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Figuring Out Ford 7.3 Gas Problems Is Pretty Hard!

Ford 7.3 Gas Problems

Ford is by far one of the most reliable companies to come up with fabulous options. However, with each of their models, a slight portion of disappointment also accompanies sometimes.

For example, the matter of facing ford 7.3 gas problems. It’s quite a less talked about topic and there’s hardly much to share for identifying what exactly is wrong and then making a fix. Let’s give you some idea on this today.

Ford 7.3 Gas Problems & The Solutions

The most common ones are spark plug wiring harness failures, isolated issues, and unsmooth starting. All of which require more or less expert handling, so contacting the local dealership or a mechanic sounds more appropriate, to be honest.

Failure Noticeable in Spark Plug Wiring Harness

If you don’t have any idea what a spark plug means in it’s a part that stays connected with ignition coils. Through a wire called spark plug wires. There are quite a few of these. And then they could provide electrical current. Which is the thing that allows the spark plugs to spark.

At the very beginning of 7.3, the early owners mainly were able to notice that there were more than a few cylinder misfires happening. And the main blame was on the wiring harness it was faulty basically. As it’s a thirty-dollar part, there were no major issues repairing it.

However, because of the failed harness, the driving conditions became pretty weird. Or there was sometimes no start at all. As the wiring was not working, the spark plugs got no power, hence it was not able to operate at all.

Ford’s Response to The Issue

Later Ford was quick to identify the issue and called it a manufacturing defect. Apparently, the new harness will be available for any symptoms that could exist with their 3rd part fixing.

Not only this but there was also a complaint from new 2021 Ford chassis motorhomes and 2020 Ford super duty trucks. With the very exact issue. The wiring harness soon belonged to the backorder crisis. And so many dealerships were lacking an ETA about when the part would be available.

However, because it costs only 24-25 dollars, anyone facing the issue would be able to afford it in an urgent scene. And the fact that it’s a very important part that leads to an underivable motorhome as well as a truck that renders.

Ford assured to try its best for having enough supply of the needed part. And anyone having trouble should contact the local dealership to access the part. This is a great move from Ford, but it’s also true that the spark plug issue is pretty annoying, which made so many users very disappointed.

Then There Are Isolated Issues

Apart from the spark plug issues, some other type of problems was occasionally discovered by many users. And these were stuck lifters as well as cylinder scoring. However, all of these were mainly appearing as isolated issues.

Also, there are discussions on ford 7.3 gas transmission problems. Some report that controlling the truck is pretty hard as the gear shifts are very harsh.

The 7.3 gas is a pretty solid and reliable option otherwise. And there’s hardly any major engine component failure to cut off driving experience whatsoever. But the catastrophic failures sometimes ought to happen. And in case of any such failure, you must contact the dealership. Or take it to an expert who can exactly figure out the problem.

Unsmooth Starting with Gasoline Smelling in Cab

Another common issue is trying to start the engine by pushing the begin button. However not succeed in it as the vehicle basically splutters to stop within a few seconds. Or sometimes just cannot achieve a steady idle.

Even if you end up getting it started after numerous tries, there could be a really weird gasoline fumes smell in the cab. You could drive the vehicle normally, but the smell might just keep bothering you.

And in quite says the issue would be with the fuel pump. Such intermittent issues however are pretty tough to figure out. However, more often than usual, the 7.3 gas problems might get fixed by checking and treating the fuel pump module.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ford 7.3 gas engine reliable?

Yes, for the most part, the Ford 7.3 gas engine is a pretty reliable engine. In fact, some consider it to be very useful even to transport substances quite delicate, and in loads by the way.

Why is Ford making a 7.3 gas engine?

To achieve peak power, ford has been always working consistently from the very start. And that quite explains why they would go for such an engine. Basically, to generate really well power and to have proper fuel efficiency, it looks like the idea of a 7.3 gas engine serves well.

How much HP will the new 7.3 have?

The 7.3-Liter V-8 is capable of making 600 HP with the basic mods. And these are huge naturally aspirated power.


It’s not a drill that ford 7.3 gas problems are quite hard to figure out and have solutions accordingly. So, if you can, just go to an expert and let them check whatever issue is making your driving life hard.

It’s only right for the professionals to come and personally give the vehicle a check. And then, hopefully, a proper solution to this entire issue could be achieved. We hope you find a way out soon.

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