[Answered] Will A Ford Cap Fit A Chevy?

However, if your Ford truck has grown pretty old and you want to shift its cap on a Chevy, you might wonder, will a Ford cap fit a Chevy?

To simply put, no, sadly, it’s not possible to fit a Ford cap onto a Chevy truck as some of the models of Ford aren’t interchangeable. However, few models or Ford are interchangeable and might fit on your Chevy.

If you’re interested in knowing why a ford cap doesn’t fit a Chevy and which ones fit, keep an eye on this article as we’ve covered everything you’re looking for on ford caps fitting a Chevy.

Will A Ford Cap Fit A Chevy

Just like any other car or automobile, trucks have accessories too. One of which is commonly known as the ‘Cap’ or short for Campbell shells or covers. It’s one of the most useful accessories for a truck owner.

There are hardly any Ford truck owners that don’t use a cap on their trucks. It’s also used widely as it’s available in most areas compared to other caps. Since the availability of Ford caps is more than other brands, usually Chevy owners question, will a ford truck cap fit a Chevy truck cap or not.

For simple reasons, mostly a Ford cap doesn’t fit on a Chevy truck. Since all the recent models of Ford are only interchangeable with the specific models of the designated trucks, the designs don’t allow them to be interchangeable on a Chevy.

Usually, the recent caps of Ford are made to fit the specific range of the current few model years. For instance, in the Ford model F-150 from 2015-to 2019, short beds will not fit on a 2014 Chevy as they’re not interchangeable.

However, there are Ford models that fit Chevy when a slight hint of DIY is applied. For instance, the Ford F-250 from 1999 to 2016 has a more compatible shape and interchangeable truck caps. The dimensions and width of these models are compatible with most models of Chevy and can be installed with a tiny bit of DIY.

We say that as the models of Chevy have narrower ends at the top of the box area. Since it has a narrower end, at times there can be a gap when a Ford cap is installed onto it. However, if you can tuck that gap in with the help of the mechanic, your Chevy is good to go.

Reasons Why A Ford Cap Doesn’t Fit A Chevy

It’s a common question among most Chevy truck users, will a Ford truck cap fit a Chevy or not. Even though the older versions of Ford caps can fit on a Chevy, there are reasons why the current Ford caps don’t fit a Chevy. Some of the common reasons are-

Non-Interchangeable Models

Even though the older models of Ford caps can be fitted on a Chevy, there’s a question of availability. All the recent models of Ford from 2015 and above don’t have interchangeable bed caps and these are the ones that can be found more commonly.

The Ford-250 series from 1999 to 2016 might have interchangeable bed caps but they’re not as available as the recent ones. As the current models have designs that are not compatible with a Chevy, it’s not possible to fit a Ford cap on a Chevy. 

Different Width And Dimensions

When you want to fit a Ford cap on a Chevy, it’s always necessary to measure the dimensions and width first. Without measurements, you can’t start the process of fitting either brand of caps onto each other.

Usually, the Ford caps have a wider dimension and it’s bigger in width. Whereas all the models of Chevy have more of a tapered width. There’s extra padding on the Chevy, which makes it hard for the Ford cap to fit on. That’s another reason as to why the answer is ‘No’ when you question, will a ford topper cap fit on Chevy or not.

Short Of Test-Fitting

Usually, Caps are made according to the designated models of the truck. So, when you want to fit a Ford cap on a Chevy, you’ll have to conduct a test-fitting. This can be done by oneself or even through a mechanic.

However, even though some of the Ford caps are quite similar to Chevy truck caps, it’s short of test-fitting. As a result, it’s hard to fit a Ford cap on a Chevy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are caps on a truck?

A truck cap or a camper shell is a rigid canopy or a small housing that’s used as a coupe utility accessory for the truck. It’s also known as a truck topper, box cap, bed cap, or simply a shell.

How do you fit a truck cap?

First, find a correctly suited cap for your truck. Then take weather stripping, scissors, and measuring tape to apply the weather stripping for your truck. Once that’s done, align the truck cap and finish fitting the truck cap by securing it evenly.

What year Ford truck beds interchange?

Older versions of Ford models, which are the Ford-250 series from 1999 to 2016, have interchangeable truck beds. These truck beds are compatible with trucks and can be fitted on them easily.


When you own a Chevy but find a Ford cap everywhere you look for a cap, it becomes hard to avoid it but wonder, will a Ford cap fit a Chevy? You’re not alone if you have the same confusion.

Hence, we’ve tried to put as much insight as you need on caps, especially when looking for Ford caps to fit on a Chevy. Even though recent models don’t fit on a Chevy, you’re good to go if you find the older versions of the Ford cap.

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