Dodge Dakota Seat Swap- Is There Possibilities?

Need some basic Dodge Dakota seat swap instructions? Generally, the seats and other parts are interchangeable among different vehicles of the same gen. But these can be with different gen also.

This mid-size pickup truck made its debut in 1986, produced by Chrysler. It performed its best until discontinued in 2011 due to the lack of demand.

However, people who own a Dodge Dakota can still furnish the truck’s look with a Dodge Dakota seat upgrade.

Replacing the seats might be a little hard work, but not tricky. A set of your desired seats, a few tools, some nuts, and bolts are all you need. You can carry out the whole process like an expert if you’re handy enough.

Dodge Dakota Seat Swap

Since the production of the Dodge Dakota, they introduced different types of seats in the trucks. Some models contain bench seats, and some others have bucket seats.

When you are thinking about a Dodge Dakota seat swap, the seats of different models can often turn out to be interchangeable.

Let’s have a detailed look at different Dodge Dakota models and things we need to know and do for Dodge Dakota seat replacement.

Basics of Dodge Dakota Seat Swap

Though a car seat swap might be a bit of labor work, it is less complicated than other repair work your car may need.

Let’s learn how to replace your old car seats and install new ones.

First, place your car in a suitable place where you will be able to move the seats easily after removing them.

Open the car doors and pull the lever. Pushing the seatbacks forward will make it convenient for you to reach the bolts that attach the seats to the chassis.

Locate the bolts on each side of the seats. At this point, you will need to take out the bolts so that you can detach the seats from the car.

Take a socket wrench to unscrew the bolts with the help of it. Generally, a seat is attached with four bolts. However, the number of bolts may vary depending on the seat type and the car model.

  • Now, take the detached seats out of the car and place them in a proper setting. This task will require a minimum of two people. Do not attempt to lift the seats alone or you might get hurt.
  • Take the seats of your preference and place them in the empty position from where the old seats were removed.

You may need to install brackets or make some new holes to mount the new seat in place. Make the adjustments as per your need.

  • After everything is set, place the bolts and tighten them to install the seat properly in the car. Attach all the bolts accurately to secure the seats perfectly and firmly.

Follow this procedure when you are swapping the seats of your car. Doing it step by step and in an organized way will help you to complete the work more cleanly and quickly.

First Generation Seat Swap: 1987-1996

Chrysler introduced their first Dodge Dakota in 1986. It came to the market as a 1987 model of Dodge Dakota.

Most of the models have 60/40 seats and bench seats. There are some models with bucket seats in this generation. All the types are quite easy to replace.

For a 1st gen Dodge Dakota seat swap, you can use the seats of another 1st gen Dodge Dakota. The 2nd gen Dodge Dakota seats also can be used in earlier models with some modifications.

Second Generation Seat Swap: 1997-2004

The models that continued from 1997 are considered the 2nd generation Dodge Dakota. The outer look of this pickup truck was upgraded. The sitting arrangement also got an update in this generation.

At the front, for the driver and passenger, there were bucket seats. The rear seat was a flip-up seat which has the capacity to sit minimum 3 persons.

2000 Dodge Dakota seat replacement is also an easy job. 2nd generation Dodge Dakota seats can be replaced with different model car seats or other generation bucket seats.

Third Generation Seat Swap: 2005-2011

Launched in 2005, 3rd generation Dodge Dakota was upgraded in every aspect of its predecessors. It was bigger in size and better in facilities.

The bucket seats of this generation are comfortable enough for the driver and the passenger. The replacement process remains the same for this generation too.

All types of bucket seats that are of appropriate size should be good enough as a replacement in 3rd generation Dodge Dakota. Though a third-generation Dodge Dakota seat might not be fit for a 1st generation Dodge Dakota seat replacement, it will work for a 2004 Dodge Dakota seat swap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you replace the foam in a car seat?

Yes. The foam in the car seat is replaceable. It is quite normal that the foam will be worn out over time. You can replace them when you want to give your car interior a better look. Buy some foam sheets and replace them yourself or seek some professional help.

How do you get foam out of a car seat?

If your car has a removable seat cover, you can take that out and reveal the foam. Otherwise, rip the cover over the sewing line, and take the foam out of the cover. Replace them with new foam of the same size as your car seat.

Summing Up

When you are thinking about your Dodge Dakota seat swap, you have to keep in mind the car model and the size of the seats. Even if some seats may need some extra work, if it fits in your Dodge Dakota, you can make the rest work.

For example, if you want to use 2004 Dodge Dakota seats for 2001 dodge Dakota seat replacement, a few changes and customization can give your thoughts shape in reality. Drilling a few holes according to the need, and adding or modifying brackets will make the seats sit perfectly inside your Dodge Dakota.

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