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The Best 2015 F150 Interior Upgrades to Get in 2022

2015 F150 Interior Upgrades

The most iconic truck to date, that made a glorious debut in 1975. And since then, it’s been living in the consciousness of Americans who love industry standards trucks. Of course, we are talking about the F-150.

This legendary part of the popular Ford F-series saw a grand redesign in the year 2015. It was topping the ranks for being the best full-size pickups and even became a finalist in the publication. 4 amazing engine choices, decent fuel economy, pretty solid towing capacity, and so on.

However, even with all of that glories roaring behind it, users had and still do think about getting upgrades. Because no matter how good a truck is, it can be even better. And some people crave that height.

So today, let’s talk about some of the best 2015 f150 interior upgrades or accessories that you should consider if you too want to make the good experience even better.

Best 2015 F150 Interior Upgrades Recommendations- Based on Your Needs

You can get custom sunshade, floor mars, back seat releasing kit, armrest cushion for the console, good quality mats for the floor, organizer to keep console mess-free, and try cup holder inserts as well. These are our 2015 f150 interior upgrades recommendations but there are more that you may find interest in.

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2015 F150 Interior Upgrades

A Bit About the Existing Interior

Before we start telling you about the interior upgrades for 2015 f150, let’s clear some things about the existing interior.

Starting from the durability of the interior material, it’s pretty up to the mark. And then the spaciousness is another thing lots of users have mostly praised of. However, some just don’t think that there are enough cup holders, it should be a little more.

The users who have gone for trim level shared that it’s mostly useful. Especially when one needs to keep things hands free. And it’s relatively simple to activate the great entertainment features provided with voice alone.

The platinum trim level gives heated massaging benefits, that definitely make regular commutes sort of like a mini-break from busy chores. Some also loved the folding rear seats.

However, the sync system is prone to lose contact which is another common issue. But a quick visit to the service center is most likely to get the problem sorted.

There’s no doubt the However, 2015 f150 interior isn’t the fanciest one out there. But comfort and ease of maintenance-wise, the vehicle seem very convenient for everyday use.

Get A Sunshade to Keep Your Vehicle Cool Enough

For some, it will be one of the best 2015 f150 interior upgrades as they live in a place that has a hot and sunny climate most of the time of the year. And we all know what a hassle it is to park a truck under the sun. Cause it does not take much long for the sun to turn the cabin into a whole sauna.

And nobody would enjoy that! Solution? A proper custom sunshade. To us, the Husky Liners’ custom sunshade feels like a perfect pick.

Here’s What You Need to Know

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sunshade then maybe this is not going to work for you. And there are other sunshades available too that come for less price.

But do keep in mind, this custom sunshade is one of the most amazingly fitting designs that include 3-layer insulation making. Something that just works best with the windshield of the f-150.

There’s the reflective exterior side that keeps the sunlight away from annoying you.There’s also a layer of foam core in the center. Its main task is to play the role of insulation against the heat of the sun. So, the temperature inside your cabin stays low and cool.

And not to mention the dangers of UV rays that can just ruin the interior with passing time. That thing will also get under control with this sunshade. So, it’s definitely a worth of your money pick that won’t be a regretful purchase, according to us.

You can also fold it away and enjoy the easiest storage for it.However, one thing that might feel a little weird is the installation around A-pillar handles. It’s sort of tricky but not impossible to solve.

Install Proper Floor Mats to Protect the Flooring

If you want to get 2015 f150 interior upgrades that would also do something about protecting the flooring, then floor mats are going to be a great investment. It’s true that the f150 is well made.

And for that very reason, users have made it their daily usable truck. This means it’ll have to withstand a lot of elements while being constantly used. And that makes it clear that very soon the flooring will start wearing out, which you can prevent by taking extra precautions.

The best one that we have in our mind is the Husky Floor Liners. You would have the comfort of roughly using the truck and the liner would take care of the interior protecting it from getting wear-outs too soon.

