[3 Main Causes] Dodge Ram Power Locks Not Working+ Ideal Solution!

Why is dodge ram power locks not working? Does the power lock break often?

There can be many reasons, including broken lock, loose cable connection, faulty parts, and many more. And to be noted, the power lock does not break very often.

Dodge Ram has very good quality materials, making it a durable vehicle and people’s choice for off-roading. However, sometimes the very best comes with a few problems. You can always fix them without stress. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about dodge ram power locks not working.

Dodge Ram Power Locks not Working

For any vehicle, power locks are essential as if it stops working, you will have a hard time getting in or out of the vehicle. Moreover, there are times when your electric battery may fail, and you can also face the same situation.

But don’t worry, as Dodge Ram has very few records of power lock troubleshooting. Even if your particular model is having trouble, we are here to provide you solution.

Possible ProblemsProbable Solutions
Switch or Key Fob ProblemMaintenance or change
Fuse problemChange the Fuse
Other issuesScan it with a scanner

These are the possible problems and probable solutions that we have found. Well, these may not be the only reason, but most of these are the causes. Don’t worry, as you can follow the instructions below to easily solve these issues:

Switch or Key Fob Problem

Dodge Ram trucks are heavy-duty, so they go through a lot while they are in service. Sometimes different parts of the vehicle troubleshoot due to heavy usage. Thus the user faces problems with keys or switches. Moreover, if your power locks suddenly stop working, then the first thing that will come out is the switch problem.

You will see that the switch is not responding properly, and somehow if it works, it will again stop working. In that case, there is nothing to do but check by taking it off from the door.

Probable Solution:

It is a pretty easy task as all you have to do is, unlock all the bolts and take off the soft case of the door. Then take the switch panel off from the door and see if the cables are okay. Now power up the vehicle and check if the power lock works or not. If the cables are loose, tighten them, and if they are broken, repair them.

Fuse Problem

There are a lot of fuses inside a car or a vehicle to keep every electronic item safe. However, there are times when the fuses go out due to electric short circuits and bad initials.

Whenever there is a fuse out or cut, you can not use any electric item in your vehicle. The power lock is one of the main items that stop working, and you will see they will not respond at that time.

Probable Solution:

You have to use a scanner to scan the entire vehicle, and remember, do not use a cheap one as it will not be able to find the problem. Now scan the entire area and then figure out the fuse that is not working.

We recommend you to hire a professional as they will only charge an hour of labor cost while working. Find the fuse and change it according to its model; everything will be fine.

Diagnostic Trouble Code

Diagnostic Trouble Code is one of the ECU problems that can happen at anytime. There are no reasons why this happens except the electricals. If you see power locks not working, power mirrors not working, or wipers, then it can be the reason.

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There are times when you will not be able to understand what is the problem, so to figure it out. You have to scan the vehicle using a dedicated ECU scanner.

Probable Solution:

It usually happens due to ECU malfunction or electronics malfunction. So, you have to hire someone professional to fix it as it needs special types of equipment not available locally. The best thing to do would be to visit a garage where are good at their work and tell them everything. Eventually, they will fix this problem and you will be good to ride again.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why would my power locks stop working?

There are many reasons that can stop your power locks from working. One of the most common reasons is fuse failure. In order to get full details, please read the article above.

Is there a fuse for power door locks?

Yes, there is a fuse for power door locks, and if it fails, the power door locks will not work. It usually protects the initials from amperage overflow, but if happens, the fuse fails.

How do you troubleshoot a power door lock?

There are many ways to troubleshoot a power door lock. You can always use a scanner to scan the ECU and the electricals of your vehicle. But we recommend you follow the instruction we have provided in the article.


Dodge ram power locks not working! It is not a problem anymore as you can now easily determine the reason that has caused it. Moreover, you can now fix the problems if they appear. Some things may not be within your parameter, but you can follow the instructions.

You can take the vehicle to the dealership as they can provide you with warranty service. If you are not confident about their service, you can always find 3rd party mechanics who are willing to work. The problem would probably take a day to fix or sometimes only an hour or two.

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