The Complete Guide to NV3500 Transmission Problems

Despite the great performance, the NV3500 transmission problems are something that we must talk about. High mileage, misuse, or a lack of regular maintenance can all cause manual transmission difficulties.

However, these issues are pretty uncommon. Most transmission problems are caused by associated components such as the clutch assembly, linkage, or driveshaft rather than the gearbox directly.

The approach to detecting a transmission problem is to obtain as much data as possible regarding the issue. As a result, in this article, we will take you on a trip to examine all 2014 Nissan NV3500 transmission problems along with all other versions of NV3500.

NV3500 Transmission Problems

Down below, we will look into a few of the most common nv3500 shifting problems and probable reasons for those problems.

Transmission ProblemsReasons
Grinding NoiseClashing Gears
Limp mode and gets stuck in gearLow transmission fluid
Neutral gearWorn out shift linkage
Harsh downshiftsWorn out inside valve body bores
Transmission doesn’t shift gearIssue with the clutch

Grinding Noise

Clashing gears can cause a grinding noise. Clashing can occur due to worn or broken gears, wear-related linkage issues, or modification requirements. Additional probable reasons for grinding noise include a worn or damaged synchronizer, shift lever, rail and gear shafts, and so forth.

In case you see that the gears are clashing only when you shift, then the main issue lies with the synchronizer, which has too much movement at the driveshaft end. On the other hand, a dragging clutch may also cause a grinding noise.

Limp Mode

Limp mode is one of the most commonly appearing Nissan nv3500 transmission problems. There’s a significant probability the transmission fluid level in your Nissan is low if it jolts when changing gears. Low transmission fluid levels can also cause delayed shifting, which is a typical symptom.

Change the gears from Park to Drive. Check the transmission fluid if it takes more than four seconds for the gearbox to activate. Another indicator that your Nissan’s gearbox is short on fluid is if it goes into limp mode or gets trapped in gear when accelerating strongly.

Transmission Goes into Neutral

Transmission jumping into neutral is a very common 2014 Nissan nv3500 transmission problem. There might be a variety of causes for this. A worn-out, strained, or misaligned shift linkage is a typical issue.

A broken engine or gearbox mount might create a strained linkage. If an external linkage wears out or becomes loose and misaligned, the gearbox might leap out of gear. In addition, the shift rail may have a weak or damaged spring. Furthermore, you might have a worn-out pilot bearing, synchronizer, or shift fork.

Harsh Downshifts

2016 Nissan nv3500 transmission problems are often caused by harsh downshifts as it runs from the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission has a typical problem with gear shifts Frequent shift flaring from 2nd to 3rd gear, or hard downshifts from 3rd to 2nd gear.

This issue will only be evident in the early stages of a cold, but it will generally worsen over time. A check engine light will illuminate, and you will see a fault code as a result.

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Excessive wear inside the valve body bores due to the solenoid valve material being tougher than the valves themselves and incompatible control valves, which have or do not have a controlling spring, are the two primary reasons for this problem. As a result, intermittent 2-3 gear shift difficulties will occur.

Transmission Doesn’t Shift gear

This issue occurs when shifting from one gear to another is difficult. This often indicates a weak linkage, damaged shifting cable, or damaged bearings. Not shifting gears is a typical Nissan problem, but it’s also a prevalent cause of chevy nv3500 transmission problems.

Examine the linkage if changing gears is difficult even while the motor is not operating. Inspect the clutch if difficult shifting happens only when the motor is working.

You need to find for mismatch if the transmission has just been relocated. Also, depending on your model, inspect the clutch hydraulic system for air and make sure it is free of it. Also, make sure the clutch is adjusted correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is A Nv3500 Transmission?

The New Venture Gear 3500, also known as the NV3500, is a 5-speed overdrive manual gearbox made by New Venture Gear and utilized in small and full-size light vehicles by GM, Dodge, and Nissan. The two-piece aluminum casing with incorporated bell enclosure and upper column shifter distinguishes it.

What Did The Nv3500 Transmission Come In?

The NV3500 is available in both 4 and 2WD drive configurations. Full-sized GM trucks from 1988 and newer S10 vehicles from 1990 and Dodge Dakota V8 Ram pickups from 1994 and newer use the current NV3500.

How To Identify Nv3500 Transmission?

You should inspect the transmission’s shift rail. Instead of having a separate shift rail for each gear, the Nv3500 transmission requires a single shift rail. The shaft is home to all three shift forks—bushings and one linear ball bearing support the shaft in the front and rear housings.

Is The Nv3500 Good?

It is rated for 340ft-lb of torque, so it is a very powerful transmission system for any mid to full-size truck.

What Is The Difference Between Nv3500 And Nv4500?

With ramped internal components and an iron housing, the 4500 unit outperforms the NV3500 unit. Heavy Duty (3/4 and 1-ton) vehicles utilized the NV4500, while 1/2-ton trucks preferred to use the 3500.


There can be many reasons for transmission problems and if you are experiencing one of these possible NV3500 transmission problems, then the first step is to identify the possible reasons that will help you determine the exact issues and eliminate the problems by yourself quickly.

Hence, today, this guide was written to help you find the reasons for transmission problems in NV3500. If you have been suffering from transmission issues in NV3500 for a long, you do not yet need to visit a mechanic. Instead,  make sure to read this guide before as we believe the steps shown in this guide will be enough to identify the problems and solve them.

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