262mm Vs 302mm Rotor: Know The Difference

What is the difference between 262mm and 302mm rotors? Undoubtedly, 262mm & 302mm rotors are best, but their rotor types make them different from each other.

While buying brake rotors, it’s difficult to know all the information. Moreover, it’s extremely difficult to eyeball a brake rotor perfectly.

After doing some research, we have arranged all the mandatory information. In this article, you will find the full comparison between the 262mm vs 302mm rotor.

Sit tight and read with full attention from top to bottom.

262mm Vs 302mm Rotor- Table Comparison

Key Point262mm Rotor302mm Rotor
Build QualityOEM Qualifications & rust-freeOEM Qualification & brake kits
Rotor TypesDrilled & Slotted rotorDrilled rotor, slotted rotors & ceramic pad
Rotor Disc Size182.0mm291mm
Best CompatibilityAcura, Honda (Civic, Fit, Civic Del Sol, Insight)Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Volkswagen Routan

We have briefly compared 262mm & 302mm rotor disc rotors key points below:

Build Quality

The 262mm rotor comes with a pair for the left and right sides. For preventing rust, it is fully coated in zinc dichromate. OE grade alloy is used to make the cast of the rotor. Besides these, it has drilled and slotted rotors. During braking, they work as cooling and ventilation agents.

Along with improving stop power, the 262mm rotor creates less fad & dust. The build quality is really good as they tried to exceed OEM specifications. All the parts have a proper finish for higher brake stopping power.

The 302mm rotor contains single-piston calipers. The build quality of the 302mm rotor is also good. They use brake kits to exceed the OEM specifications. Their built kits contain two front slotted, drilled brake & ceramic brake Pads. Just like the 262mm rotor, the 302mm rotor has higher stopping power. It is designed in strict quality for controlling standards.

Rotor Types

Drilled rotors help in daily smooth driving and slotted rotors for extreme brake purposes. The 262mm is a front rotor disc with drilled and slotted rotors. In a drilled rotor the surface contains a few holes drilled in a spiral pattern. These holes help in getting the dust & water out easily. They are designed in a way so it doesn’t damage or clog the brake.

Slotted rotors are used in controlling heavy vehicle brakes. They are around the outer part of a rotor surface. In 262mm as both rotors are present, they together work to remove any debris.

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On the other hand, the 302mm rotor is a front disc with drilled, slotted rotor & ceramic braking pad. With heat dissipation drilled & slotted helps in removing dust & water without trouble. And ceramic braking discs help in further control of brakes.

Rotor Disc Size

The rotor disc size means the rotor diameter. It’s important to know about the disc size for finding the right fit. The 262mm rotor has a disc diameter of 182.0mm. It is for the front side.

And the 302mm rotor disc diameter is 291mm. It is a front brake rotor. Size difference matters according to the vehicles that you are going to use. It’s recommended to use a rotor according to the perfect disc size.

Best Compatibility

Compatibility Check for 262mm Rotor

Acura: Acura’s model Integra is compatible with the 262mm rotor.

YearSub Model
1990-1993 1997-2001GS
1990-2001     LS
1995-1996 Special Edition

Honda: (Civic)

YearSubmodelBody Type
1990-1993 2001-2005EXSedan
1993-2000 2002-2005EXCoupe
1994-1995 1997-2000EXSedan (4-Wheel Abs)
1994-1995LX, SISedan, Hatchback (4-Wheel Abs)
1996EX, LXSedan (4-Wheel Abs Automatic)
2001-2005DX, GX, LXSedan
2002-2005DX, HX, LXCoupe
2005EX Special Edition, LX Special Edition, ReverbCoupe, Sedan

Honda: (Fit)

2007-2014EX, LX, Sport

Honda: (Civic Del Sol & Insight)

1994-1997Civic Del SolVTEC
2010-2014InsightEX, LS & Base

Compatibility Check for 302mm Rotor

Chrysler: Vehicles of Chrysler Town & Country from the year 2008 to 2016 models with single-piston front calipers without heavy-duty are compatible with the 302mm rotor.

2012-2016LX, Li, Limited, Touring, Touring L
201430th Anniversary, Base
2015-2016Touring Piel
2016Limited Platinum, Premium

Dodge Grand & Journey:

Models from 2012 to 2016 of Dodge Grand & Journey with single-piston front calipers and expect heavy duty.

Dodge Grand:

2012-2013Canada Value Package
2012-2014Crew, Crew Plus
2012-2016R/T, SE, SXT
201430th Anniversary Edition, SE & SXT Anniversary Edition, SXT Plus

Dodge Journey:

2012-2013  AVP, Crew
2012-2014Canada Value Package, R/T, SE, SE Plus, SXT, SXT premium, R/T Rallye
2014Base, Crossroad, Limited.


Ram C/V is compatible with single-piston caliper models.

2012 to 2015Base

Volkswagen Routan: Routan model & single-piston caliper model

2012Exclusive, Prestige, SEL
2012-2014Comfortline, Highline, S, SE, SEL Premium, Trendline


As a matter of safety, disc brake rotors should be brought carefully. The components should be of good quality. The cost of a 262mm rotor is around $68.73. And the cost of a 302mm rotor is around $98.41.

Both of the products are not expensive according to their quality and size. Also, the 262mm & 302mm rotor has a warranty of 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference in rotor quality?

Yes, there is a difference in rotor quality. With the outlook of the rotor, no one can judge its quality. Some rotors might have a premium-quality look. But looks won’t determine the difference in quality. Similarly, a premium quality might appear as a low-quality rotor. Cast iron in the rotor can be of different qualities from high to low. To determine the difference properly, one needs to know about the components, lifespan & features properly.

Are high carbon rotors better?

Yes, high carbon rotors are better. Due to their dampen sound ability, they are well known as damped iron rotors. For better braking experience, rotors with chromium content alloys, centric’s proprietary & molybdenum are best. High carbon rotors also have less sound & shorter stops. Alongside, it contains more crack resistance.

Are drilled and slotted rotors good for daily driving?

For daily driving, drilled and slotted rotors are unsuitable. However, drilled rotors are comparatively better for daily usage. They have less chance of getting high spots & warping. Also, drilled rotors have easy braking pads to handle. Slotted rotors are for extreme brakes, so they are not good for daily driving.

Final Verdict

 We hope this article has sorted out your doubts about 262mm Vs 302mm rotors. Well, to choose between the right rotors, look for the right brake rotors size. Don’t feel nervous and search for your needs.

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