Common Tonno Pro Problems And Their Solutions to Avoid Headache!

Having irritated to reveal the flapping and rattling noise behind your truck? Facing the truck bed covers Tonno Pro problems? Let’s find out whether it’s your installation error or faulty automobile bed cover.

Tonno Pro arrives fully assembled. For your truck bed or tonneau, installation fault or material error can cause some problems like unfit cover or making an odd noise. A gap can leak water inside. Also, if you store the cover without properly locking the clamp, the fittings will soon damage.

Don’t worry. There are solutions for your disturbing truck bed cover. Let’s examine the entire system at first and read this article to fix the problems.

What Are The Tonno Pro Problems?

Tonno Pro is a budget-friendly option along with three types of cover. Soft roll-up, soft tri-fold, and hard tri-fold.

Besides the two, the Tonno Pro Hard fold is more durable and long-lasting for long journeys. In any necessary, it can take a load on the upside of the cover.

Now, look at the short table to get the possible problems you may face on your Toono Pro. Also, inscribe the reasons in short.

The rear cover portion lifts up a little and won’t fit  The lock clams are not properly tight or wrong installation process
Make humps at the vehicle speed, flap  The vehicle’s speed passes air through the gapping of the roll-up cover and makes a hump
plastic screws and clamps are insecure  Uneven installation can break the clamps due to high speed
Make odd noiseThe cover is not set properly
Leakage of water inside the truck bedThere are gaps or void spaces on the tailgate
Less truck bed accessTri-fold cover reduces the bed space. But roll-up provides more room on the truck bed.

At present, you need the solutions to the problems. These problems seem simple, but you know better how these issues suffer you most.

The Rear Portion Of The Cover Lift Up An Inch Or Two

Hm, so, you are a new Tonno Pro-consumer.

All the new truck bed cover users might complain that the hind part of the cover lifts or doesn’t set correctly. As a result, a rattling sound creates the journey. Moreover, wind, dust, rain, sun all enter the bed.

The unfit cover problem comes with unfit clamps fittings. You should examine the connection clamps under the cover. Tighten them properly. Lock them downward.

Sometimes six or more years of regular use can loosen the fittings also. In this case, change the old clamps.

Dust And Rain Enter Into The Bed, Spoil The Goods

There must be a gap or void space between the cover and truck rails. How do you know?

Install the cover and let the inside of the bed dark. Now, look through the dark, and you will find the light is seen in the gap space. These small gap areas allow the outside dust and fume to let in.

In the case of a roll-up cover, you may experience an odd noise or hump middle of the cover. It’s the air due to your truck speed.

You should set up a tailgate sealer to eradicate the problem. A tailgate sealer is a rubber lining with tape. It is easy to remove the tape and set the sealer to the tailgate and truck sidewalls.

Plastic Clamps And Clips Are Seem To Be Insecure

Tonno Pro uses plastic clamps and clips. They are durable and robust. The inside pins and screws are made of aluminum. Some complain that their plastic clamps are damaged.

This happens if you don’t tighten the clamps properly or tighten the clips’ latch. An unfit plastic fitting can’t endure the heavy jerking and load of the pressure. That’s why they broke. Just tighten the fittings and lock the claps off while storing them.

Tips For Avoiding The Tonno Pro Problems

  1. Read the instruction on the installation of a truck bed cover before set.
  2. Tighten the screws and clamps properly.
  3. Use a tailgate sealer to avoid any leakage issues.
  4. When folding for storage, lock the clamps and set them in a safe position.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Tonno pro made?

Tonno Pro is an automobile product of Lund International. It is situated in Buford, Georgia, in the United States.

Do tonneau covers leak water?

Apparently, tonneau covers won’t leak because of their strong vinyl material. There can be an empty space between the cover and the track railing. This gap easily allows dust, fumes, and water inside the bed. Use a rubber sealer to seal the small void and resist leakage.

How do I stop my tonneau cover from flapping?

Roll-up cover users experience this flapping problem because it is lightweight. If you judge the front border of the cover, you will see the cover’s border is not fully attached to the cover frame. This allows air under the cover and makes a flip-flap. Unlock the clamps and stick the border to the frame. Now tight the locks properly again and set the cover. The flapping will stop.

Polish Off

Tonno Pro Problems are not very severe, and anyone can fix them without being a professional person. These covers are affordable and long-lasting to use. You can pick any cover according to your need. For general use, choose the soft roll cover. But if you are regularly carrying heavy goods for a long way, the hard-fold cover will support you best.

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