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Can’t Choose Between Ford Raptor Vs Ford Platinum-Now You’ll

Ford Raptor Vs Ford Platinum

Can’t Choose Between Ford Raptor Vs Ford Platinum-Now You’ll

Getting perplexed to pick out one from ford raptor vs ford platinum as your truck is now expired and needs replacement? It’s a very common scenario among a driver who wants to select the best in both worlds option. 

Truly, ford has accomplished a higher status when it comes to trucks that rock in all features. While the Raptor version is aggressive and powerful, it would be unjustified if not to mention the goodness and luxury vibe of Platinum.

And so, people can’t make a final choice while having a contrast between these 2 trim packages. The debate will be exciting as both of them has excellent options that anyone would love to have.

But you need to think of everything and of course your preferences too in order to know who’s the real frontrunner. In this guide, we’ll be deliberately discussing both of their differences to let you inform the best pick out of all. Are You Ready!

Comparison On The Ford Raptor Vs Ford Platinum

If looking into the raptor and platinum, both of them differ in features. The raptor has higher power, torque, durability, and seating type. In contrast, the platinum gives a comfortable ride, saves fuel, and adds engine performance. 

Parameter Of FeaturesFord RaptorFord Platinum
Engine 3.5L EcoBoost V65.0L Ti-VCT V8
Fuel Economy16 MPG21 MPG
Torque510 lb-ft410 lb-ft
Power450 HP400 HP
Seating TypeWay Comfier Than PlatinumMassaging Seat

To decide the winner, you have to know the features that make both of them dissimilar. For most drivers, they are luxury and performance but in a different way. Based on people who own both trucks, a lot of users find the raptor better than platinum.

And, although both rocks in aspects, drivers who want specific things in a trim level to purchase and fulfill the purpose have to select only one. So, let’s see who got the crown ford raptor or ford platinum.

The Ford Raptor Is Powerful & Comfortable but Will Cost You a Big Price

Available in F150 and Ranger lines from 2010 to 2014, the raptor is great in looks and cozy to sit for hours with no hassle. Whatever a truck needs to be called ‘perfect’, it will fit all aspects. Here we have given both the good and bad sides of it:


  • It gives a better highway riding feel than the city ride. When driving with it, you will most probably feel like the truck is running like a cheetah, smooth like butter.
  • The power of the raptor is something that would give you full support like off- and on-road.
  • Even if you’ll hear some whisper when accelerating through the gears, still it won’t make any change to your comfort ride.
  • The transmission system is okay.
  • We love the seats of the raptor that is allowed for 5 – 6 people to sit comfortably. And, it will give a foamy feel on your shoulder and back side.
  • The cast aluminum construction makes it look classy that fits any standard.
  • A lot of people love the function and looks of raptor compared to platinum.


  • Although it looks cool and feels way cozier, the ford raptor price is starting at $70,000. And that is expensive compared to Platinum.
  • It will spend a lot of fuel due to the all power and torque benefit you get.

The Ford Platinum Looks Lavish & Has Friendly Price Point but Lacks Power

Invented in 2009, the platinum is a cool version of truck models as it gives better comfort, engine performance, and of course low-price range. Considering its rocking features, it does rank high on ford’s highest sale list. Take a look into its benefits and weaknesses:


  • This trim package gives a better flat or planted feel that would let you drive longer by spending low gallons of diesel. It also ensures no trouble with fuel economy.
  • It contains massaging seats that are similar to raptor but in a lavish look. And, it does give grip on the back-side.
  • The platinum trim package has a budget-friendly starting price which is around $58,000 – $65,000 on average.
  • We find the suspension of it better than the raptor.
  • It has cool and ambient lighting on the headlamp that shines better at dark places or at night time. And, this feature makes it excellent as the raptor does provide that.


  • It does make interior noises but won’t give headache as the sound is minor.
  • Sadly, a lot of people don’t find strong power like raptor while using it.
  • The platinum doesn’t have good torque.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford Raptor worth the money?

It’s true that the cost of the ford raptor is higher and way more expensive than other trim levels. But, it does worth the price. Most owners never complain or meet hassle except a few during the usage and they agree that the overall cost is perfect.

We find its style similar to other models, but if speaking the truth, the raptor has incredible performance that others can’t touch level.

What is high mileage for a Ford Raptor?

The raptor has higher mileage that it is able to run up to 400,000 miles over the life cycle. Not only that it will last longer but also ensure better off-road capability.

Can a Ford Raptor go through a carwash?

No, it can’t go through a carwash as it will damage the truck. Also, the ford owner’s manual clearly mentions avoiding taking a tacked car wash from the garage and don’t take it too wide. But, if you are thinking of taking spray wash, then it is okay.
Plus, you can simply wipe out dirt using the normal liquid solution on your truck and clean it with water.

Is Ford Platinum better than limited?

The answer is both yes and no. The platinum is ranked as the most lavish trim level of the ford. It has 13,000 lbs towing capacity and you can pretty easy ride from the city or 20 highway miles per gallon. And the price is very reasonable compared to limited

Then again, the ford limited trim level has a V6 EcoBoost engine along with 500 lb-ft torque. And, it can tow at 14,000 lbs but won’t give a better riding feel, unlike platinum. Overall, both are good in their own features.  

Wrapping Up

In the end, you know what would be better to choose when comparing the ford raptor vs ford platinum. We’ve done a good study on both of them to give you the perfect facts so that the details might help you find the right one.

Be sure to try out the test drive to understand which one would be better in the ride or daily usage.

And, if you ask us “who’s better”, the answer lies on your desire and what you like to have. You see, the raptor is surely an exceptional trim level that stuns drivers with its striking power and torque. And also, it gives a cozy feel while driving, both interior and exterior design is marvelous.

On the other hand, the Platinum is like a lavish truck that you and your family can ride while sitting on massaging seats. Plus, it has friendly pricing and good looks along with some helpful features.

Although both of them have a few downsides, it’s basically up to you to know which one will do better for your needs. Hope you found a lot of information in this article to know comparisons of these two trim packages. Good Luck & Be Sure To Pick The Coolest One.

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