Who Makes AC Delco Brake Pads (Know In Details)

Who Makes AC Delco Brake Pads

Have you wondered who makes AC Delco brake pads? Well, GM (general motor) is the manufacturer of AC Delco brake pads. But GM doesn’t produce all the components.

AC Delco is owned by GM. But the main manufacturer of GM is another. So it’s a long chain business of automotive parts. We have gathered all information about them to share with you.

Just sit tight and read the whole article to know about the details of who sells AC Delco brake pads.

Who Makes AC Delco Brake Pads

General Motors Co. owns AC Delco, and that’s why they are the manufacturer. GM does manufacturing, design & sell automotive parts, cars, and trucks. In addition, GM Financial Company, Inc gives automotive financing services.

On AC Delco’s website, they have mentioned the GM. Their whole line of brakes, pads, rotors and other components is from GM. General Motors do all the design, engineering, testing, and backing.

But GM doesn’t itself produce everything. Akebono is GM’s supplier which makes them the main Manufacturer of AC Delco.

Main Manufacturer Of AC Delco

So, the main manufacturer of AC Delco is Akebono. It is a Japanese company that sells brake components like trains, motorcycles, industrial machinery, and automobiles.

Hisataka Nobumoto is the chairman, CEO, and president of the Akebono Brake Industry.

Apart from this, Akebono supplies products to global automakers. Their main supplier are Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Porsche,

Where are AC Delco brake pads made?

AC Delco brake pads are made in North America. Akebono is a Japanese company that started in the year 1929. But in 1960, Akebono signed with an American company Bendix.

In 1980 aftermarket operations began in Chicago. Today, they have a huge part of their office in North America. GM takes its components from Akebono. That’s why AC Delco brake pads are made in America too.

AC Delco brake pads are one of the most popular brands now. Their ceramic brakes are especially resistant to friction. They also don’t create sound or dust easily. People prefer AC Delco brake pads because they have genuine GM parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are ACDelco brakes good?

Yes, ACDelco brakes are good. AC Delco brake pads and rotors are also of good quality. They are designed and engineered in a way to reduce premature wear and corrosion. Furthermore, their ceramic brake pads are mostly free of dust and noise.

Who makes ACDelco products?

General Motors (GM) makes ACDelco products. From selecting design, testing & engineering everything is done under GM. General Motors owns AC Delco. However, they buy batteries from the Middle East and necessary components from Japan. As general motors don’t manufacture automotive parts or batteries.

Are ACDelco parts made in China?

No, AC Delco parts are not made in China. ACDelco and General Motors are the same. Everything is under General Motors and sold under ACDelco company. GM buys its components from a Japanese company named Akebono. However, it is an American company.


In the end, we hope you are now clear about who makes AC Delco brake pads. We know it seems like a lot that there is one main manufacturer before branding under AC Delco. But as a customer, it is great news because ACDelco sells original products.

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