Weathertech Cocoa Vs Black- Which Color Suits Your Vehicle Interior Better?

What is the difference between weathertech cocoa and black floor liner? Well, you already know the main difference is its color. But there is more you need to know about the weathertech interior protection in these two colors.

However, if you can’t decide which color to choose in the battle of weathertech cocoa vs black, we will help you out.

The WeatherTech interior protections such as floor liners and floor mats are high quality and worth the money. But choosing the right color that matches the vehicle’s interior is what people find difficult the most.

For this purpose, we will try to cover all the information you need to know about weathertech floor liners and mats in black and cocoa color in this article. So without any further ado, keep scrolling below.

Weathertech Cocoa Vs Black – A Short comparison

Key FeaturesWeathertech CocoaWeathertech Black
Color Matches withBrownish, black or tan interiorAsh or grey interior
MaterialRubberlike Tri-extruded thermoplasticRubberlike Tri-extruded thermoplastic
Sand, mud, or specks of dirtLess visibleGets more visible
Floor mat price$127.95$127.95
Floor liner price$91.59 to $158.04$91.59 to $158.04

Weathertech mats and floor liners appear in 4 different colors – black, tan, cocoa, and grey. And all their interior protection products are custom fit.

You can easily purchase customized WetherTech floor mats or floor liners set according to your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Difference In Color- The Major Battle

Well, the color difference is what we are mainly discussing here. In several threads and reviews, the users have shared their experiences about purchasing cocoa or black weathertech floorliner and mats.

Many have found that the black one makes the interior a little bit dark, specifically when there is less lighting than optimal.

Besides, if you love to roam around the beaches or here and there. It’s a common issue to have mud or sand on the floor of the driver’s side. In this case, many face sand or dirt contrasts a bit more than usual against the black mats.

On the other hand, cocoa mats and liners seem less dirty with sand and mud. But, the salt leaves a white cast that looks dirty on the mats.

Comparing The Longevity

The weathertech floorliner, floor liner HP, and all-weather mats have a limited lifetime warranty no matter what color they are. In other words, there’s no longevity difference between the black and cocoa weather tech floor liners and mats.

However, you can have long-lasting floor mats or liners by maintaining and utilizing them properly. You can also follow the weathertech cleaning procedure.

The Difference In Protection Features

Both the black and cocoa color weathertech mats and floor liners have top-notch protection features. The custom folding feature can fit any vehicle perfectly.

Moreover, the outer shell is rubberized so that it can grip the floor well, trapping debris and water. These weathertech floor liners can provide absolute interior protection for any truck, car or SUV.

The Difference In Build Quality

WeatherTech floor mats and liners are made of high-density rubberlike tri-extruded material. Also, the advance surfacing of these floor protections are developed with advanced technology. 

The laser-measured custom-fit floor liners are flexible even under extreme temperatures. Both the black and cocoa weathertech floor liners or mats are manufactured and engineered in America with finest build quality. 

Best Usability

Both the mats and liners have the same usability. There are hard to find any differences between the two colored floor protections.

Moreover, these easy-to-install mats and liners are suitable to meet all types of weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color is WeatherTech cocoa?

The weathertech cocoa floor liners are a bit brownish. If your car’s interior color is in between brown or tan then you can pick the weathertech cocoa mats. Many have found the weathertech cocoa mats and liners a great match for their vehicle’s interior.

What colors does WeatherTech come in?

The WeatherTech floor liners and mats come in four different colors to match your vehicle’s interior. And the colors are cocoa, grey, black and tan.

Are WeatherTech mats worth the money?

Yes, weatherTech mats and floor liners are definitely worth the money. Even though the weathertech interior protections are a bit pricey, the company never compromises with the quality.

What  Should Be Your Pick?

Finally, we have reached the end of weathertech cocoa vs black disparity, concluding that both floor liners are identical. The only difference is the color cocoa and black itself.

And people only try to compare these two products because of the color and look disparity. Otherwise, it’s really hard to find any contrasts in their quality, price, warranty, and other features. Because both are the same products, belonging to the same brand, just differing in color.

However, if your car has somewhere between a black, tan, or brownish interior, the WeatherTech may suggest the cocoa floor liners. On the other hand, if it is somewhere between ash or grey interior, they may suggest the black one match the interior.

So you can pick any of them considering or matching the shade of your car’s interior. And, of course, which one you should go for may also depend on your choice and lifestyle.

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