Does Installing A Lift Kit Void Warranty: What’s The Truth

Does installing a lift kit void warranty? No, installing a lift kit won’t normally violate your car’s warranty, provided that you didn’t damage the vehicle during the installation process or cut the vehicle’s chassis. But there may be other conditions in your vehicle’s unique warranty that need to be inspected.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss why adding lift kits may invalidate your vehicle’s warranty, what you can do to avoid this from occurring, and what measures to take in the event that the warranty is terminated.

Does Installing A Lift Kit Void Warranty?

A number of factors are driving the popularity of lift kits, but many car owners are concerned about voiding their warranties. Automobile warranty termination might result in hundreds of dollars in repair expenses.

However, many warranties are voided when a lift kit is installed, which is unfortunate.

Lift kits may risk your vehicle’s warranty agreement for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Mechanical Components

When installing a high-rise lift kit, mechanical components on your vehicle’s chassis are exposed to corrosion and exterior damage. Scraping or corroding the underneath of your vehicle produces a variety of problems that need a large number of repairs.

Due to the fact that manufacturers don’t want to pay additional money for a wrecked lifted automobile, you are out of luck.

Third-Party Services

Lift kit installations performed by third-party services run the risk of causing damage to the vehicle, which isn’t covered by the car’s warranty.

If a third-party firm doesn’t know what they’re doing, installs the wrong components, or makes a serious error of any kind, they may inflict more damage than benefit to the customer. The provision of these services may result in the termination of the agreement.

Violation of Alteration

Lifting a car is an unneeded alteration that is in violation of the warranty of practically every vehicle manufacturer in the United States.

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You may, on the other hand, acquire a pre-lifted used car from a dealership and have it covered by a regional vehicle warranty.

Driver’s Ability to Drive

More accidents indicate a considerably greater likelihood of the warranty being utilized, which is exactly what the manufacturer wants to prevent at all costs. Because lift kits might affect certain drivers’ ability to drive, auto dealerships don’t allow them to be included in the contract.

Accidental Issues

A large number of lift kits enhance the likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident. Lifted cars, according to SMF Legal, increase the likelihood of rolling over, hydroplaning, or rear-ending someone since they are more difficult to stop.

Some drivers would fight with this assertion, but it’s impossible to disagree with a squad that has an established track record in law enforcement.

What to Do if Your Warranty is Endangered?

Don’t worry about losing your warranty or not being covered for repairs if you elevated your vehicle. As stated before, many third-party providers should give warranties on all lift kit components, which most manufacturers would invalidate in the event of repairs.

For any warranty problem that neither party covers, it’s time to act. Try the following ideas.

  1. Any superfluous alteration might nullify the contract. For example, a seven-inch lift system and enormous tires to accommodate it may be illegal. The manufacturer may not cover it, but the third-party installer may.
  2. If a local dealership or third-party provider denies a warranty repair, contact the manufacturer immediately. Excessive wear and tear is a severe issue in the business. Contracts might be canceled if the company feels excessive wear and tear has occurred.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a lift kit void warranty Toyota?

Lifting your Toyota will invalidate the warranty on any components of the vehicle that are impacted or damaged as a result of the lift kit installation. However, everything that is not connected to or impacted by the lift kit will still be covered under the insurance policy.

Does a lift kit void warranty? – ford

There’ll be no coverage for aftermarket lift kits, and if you have one installed, your warranty may be voided. Ford also provides service contracts that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Lift kits will not be covered under Ford’s insurance policy at any point in time.

Does installing a lift kit on a jeep void the warranty?

Your warranty should not be affected by a Mopar lift that has been installed by a Jeep dealer, and it probably won’t be affected even if it was not. Even if the lift kit installation is done correctly, the ride quality might be harmed as a result. Lifts must be maintained on a regular basis to prevent them from harming the vehicle.

Do lift kits void warranties?

Your vehicle’s warranty won’t be invalidated if you place a raise or level kit on it. Nevertheless, the dealer may refuse to honor the warranty agreement if they feel the raise or level kit was a factor in the vehicle’s problems.

Does aftermarket lift void the warranty?

The warranty on your engine, electronics, cooling system, and other protected components won’t be voided if you install an aftermarket suspension system. For the remainder of the warranty period, all of the other systems and components are still covered under the warranty.


Hopefully, till now, you got all answers regarding “does installing lift kits void warranty.” Lift kits may be problematic, but this isn’t meant to deter you from having one placed in your vehicle. No one is stopping you from getting one if you want it and have the money for it.

The goal of this article is to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice about your car and budget. This means you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of buying a lift kit before spending your hard-earned cash.

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