Now some of us might not really enjoy spending a huge amount of floor mat sets, and it’s understandable. Some people assume floor mats are there to basically collect dirt and nothing else.But that’s not true you know.

Here’re A Few Things You Need to Know

First of all, visual benefits, as the liners perfectly fit the f-150. So, there’s less chance of it failing to hold onto and getting over the truck’s carpet. The finish is also extremely good.

The quality will feel much better than any cheaper alternative you could think about. At first, you’ll feel the rubber for construction seeming well enough. But after fitting them, that’s when the actual outlook would make you convinced that this was a great purchase.

It definitely is very enormous. And so, the way it just goes over every square inch of the back seat, makes it an ideal pick no doubt.

Just one thing that feels a bit of about the liner is that there’s a little slip to it. And so, if you keep the certain item on it, there’s a chance of those sliding around.

A Console Organizer Can Keep the Interior Mess-Free

Another one that we consider as one of the best f150 interior upgrades would be a console organizer. It’s true that the cabin of the ford f-150 is designed brilliantly. In such a way in fact, that your efficiency on the worksite stays high enough.

However, there are areas that may go through certain refinement to make things even better. And one such area would be the huge storage bin. That’s located on the center console of the truck.

More than often, this area is used to store a number of handy items in the place. And most of these are pretty tiny items. So, tucking those away may invite unruly mess in this post if you are too busy to pay attention times. As a result, finding a certain item would be quite hard.

But a center console organizer like the Vehicle OCD Organizer can very well solve the issue.

Here’re Things You Must Know

Vehicle OCD Organizer fits the f-150 center console perfectly with a very clever design. It’s made of plastic pieces, five in total, and creates a grid-like form for the structure.

You get around 12 small compartments with it, in the console bin. And so, you can store different items in separated compartments to keep things organizes for everyday use.

The plastic that’s used for making the Vehicle OCD Organizer is 1/the inch think. And it comes with a curvy edge that gives a premium look, feel, and quality.

You don’t have to worry about rattling when driving as the snug fit of Vehicle OCD Organizer really helps to keep such situations sorted.

Furthermore, the Vehicle OCD Organizer is extremely easy to install. In fact, you don’t even need many tools to install it.

Give Yourself Some Comfort Treat by Getting Console Armrest Cushion

After we are done talking about the storage part of the center console, there’s more use of it than you think. It’s not just something meant for organizing things or simply storing daily small items. But in fact, you can use this place to increase the comfort level of drives that are longer than usual.

Because the top part of the center console, actually serves as an armrest. And this goes for both front-seat passengers.

However, the surface is made pretty hard and durable. Which is not a bad thing at all. But keeping your arms on it for too long drives, may not be great comfort-wise. And that’s where a console armrest cushion can help. You can consider the KM Motors Console Armrest Cushion, a very popular pick by f-150 users.

Here’re Things You Must Know About It

The KM Motors Armrest Cushion will fit really well on top of the console with a perfectly designed structure. And there’s a padded surface that gets covered by high-quality quilted leather upholstery.

To cover the console lid sides, there are even flaps available with the KM Motors Armrest Cushion. And thanks to this, the upgrade would feel like a genuine ford accessory giving a premium finish all together.

You might need to access the latch that basically is in charge of keeping the lid closed. And the cushion won’t be an obstacle in your way, as it may cover the whole console but still allows access easily.

So, there’s no interference with the hinge you need to use for swing opening the lid.To give you a secure fit, there are 3 elastic straps provided. And you basically need to loop it surrounds the lid of the console.

Make Use of The Rear Seat Space Easily by Getting a Release Kit for It

The more space you get the better usability. If that’s what you too think then this next upgrade that we are talking about will really interest you.

There are features already provided for comfortable rear seats and also some allow to fold the seat and use the additional cargo storage space. However, having the rear seat behind additional space might be tricky with the weird releasing system.

And that’s where a release kit for the rear seat makes an entry. You can try the Seven Sparta Rear Seat Release Kit for f150 Supercab 2015 and f150 supercrew 2015, there are some other compatible options.

