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Need Help! Subaru Coil Pack Wiring Diagram

Subaru is a well-known Japanese brand of transport that contains quality components that deserve to be called praiseworthy. Out of all parts, the coil pack aka COP system is vital which stays over the spark plug to control things via wiring. 

FYI, dealing with the coil pack of Subaru will cost around $30 to $50 counting the parts, labor, taxes, and other costs.

After getting tons of requests to present the Subaru coil pack wiring diagram, we’re going to make an informative piece of content today finally.

And, you’ll also find some information about each wire for better understanding. Keep On Reading to Find More…

Subaru Coil Pack Wiring Diagram – Parts Name & Other Points!

The new coil pack of Subaru is linked on 4 cylinders in 3 main wires (trigger signal, ground, & +12v power). Then again, the old coil pack of Subaru has 2 wires (coil trigger & +12v power) on 4 cylinders.

The Subaru coil pack wiring is different based on the latest and old versions of the truck. Yet, most trucks suit 3 wires from 2000 to 2022 models. Here are a few mentions of the series:

  1. WRX STI
  2. Outback
  3. Forester 
  4. Legacy
  5. Liberty
  6. Impreza
  7. Tribecca

If you don’t know, the Subaru coil pack firing order is 1-4, 6-3, 2-5 from left to right side. And, this firing order helps set the wires in the right place. 

The wires of the Subaru coil pack connector simply connect to both 4 and 6 cylinders in the engine to fit the coil pack. Yet, nearly all use it on 4-cylinder engines to work properly. 

Artwork Of Subaru Coil Pack Wiring

To get a clear view, just check the given illustration along with some side notes to know which wires are what and other points. Hope It Helps!

image 4

As you can see in the drawing, there are a lot of wires along with cylinders and round blue points. Plus, the coil pack wire connectors are colored in 2 different colors on both sides. Which are:

  • White (in the front).
  • Black (in the back).

Along with these, you’ll also see almost all the lines are in different shades to separate the wiring connection & parts.

Here’s the color code explanation:

  • Yellow & Blue wire for Trigger signal on Cylinders 3 and 4. And, Brown & Green wire for Trigger Signal on Cylinder 1 and 2.
  • All Black wire for +12-volt Power.
  • Yellow & Black wire for Ground (through ECM aka Engine Control Module)

Let’s learn about each wire in a different way to be familiar with each function without a doubt. Ready?

Ground Wire

The wire of the ground connection is shaded in black & yellow to find easily. Its main role of it is to ground everything in a gentle way on the coil pack bottom plate.

You’ll easily find a tiny wire and handling or setting the timing mark is simple. If neglecting this part, it’ll simply bunch back to 5° to 10° to be precise.

The ignition coil doesn’t require to fit on the ground (just as you can see in the diagram blue round dot). However, this part is essential to get electrical pulses as an input of the HV spark on the plug.

Ignite Signal Trigger Wire

In the diagram, the signal wire is colored in 2 different shades (yellow-blue and brown-green wires) due to 2 input and output cylinders (terminals).

And, both wires connect to the coil pack signal port. Meaning the yellow & blue wire connects to Cylinders 3 & 4 (Signal). On the other hand, the brown & green wire fits on Cylinders 1 & 2 (Signal).

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This way the Subaru engine management system works well. And, it works thanks to the magnetic sensor which triggers when the coil pack rotates.

+12V Power Wire

This wire is colored in black that is connected to a +12-volt power line on 1–4 cylinders (input-output terminals). Through the pulse, this wire is connected to the unit to control the power supply.  

And, to locate this wire is pretty simple, just find the ‘hot wire’ connected to the ignition coil which carries 12-volt power.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do coil packs need spark plug wires?

All trucks have a distributor or remote coil packs that do require spark plug wires. Plus, this helps a lot to shift the energy from the coil to the spark plug.

What would cause no spark from coil pack?

Usually, the ‘no spark’ issue from the coil pack occurs due to defects on the crank sensor, ignition module, or broken wire in the circuit, and fault in ECM or PCM. And, these errors can be fixed with the help of a proficient technician who can diagnose and treat them properly.

What gives the coil pack power?

The coil pack power can be found in the motion of the magnet getting closer to the coil. Mostly located on the flywheel, the magnet moves once a driver pulls the starting cord. And, that’s how the spark comes out in the plug to operate.

Wrap Up

And, that was pretty much all that you must know about the Subaru coil pack wiring diagram. We have tried our best to portray this guide as detailed as possible so you leave with no queries in your mind. 

It is relatable if you find the illustration given above a bit puzzling. But, if you match the artwork with the description, it’ll make things clear. 

Hope you have learned this whole topic well and can easily locate each component. Now, we’ll bring a new topic in the next guide. See You Soon!

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