Tater Built Turbo Problems- What Can You Do To Fix These?

What Are the Tater Built Turbo Problems? Whereas you need to spend a maximum of $2000 for a general turbo, in the case of the Tater Built Turbo, you have to spend around $2700 at least. And, is not it one of the Tater Built Turbo problems?

Certainly, yes, it is. Because you will find a better turbocharger at this price. However, users found some other problems while utilizing their Tater Built Turbo with their SUVs.

All About Tater Built Turbo Problems

Here are some general problems of Tater Built Towmaster or Turbo that you may find while driving your vehicle.

DurabilityIt is not better to fix a Tater Built 63/67 if it crosses the date of expiry. If the expiry date is not over, just contact the customer service center for free fixation.
Oil LeakCheck the sealant and if it is dubious, visit the nearest customer care point.
Noise IssueReplace it


To begin with, the lifespan of Tater Built Turbo. When we consider the other Turbo with the that lies on the same line, Tater Built Turbo becomes an unlikable choice for its meager lifespan.

It is not more than 1 or 1.5 years. Though the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty period, it was still not expected, especially in the upgraded version, Tater Built Turbo 6 0 powerstroke.

However, if we desire to be at the mean point, we must conclude that it is no less in terms of performance during its whole lifespan.

In the second space, the lack of lubricant with oil leak. The speed of the engine nurtures the temperature of the Tater Built Turbo. The lack of lubricant, so-called cooler can cause a deficit in the temperature controlling system.

It also disrupts the effects of oil and causes a clog in the passages. A bend in the pipes or passages is the prime reason for this lack in 67/67 Tater Built Turbo 5.9 Cummins. It can also form an excessive oil supply.

And eventually, it will cause severe damage to both turbines of a Tater Built Turbocharger.


Another most disliked fact is the noise of the Tater Built Turbo 6368. What actually happens, the sound of the exhauster remains stunning at the beginning period.

But when the charger becomes out of date, it causes various issues, and one of the major problems is the noise.

Some users reviewed and found the noise as cheap. And they added, according to the tater built 67/67 price, the noise seems so filthy.

Another most visible symptom is the prevention of oil flow. It is the process that subsumes a heating system of the oil, and the oil becomes solidified. This solidified oil can create a clog in the oil passage.

The final result is the starvation of oil. It prompts a burn in the bearing of the Tater Built Turbocharger.

The final symptom is the low output while powering up the engine. The Tater Built Turbo is meant to induce horsepower by 25%. If your Tater Built Turbo is facing a problem, it will create a noise like a whistle.

And, you will notice a loss of power significantly while you are about to speed your vehicle.

Oil Leaking

The most-reported problem from a mid-aged Tater Built Turbo 2nd gen Cummins is the leak of oil.

A plethora of issues we can observe while using a Tater Built Turbocharger. Some of the symptoms are quite invisible, and you can detect a few of them. Among the feasibly detectable signs, the foremost symptom is,

To begin with, the excessive smoke through the exhauster. It generally occurs when the sealant of the Tater Built 63/65 fails to seal the oil. It also causes oil leaking.

The utter process is the oil leaks through the seal and endures through the exhaust system. The oil heats up within a concise while and creates excessive smoke.

The color of the smoke, in this case, will be either bluish or gray with a constant exhausting characteristic. The purpose of the oil is to cool the Tater Built Turbocharger.

Moreover, this issue will turn the charger dry and cause fire immediately.

Nonetheless, we can halt this issue and end up with a solution. Either you can fix it on your own or visit a mechanic to fix it.

If you desire to fix the oil leaking issue, at first check the sealant if it is broken or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes the turbo to fail?

The prime reason for the failure of the turbocharger is the oil leak. So, check if there is a dent or not. Afterward, check the exhauster if the smoke is unusual or not. If there is something exceptional, there is a high possibility that the bearing is burnt.

What are the symptoms of turbo failure?

There are plenty of symptoms. First, the gray or bluish smoke from the exhauster. Secondly, the oil drops from the turbocharger. Afterward, the low power while speeding up. Eventually, the noise from the charger sounds like a whistle or whine.

How do I know my turbo is blown?

There are plenty of ways to detect if the charger is good or not. First, notice the smoke from the exhaust. If there is too much smoke, there is a high possibility that your charge is not okay anymore. Secondly, if you can hear a sound from the charger like a whistle or whine, your charge is dead. At last, if the charger is not able to boost your engine by 25% horsepower, you may change the turbo.


The Tater Built Turbo is, of course, a blindfold choice. Nevertheless, everything has a depreciation, and so does this charger.

If you believe solemnly that you can afford the Tater Built Turbo Problems and cost related to the turbo, you can possess one.

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