AC Delco Vs Wix Oil Filter? Which One Should You Go For?

What is the difference between the AC Delco and Wix oil filters? Well, the major differences are the weight and the price. The application purposes and the inside of both these filters are pretty much the same.

So choosing a perfect oil filter is really important. This article will help you understand which oil filter you should use for your darling car. AC Delco vs Wix oil filter? However, this article will point out all the differences in detail, and that will help you pick the right one for your engine.

AC Delco Vs Wix Oil Filter

Let’s start by adding a table to show the major differences. And then, we are going to conduct a discussion elaborately.

CharacteristicsAC DelcoWix XP Oil Filter
Average Inlet holes68
Average Weight5 ounces9.9 ounces
Media pleats5132

Time to discuss the differences elaborately. Whether AC Delcoor Wix oil filter?

Inlet Holes & Gasket to Ensure Durability

The Wix oil filter has 8 inlet holes that look like a silicon drain valve. The bypass valve below includes a metal inner core with holes and an O-ring gasket that is nitro rubber made and works out really well.

On the other hand, AC Delco has six inlet holes as well as an O-ring nitro rubber. The rubber is comparatively thicker. So if you particularly prefer a thicker gasket, AC Delco would be the perfect one for you.

Again, the inlet holes of Wix are large enough so the oil flow is comparatively better. Besides, Wix comes with a nice coil spring that keeps everything tight and fit. The gasket is lighter and can flex easily.

On the contrary, the AC Delco has more threads in its gasket. That makes it thicker. So you cannot flex or squeeze easily.

Weight Can Be an Issue

Wix weighs 9.9 ounces with the base plate weighing 3.9 ounces. And AC Delco weighs 12.5 ounces. The base plate weighs 156grams/5 ounces. That makes AC Delco heavier than Wix.

Being the differences in weight, they do not hamper oil filtration. So if you feel that less weight tends to be weaker, you are wrong. Wix is probably an old-school brand and people who use this filter never thought of using any other brand.

Size of the Bottle Less Mentioned

Another noticeable difference could be the size of the bottle. AC Delco is quite bigger compared to Wix.

Filter Media- Another Crucial Key

AC Delco has 51 cellulose media pleats with metal end caps. And inside, there is glued seam. Moreover, there is a stamped leaf string with the bypass valve.

For Wix, the filter media is a synthetic material with metal end caps. There are 32 pleats with a metal crimp seam. There is usually a lot of space in between the pleats. And you get the bypass valve down with a setting of 22 psi.

Micron Rating

Micron capturing rating is the crucial point to look for in an oil filter, As it showcases the dirt capturing efficiency rate of the filter media.

The micron rating is 98% at 25-30 microns. In contrast, the Wix XP oil filter micron rating is 21.

Price Point

Well, the only difference that could actually matter is the price. Wix oil filter costs $930, whereas AC Delco costs cheaper than this. AC Delco costs $408. So if you are looking for going on your budget, you can choose AC Delco.

In terms of performance, both work really well as oil filters. One who uses Wix continues to use it for good. And the same goes for AC Delco. So We believe you don’t need to struggle to choose one particularly. Needless to say, the prices are reasonable too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now in this section, we are going to cover some frequently asked questions regarding this issue. So that you can resolve these queries if you have any. Moreover, a number of clients come up with this confusion.

Are WIX oil filters worth it?

Definitely! Wix has been used by people for a very long time. And the users continue using it consistently. They are definitely worth every penny. In case you are still worried about its quality, cut it in half and compare it with other brands. You won’t regret it.

Are AC Delco oil filters made by Fram?

Fram is a manufacturer of engine oil filters. Fram and Champion Labs collaboratively make AC Delco oil filters.

Who makes WIX oil filters?

Wix is a global company that manufactures engine filters worldwide. However, recently The Mann+Hummel brand has taken the company over. It is the sole company that makes Wix oil filters. The Mann+Hummel basically works on filtration technology.

Are Wix oil filters the best?

Certainly. Recommended by thousands of users who have been using it for over a longer period. It efficiently cleans the contaminating particles or elements from your car’s engine oil. Thereby, it directly contributes to the overall engine performance. It won’t let you down.


Hopefully, this article helps you understand and choose the right engine oil filter for your car. We won’t choose a particular one. We have tested both brands and they work absolutely fine. So you can go for any of these.

However, if you are planning to spend the least on oil filters, consider buying AC Delco. In the end, we hope you unleash all your queries regarding the AC Delco Vs Wix oil filter.

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