[+Solution] Subaru Not Starting Clicking Noise From Dash- See Our 6 Reasons+ Fixing!

Why is your Subaru not starting clicking noise from dash? Different causes can cause your car to be back-breaking to start up, like a dead battery, blocked fuel filter, blown out fuse, broken starter, or defective alternator. Whatever the reasons are, let’s break them down with solutions.

No wonder your Subaru is a reliable companion on the road. But, unpleasant things happen only at inconvenient times, like having to rush for a meeting or getting your kids from school.

We’ll point out that the familiar reasons behind your Subaru forester won’t start.

Subaru Not Starting Clicking Noise From Dash

Automotive experts suggest several common facts behind Subaru WRX won’t start just clicks, as it seems to be prevalent. Don’t be stressed. We understand that it can be overwhelming for a Subaru owner or driver to go through every potential cause, especially if you’re a novice. Take a look at the table to learn about the problems.

Types of ClickingReasonsPossible Solutions
One clicking soundBad or dead batteryPerform a jumpstart kick to run the vehicle
A click sound and long-drawn-out to startCorroded batteryClean the battery terminals
1 click sound with flashing headlightsDrained batteryRecharge the defective one
Loud clicking noise with alternator voltage leakageFaulty AlternatorRecharge it or replace it if necessary
Rapid clicking soundBurnt Wires or Bad connectionsTighten the battery connections
1 loud click sound even after trying jumpstartBreak down of starter motorReplace the malfunctioned starter with a new motor

Wait a minute! If it’s about no crank and no start, then check out all the reasons and fixes for Subaru no crank no start problem.

Keeping all these scenarios in consideration, we’ll discuss every possible situation you may experience and figure out its solution.

Bad or Dead Battery

The battery transfers the elementary electrical flow to your Subaru’s components. That’s why, whenever you try to start, you may hear your Subaru Outback battery Clicking due to subdued headlights, slow cranking, or backfiring due to a bad battery.

Solution: The only simple solution is to investigate the battery and related connections. To be sure, you can carry out a battery test with a multimeter. This test can evaluate the voltage across the space separating the battery poles, inspect the acid level, and estimate the starter motor battery condition.

Initially, after determining the problem, go for a jumpstart. Though experts never recommend jump starting your vehicle as a permanent solution, you can try out this trick.

But, if you fail to activate it even after jumpstart, immediately get it to an expert mechanic nearby.

Corroded Battery

Long-drawn start subsequently turning the car key or heavy corrosion are the most common symptoms of corroded battery. So corrosion can be the cause of losing contact and current flow reduction of your vehicle battery.

Solution: First, you need to check out the reason. Lift the battery terminals’ covers and look for silvery-green or white deposits to operate an investigation. If found, clean up the corroded battery.

But when you find damage or cracks there, you have to replace them.

However, cleaning the battery is not rocket science. With basic knowledge and concentration, remove the negative pole’s black cable at first. If the pole ligament is taut, use pliers to open it.

Generally, it would be best if you did not use metal pliers. But, if still you do so, make sure not to touch any of the body parts. Afterwards, go for the positive red pole cable; unplug it.

Once the battery is departed from the circuit, start rust cleaning. And, when done, replace the terminals as before.

Faulty Alternator

You don’t always necessarily need to replace the drained battery. Instead, it can be due to a bad alternator. As a result, the battery doesn’t get charged when you drive and gives out juice quickly.

Solution: To get a solution, all you might need is to recharge the battery. You can hold a test on your vehicle’s battery health at a service center. If the battery is alright but still eats up all its charge, the solution is to refurbish the alternator or install a new one.

Drained Battery

If you left any of your vehicle accessories overnight, all the alternator-generated electric current will drain out. As a result, there won’t be much energy left in the battery. When this happens, the dash, as well as internal lights, go out.

Solution: Firstly, you should know that a newly installed battery needs time to reach its entire range, which can be above 12.6 volts. So, nothing troublesome! Over time, a new car battery develops its total capacity to start the vehicle, and that’s fine.

But, for a drained one, the short and simple solution is to recharge the battery.

Break Down of Starter Motor

Generally, when the starter motor breaks down, the symptoms are likely:

  • Weird clicking sound after turning the car key
  • Lights on, but the car won’t start
  • Engine starting but not throttling
  • Smoke out of the exhaust system

On average, the lifespan of a starter motor is within 100,000- 150,000 miles. And, if you start the engine frequently, its longevity decreases. However, it’ll surely break down after running for a certain period due to its limited lifespan.

Solution: Unfortunately, there’s no specific workaround when your vehicle’s starter fails. Immediately, you need to replace it with a new one.

Bad Connections

Loose ends of a vehicle battery can get in the way of cable connection and prevent your Subaru Forester from starting. If your Subaru forester won’t start clicking noise, the reason is probably burnt wires or bad connections.

Solution: Don’t worry! There is a solution to every problem. Check out the wirings and tighten up the wiring to resolve this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my car not starting and making a clicking noise?

While your car won’t start and makes a clicking noise, the most common reasons are dead or drained battery, corroded battery terminals, faulty alternator, starter motor break down, burnt wire, etc. If there’s a rapid clicking sound while trying to kickstart your car, the possibility is electrical issues. A single-clicking loud sound may indicate a broken starter.

Why does my Subaru make a clicking noise?

A loud single-click noise while trying to start your Subaru can be the reason behind the starter and starter relay break down. Though sometimes you can restart the starter by tapping it, there’s no guarantee. The best solution is to replace or repair your starter.

Why does my dash click when I start my car?

Clicking sound behind the dashboard while starting can be due to a dead or drained battery or battery cable connection. You can begin cleaning both the clams and poles after removing them and, following that, try to jumpstart the vehicle and run it for the next half hour. Still, if it doesn’t work well, go for a new one. So simple as that!


Basically, the starting process of your Subaru is related to different components such as the battery, the alternator, the starter motor, and more. Only a professional mechanic can assist you with detailed information on potential defective parts, causing Subaru not starting clicking noise from dash.

However, any of the above-discussed facts can be the real issue. But, remember that if the jumpstart isn’t working doesn’t mean the battery is defective.

Instead, it can be an amalgamation of diverse possible malfunctioning components. All you need to verify the problem properly before taking any step to resolve it.

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