You Too Can Fix Common Pedal Commander Problems – Here’s How

edal Commander Problems

Imagine that you are riding your truck but in the middle of your destination, you’ve met with an issue with the CEL and signal transferring system. After having this kind of experience, you must’ve searched through the internet to reach the right solution.

If you can relate to that, then it typically occurs when your truck is diagnosing with Pedal Commander problems. Don’t get panicked, as these kinds of issues are very common.

Adding a good speed moment to your truck and increasing engine reaction, it is one of a kind throttle response controller. And, dealing with the PC aka Pedal Commander issues might trouble your truck’s Check Engine Light.

And so, we have found it interesting enough to describe in detail to give causes along with right fixes that will bring back old performance. Get Ready For The Show!

Want Help for Pedal Commander Problems – Solutions & Causes!

The issue of Pedal Commander indicates Check Engine Light turning on right after installing it. Or, the CEL and PC light not turning on or after a long period of time. These problems have good solutions such as installing the PC rightly, resetting CEL, and tightening out the loose plugs. 

Possible Reasons for Pedal Commander IssuesSimple Fixes
Unfitting connection or unit has been installed wronglyUninstall Pedal Commander unit and install again
Accidentally pressing the gas pedal during the installation processReset the CEL and reinstall the Pedal Commander unit
PC unit hasn’t been installed rightlyCheck the plugs and reinstall the PC unit

There are 4 types of modes in the Pedal Commander that any user can use. And these are:

image 11
  • Eco Mode
  • City Mode
  • Sport Mode
  • Sport+ Mode

These modes are easy to use but sometimes they don’t access rightly even if you switch them. And, you’ll see the CEL (Check Engine Light) turning on when you installed the Pedal Commander or when changing modes. It’s a sign that something is wrong.

Based on the author of MechanicScout,

You might run into some simple Pedal Commander problems during the installation. The most common is a Pedal Commander and Check Engine Light scenario. Some users receive a Check Engine message right after installation.

And, you can only blame the installation process of it as most of the time the culprits are loose connection or error codes of CEL.

Fixing Improper Connection of Plugs or Unit Itself to Solve Pedal Commander Issues

If your Pedal Commander is not working rightly, then check the unit, plugs, and ECU. A lot of times it happens due to these reasons. Now, let’s see what we have to do to solve these errors:

Step-1: Turn off your truck and remove the key.

Step-2: Wait for a couple of minutes so that the ECU unit shuts off.

Step-3: Next, uninstall the Pedal Commander unit or plug it out for a few seconds. Detach the stock plugs too. Then, attach everything back to its place and restart your truck.

Step-4: Now, wait for the ECU unit to turn on. And, see whether the Check Engine Light turns on or not. If not, then reinstall the Pedal Commander unit. And, you are done.

Maybe Unplanned Pressing on The Gas Pedal Causing Your CEL to Appears After a Long Time.

So, it happens when you’ve unintentionally clicked on the gas pedal during the modes change or fitment process. How to solve that? First of all, take a deep breath and hop into the given steps:

After turning off your truck, detach the Pedal Commander unit.

Wait for 2 – 3 minutes. And then, remove and attach the plugs along with other parts.

Next, take out the battery for around 15 – 16 minutes. After that, insert the negative terminator of the battery and then the positive terminator.

Again, wait for a few seconds. Then, reinstall the Pedal Commander and turn on your engine to solve the Check Engine Light error at ease.

What If the Pedal Commander Unit Lights Aren’t Turning ON?

The issue of the pedal commander not turning on is possibly occurring due to the unit not being installed in the right way. To fix that, follow the process given below:

Turn off the ignition. And, be sure to remove the key from the truck. Plus, don’t touch any part and pause for 10 – 15 minutes in order to shut down the ECU.

Next, find the accelerator pedal plug connection. Take the plug out from the gas pedal. Just remove the male and female connectors in the plugs and then attach them back to the place on the gas pedal. During the attachment, it will make a ‘Click’ noise.

Then, locate the Pedal Commander and place it on a noticeable place.

Turn on your truck after placing the key and start the engine. Use the PC unit and switch modes to see whether it works or not.

Note: If possible, clean the PC unit using an alcohol wipe just so the dirt doesn’t block the viewpoint. Plus, wipe out the brackets and mounting points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Pedal Commander stay on?

Yes, it will stay on when you start the truck. However, you need to set up all things that will take not more than 5 – 6 minutes to turn off while turning on the engine. Otherwise, the Pedal Commander won’t stay on.

How safe is Pedal Commander?

The Pedal Commander is quite safe if you measure your truck’s condition using safety parameters. It will not make a hassle or give signs of harm. A few people think using Pedal Commander may spoil your truck’s ECU unit. But, that’s not true at all.

As it will not be connected to the ECU directly, so there is no chance of harming the unit. The only thing that it will do is giving a signal to the Electronic Control Unit from the gas pedal.

Will the Pedal Commander work with my tuner/programmer?

For sure! It will work if using with a performance tuner, chips, or other programmers. Both of them will work on their own. However, it is suggested not to if the electronic signal doesn’t work rightly. Otherwise, you are free to use the Pedal Commander with a tuner.

Will I save fuel using the Pedal Commander?

A lot of users complain that using the Pedal Commander results in your truck spending more fuel. In the pedal commander settings, you can easily solve the issue of fuel usage by switching to Eco mode. It will lessen your throttle response and adds MPG.

Does the Pedal Commander add HP?

Definitely no! As the Pedal commander is to improve the speed of the ECU signal from the gas pedal. It has no ability to raise both horsepower or torque. Yet, it may help your truck to act fast and improve acceleration. That will allow your truck to use the existing power quickly.

Overall Thoughts

Finally, you got all the solutions to the Pedal Commander problems to easily treat the errors. The process of fixing the PC errors might not take more than 10 – 20 minutes as you don’t need to use any tool or stuff.

And if you still finding the same issues even after doing all things, then maybe it’s a different problem as it is one of the ford f150 misfire symptoms. Or, maybe the Pedal Commander unit needs replacement as it can also be the reason.

Keep on noting the behavior of the PC and CEL unit to understand whether it needs treatment or not. And then, get help from an expert if it seems hard for you or try our methods. Hope you are satisfied with this article and find it helpful to gain knowledge. Good Luck on Your Work!

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