Here’re Things You Should Know

The main concept of the Seven Sparta Rear Seat Release Kit comes from the fact that you can make the seatbacks fold flat. But you still need to go through a tight space and press a little pin for releasing the seatback. However, with the Seven Sparta Rear Seat Release Kit, you can do this by only tugging on the strap.

You can easily replace the factory-installed latch with the Seven Sparta Rear Seat Release Kit for the purpose without any problem. A simple screwdriver would be necessary.

The strap that says visible is made of nylon to keep it sturdy enough for long-time use. This is a very practical solution for 4 doors f-150 no doubt.However, the nice-looking design stays hidden behind the seat, which is a shame, but nothing wrong with its main functionwise.

Adding Cupholder to Make It More Convenient

If you have the habit of sipping on your favorite drink while driving then getting a cupholder insert would be a perfect thing to do. And that’s why we have included it as the last but not least recommendations today.

Trying the CupHolderHero Cup Holder Inserts is a good idea, by the way, it’s pretty great with the features.

Here’re Things You Need to Know

The CupHolderHero Cup Holder Inserts and inners are custom fit for f-150 with a very unique but great design to make removal easy as well.

It can withstand heat very well with a tolerance up to 170 degrees, and the material is even all-weather friendly. There’s no rubber tire smell to it like cheap options.

Anyone who’s looking for small customization touch to their f-150 will love the concept of CupHolderHero Cup Holder Inserts, and its quality is pretty decent for the price.

However, it’s a comprehensive kit that comes with other pieces too, and where to fit each piece could be tricky for some users. But then again, it’s not hard to figure out if one takes a little time to understand.

Aftermarkets Or Genuine Upgrades?

There’s no doubt that the marketplace for pickup trucks has seen some of the fabulous aspects provided by ford through the f-150 design. However, there are still some gaps that were not filled. And that’s why some feel a little bit disappointed in a few areas that ford could have done better.

Also, that’s not something we can entirely blame of the engineers of ford as well. Because suiting most mainstream pickup needs is what they focus mainly on.

And that’s why a few buyers stay unsatisfied with designed parts that miss a few things according to this specific crowd’s taste.

That’s where aftermarket options become more legit.  The makers who focus on the accessories will usually have this unusual perspective of the marketplace.

Trends that seem to create waves in forums of enthusiasts catch their attention. And they take notes from drivers using ford sharing what areas the manufacturer lacked in providing. The aftermarket accessories maker should prioritize those.

However, some aftermarket companies do run for schemes that would generate fast cash. And so, there’s a lot of cheap designs that eventually won’t be very beneficial for users.

But then again there are also well-made aftermarket 2015 f150 interior upgrades and options. These are usually from companies that prioritize getting repeated customers. So of course, this aftermarket world is also not bad enough for you to not get a taste of it and experience things yourself.

When get f150 interior upgrades, make sure you also include a few other items too apart from what we included here. Something that seems like filling the missing gap you feel exists in the ford f150. For example, a ford f150 interior trim kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to maintain the truck?

Apart from investing in useful 2015 f150 interior upgrades you also have to do regular repairs to keep it in a tip-top shape.

How many miles will a 2015 F150 last?

It should last at least 1.5 lac to 3 lac miles. Then go for a rebuild and another 20 years of fine service with 15 thousand miles each year on average should be under your sleeves.

Does the 2015 Ford F-150 have transmission problems?

Hard downshifts, grinding noise, slippage, leakage of transmission fluid and some other issues are common with it.

How Long Do the Spark Plugs Last?

If you are also concerned about ford f150 interior replacement parts you should think about the spark plugs, which usually should go fine for 1 lac miles before needing a replacement. People keep the spark plug included when thinking about ford f150 5.0 performance upgrades.

Wrapping Up

So, we were able to talk about 6 of the finest 2015 f150 interior upgrades ideas, the difference in value for aftermarket and genuine ford options, and got answers to a few often-asked questions. We really hope all of these were helpful to you.

See you soon again in another important ford conversation exploring interesting matters just like today!

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