model Toyota car. As a result, they can not use it to start their vehicle. This issue occurs because the remote connect app does not support the 2020 Toyota car models.

Solution: In this case, you have to stop using the remote connect app and start using the Toyota app to solve this problem.

Remote Connect Problems

The remote connect feature sometimes doesn’t start the 2019 Toyota Tacoma car, and the screen goes black. If you try to use the remote click feature again, it will crash. As a result, the remote start will not work. It happens because of the faulty remote connect part.

Solution: To solve this Toyota Tacoma remote start not working issue, remove the battery cable for about 20-25 minutes. Then, put the battery cable back. This way, the system will reset, and the remote start function will start working.

Key Fob Issues

Sometimes, you can see that your 2016 Toyota 4runner car’s remote start is not working. If you press the lock button 3 times, it will only lock the doors 3rd time and not 6th times.

However, the owner manual describes that the door locks default to lock the doors at 2nd times. It occurs when the key fob is not programming correctly.

Solution: To solve this Toyota 4runner remote start not working issue, you must reprogram the key fob.

Free Trial Of The Key Fob Ended

You can sometimes face the Toyota Camry remote start not working problem on your 2018 Toyota Camry car. Your key fob might not start the vehicle. If your free three years Audio Plus free trial has ended, it can happen.

The 2018-2020 Toyota Camry cars Audio Plus systems’ have 3 years of free support for their key fob’s remote starting feature. After that, they need to buy a subscription to use the remote starting feature. The Premium Audio system has a 10 year free trial for their key fob’s remote starting feature.

Solution: In this case, you are required to buy a subscription to use the key fob’s remote starting feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Toyota remote start?

Firstly, remove the cover of your key fob and pull the battery. Then, wait for 20 seconds. After that, you have to put the battery back in. Finally, replace the cover. In this way, you can reset your Toyota remote start.

What would cause a remote start to stop working?

There are several causes for the remote start function to stop working. The biggest cause is a defective or missing hood switch. Other causes are dead batteries, incorrect use, remote starter switch is off, and the key fob is not programming correctly.

Why did my remote car starter stop working?

Though this problem is rare, it does happen sometimes. It will cause dead batteries in the remote or be removed when repaired in maximum situations. Remote car starters generally have non-volatile memory to hold programming characteristics and remote control codes. Like all computing devices, sometimes they lose memory, causing this issue.


Your Toyota remote start not working might signify a more dangerous problem. That is why it’s crucial to find out why your Toyota car’s remote start stopped working, even if it isn’t a feature you normally use.

There are several causes why the remote start on your vehicle does not function, but if something is not right with your key fob, the remote connect app, or the Toyota app, you have to fix it. To help you select the Toyota remote start, not working problem, we have discussed the 6 reasons and their solutions here. We are hopeful that now you can solve this issue easily.

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