Flowmaster Super 44 Vs Super 10- Which Can Be Your Exhaust Part?

What is the difference between Flowmaster Super 10 and 44 series exhaust mufflers? While Super 44 will give you deep aggressive sounds, Super 10 will provide you with the loudest sound.

Super 44 VS Super 10, what to choose for your vehicle? Choosing between this two might be tough as both have fantastic features. Comparing the qualities and selecting one based on your preference will ease the way of your decision-making.

Let’s find out the difference between Super 10 and Super 44, and what each of them has to offer. In this article, we’ll help you to settle the debate and pick the best-suited muffler for your ride.

Super 44 Vs Super 10

Flowmaster is among the best when it comes to mufflers. The Super series aims at providing the customers with all the features they can want. All the models are best in one or the other way.

The basic differences that could affect your selection most are the following criteria.

Key PointSuper 44Super 10
MaterialAluminized steel is used as the material.Mostly made of stainless steel.
Sound QualityDeep, aggressive, loud soundLoudest and super aggressive sound
SizeComes in 13” x 9.75”The loudest little one in 6” x 4”
Price RangeAverage price rangeAverage. a little cheaper than Super 44
Super 44 Vs Super 10 Comparison table

Construct Material

FlowmasterSuper 44 is the upgraded version of the 40 series. Built with 16 gauge aluminized steel, the muffler gives better performance than its predecessors.

Its complete MIG welding gives it maximum durability. The aluminized steel keeps the muffler rust-free and keeps it running for a long period.

Super 10 is created with 16 gauge 409S stainless steel. The stainless steel makes it more lasting, and lighter than the Super 44.

Both Super 44 and Super 10 are constructed with the race-proven Delta Flow Technology.

Muffler Design

Super 44 is built for people who are looking for a loud but smooth-sounding muffler. This is a two-chambered one, providing the deepest, loud noises.

Super 10 is a one-chambered muffler that offers the loudest sound you can have. The makers made it keeping the idea of race in mind. It is suggested to use only for racing or on the highway for its most aggressive production of sound.

When you’re confused about Super 10 vs Super 44 Silverado installation, probably you should decide first if your vehicle going to run along the street or the highway most.

Noise Difference

Super 44 produces noise that is rich in tone. The sound is loud enough for the driver to hear it while driving.

The noise is loud but smooth. The aggressive sound exhaust is quite a good choice the people who prefer blaring noises for their vehicles. If you’re not looking for a noisy muffler, this one’s not for you.

Flowmaster claimed Super 10 as their most loud muffler which is fit for racing. The incredibly aggressive sound coming out of the muffler is so intense that it is advised only for highway use or for racing purposes. It has a Super 10 sound level.

For your Ram 1500 Flowmaster Super 10 vs Super 44, confusion shouldn’t be a hassle. If you’re thinking about racing, Super 10 is your answer.

User Preference

When the debate is about Super 10 muffler vs Super 44, user preference plays the biggest role in deciding the winner.

Keeping all the features and qualities of both mufflers in mind, individuals should choose according to their own liking. What type of sound your vehicle will make is up to you to decide.

If you want loud but refined sound, Super 44 might be the best pick for you.

Again, if you’re more of a racer and highway runner, then you should go for the Super 10 muffler.


Flowmaster offers the best quality mufflers you can find in the market. The price range is quite reasonable compared to the great features they offer.

Both Super 44 and Super 10 have average and reasonable pricing. Super 10 is a bit cheaper than Super 44.

However, the market prices may vary depending on the sites and stocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s louder Super 10 or Super 44?

Super 10 is definitely louder than Super 44, and the difference might not be that noticeable. Super 44 is very loud but it’s deep and smooth. Super 10 is the most aggressive and loudest, and fit for highways and racing purposes.

Is Super 10 the loudest muffler?

Yes. It has a super 10 sound level. The noise can reach as much as 92 decibels or so with this muffler.

Is a Flowmaster Super 44 loud?

Super 44 is very loud. People who prefer loud sounds in their vehicle can choose this one. It produces a deep, aggressive, and loud noise.

Does Flowmaster Super 44 add horsepower?

Yes. Super 44 can add almost 10% horsepower that developing the performance of the engine.

Wrap Up

Thinking about all the best features they have to offer, Super 44 vs Super 10 is a tough argument to settle with.

Which one you’re going to choose completely relies on your vision for your vehicle. How do you want your vehicle to sound when it runs is the fact that affects your selection between Super 10 and Super 44.

Be it for a regular street ride or a highway adventure, Super 44 can accompany you everywhere. On the other side, Super 10 will be the best companion in a race or on the highways.

Both the mufflers are best in their own qualities. The comparison of their construct material, sound level, pricing, and overall performance only makes it easier for us to choose the one among the best.

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