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How to Install Electric Brake Controller on F150 The Easy Way – Must Find Out!

How to Install Electric Brake Controller on F150

The electric brake controller is a handy device that lets you monitor or run trailer brake activity with the braking data and buttons. Learning how to install electric brake controller on f150 and doing the steps with the right installation to achieve the ideal braking monitoring and activities will be the best in both worlds.

Now If you rarely know the method of fitting it into f150, then we suggest getting an electric brake controller wiring kit as the wiring hereness requires in the given steps. As there are few explanations out there that people find helpful, we want to share a detailed installation process of the electric brake controller on f150. So, Enjoy!

Here’s How To Install Electric Brake Controller On F150

Installing the electric brake controller on the ford f150, you will need a kit of it that has a plug with wires. Besides, you should gather tools such as a ratchet wrench that will require unbolting the bolt and clips.

Note: An electric brake controller kit has 1 plug where one needs to be fitted on the brake controller of the truck.

And, the process of electric brake controller may need good effort and patience to complete at ease. Before doing anything, turn off your ford f150 truck and if possible don’t attach the key on the ignition. So, let’s get started.

Disconnect The Vehicle’s Battery.

The first thing you want to do on your f150 is to take out the hood and disconnect the battery cable. If you don’t know how it’s being done, then remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminator.

According to Curt Manufacturing,

Any time you work on your vehicle’s electrical systems, it is a good idea to disconnect the battery. This is true when installing a brake controller as well. Disconnecting the battery helps prevent personal injury and damage to your vehicle’s electronics.

Be sure you have protected your hand with a pair of safety gloves while doing this process. And, this way you can confirm safety while installing the wiring system. After that close the hood and go to the truck. 

Remove The Bottom Panel

Now, it’s time to locate the battery controller of your ford f150. After finding the location, you have to remove the panel which will lead you to the battery controller. It would be better if you use a screwdriver or a tool to remove the panel using little force.

Remove The 10mm Bolt Along With Clips

After that, you will notice a big bolt attached to the cover that needs to be removed for access inside. Use a ratchet wrench to attach to the bolt and gently twist it in a clockwise position to remove it faster. 

Be sure to grab a 10mm ratchet wrench matching the bolt size. Once you’ve done removing the bolt, take out the 2 clips that are attached to the bottom. You won’t need any tool to remove them. 

Insert The Wire On The F150 Brake Controller Unit

Next, you have to dig inside the panel where you’ll find the brake controller unit of the ford f150. In this step, the electric brake controller plug needs to be attached to the plug of your truck brake controller.

To do that, press down the clip of your truck’s brake controller plug and gently insert the electric brake controller plug for connection. Be sure that the wire of the electric brake controller is visible as you will need to attach it to your truck.

Attach The 10mm Bolt And Two Clips

Insert the two clips at first to secure the panel rightly. Then, connect the 10mm bolt on the brake controller unit to secure the connection well. Use the 10mm wrench again to rightly fit the bolt just like it has been before. 

Insert the Bottom Panel On The Dash

Just like you have detached the panel, joint the panel back to the dash. While doing it, don’t use a tool to fit the panel as it may cause scratch or scuff on the surface. 

Align The Position Of The Electric Brake Controller

It’s time for you to decide where you want to insert the electric brake controller to sit on your truck. No matter where you are putting the bracket controller, know that it will need drilling and adjustment.  

Drill The Hole

Okay, grab a driller to make some nice little holes on your truck where you are going to insert the electric brake controller. After that, move to the following steps. 

Insert The Mounting Bracket

Attach the mounting bracket to the drilled holes so that you can easily fit the electric brake controller at ease. Gently insert the mounting brackets and adjust the brake controller so that it fits nicely. 

Put Fuse On The Fuse Box

And then, you have to insert a fuse on the fuse box so that your installed electric brake controller can work based on the trailer brake controller of your truck. 

FYI, the new models from 2018 to 2021 F150 brake controller install fuse is 24 number. Conversely, the 2013 f150 trailer brake controller fuse is 17 number. 

If you can’t find the trailer brake controller module on your fuse box, the following table will help:

Ford F150 ModelsFuse NumberAmp RatingProtected Part
2004-200810530 AmpElectric Brake Control 
2009-20141730 AmpTrailer Brake Control Module
2015-20174930 AmpTrailer Brake Control Module
2018-20212430 AmpTrailer Brake Control Module

Once you have done finding the brake controller fuse, install the new fuse on the proper place. And then, you are done installing the electric brake controller on your f150 truck.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my f150 have a brake controller?

In fact, Ford included a plug inside f150 trucks that will connect directly on the brake controller. And yes, they have a brake controller along with an adapter.

What does an electric brake controller do?

The electric brake controller has the capacity to monitor and show data of your trailer braking system. In one word, it handles the electric brakes of a trailer. So, if you want to activate the brakes of the trailer while riding the f150, the electric brake controller will do that with no hassle.

Will electric trailer brakes work without a brake controller?

No, it won’t work if your f150 or any other truck doesn’t have a brake controller. So, your truck will need the brake controller to access and monitor with an electric brake controller. 

Overall Thoughts

And, that’s how to install electric brake controller on f150 and overcome the process safely. Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money as the electric brake controller installation cost is quite expensive compared to doing it yourself.

Besides, why would you use money as the given method is very easy and pretty much effortless? Just keep in mind that you’ll need an electric brake controller with a wire harness to connect to the ford f150 brake controller for installation.

Let’s Meet Up Next Time with A Brand-New Topic As Well. See You Soon!

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