8hp70 Vs 8hp75: What Are The Real Differences?

What is the difference between 8hp70 and8hp70 transmission? The dissimilarity between these two sorts of transmission is the performance. The 8hp75 is far better strong than the 8hp70 transmission. Moreover, there are also some variations that you need to consider.

People like you have a lot of queries about 8hp70 vs 8hp75 transmission. It requires a detailed discussion so that you can choose the best transmission for your truck or stuff. Whatever, in this informative and comparison blog, we will take you through some essential facts related to the topic.

8hp70 Vs 8hp75 Table Comparision

Riding performanceA wide gear range makes the transmission effective to performViral transmission with far better performance
DurabilityHighly durable and enough usable for a long time.Lifetime durability with the vehicle.
EfficiencyGreat fuel efficiency decreasing spin lossProvide you with the best fuel efficiency
CompatibilityExcellent torque converter makes the transmission highly compatibleHybrid drivetrain components make the transmission stronger
Weight207 lbs +/-191 lbs +/-
PriceComparatively expensive than The 8hp75A bit pricy than the 8hp75.

Does this column sound good to you? We hope so. But, you need to make some variations in a more informative way.

However, while comparing the ram 8hp70 vs 8hp75, there are several aspects where both transmission types perform similarly.

However, we highly recommend you not take any other decision considering a single fact. Whereas, once you have a much more straightforward way to cover up the things here, it will give a lot of comfort.

No matter what types of vehicles you are talking about, transmission plays a prominent role. You will benefit from having a more robust and better transmission with your car. It connects the engine with the wheels to run the vehicle.

Riding Performance of Ram 8hp70 vs 8hp75

A sound transmission always plays a decent driving performance no matter what vehicle you drive. But, the transmission on the Ram truck is something more memorable. With 8hp70 transmission, an extensive gear range makes the transmission even more productive to drive.

Besides, it has five multi-plate clutch packs, which helps the engine run smoothly without any trouble. The excellent braking ability will provide you with much comfort.

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Moreover, it has four planetary gearsets also. But, if you compare the 8hp70 with the 8hp75, the 8hp75 transmission is much stronger.

The 8-speed automatic feature makes the 8hp75 transmission much more potent than the 8hp70. However, the 8hp75 has the most appropriate torque converter for better riding performance.

There are different types of gear ratios out there too.

On the other hand, a ZF 8HP75 will cost you about $$3650.00. We hope this will provide you with some idea regarding the 8hp75 transmission price.


Both these types of transmissions are highly durable. Users having this transmission with their vehicle have been proving positive reviews.

With the 8hp70 transmission, you will have a better life expectancy if you don’t face severe accidents or injuries.

The same prospect goes with the 8hp75 transmission too. But, the different part here is the durability of the 8hp75 is much more excellent than the 8hp70 because the 8hp75 has a 553 lb-ft capacity.

On the other hand, the 8hp70 only ensures 516.


The 8hp70 has only two of its five clutches to save fuel and ensure efficiency. With the help of this feature, the transmission can disdain the spin losses. Besides, the clutch friction elements also help the transmission improve costing function and gain much efficiency.

The efficiency increases with the 8hp70 transmission upgrades and is almost the same as the 8hp70. It has an 8hp70 hydraulic impulse oil storage system. Therefore, it also has Optimal pressure control, which makes the transmission more efficient. You will find this particular transmission of different cars for high efficiency.

Compatibility of 8hp70 & 8hp75

When talking about the combability between these two types of transmission, they almost come at the same position. With the 8hp70, which has an excellent torque converter, you will have the performance of high compatibility. The most exciting feature here is, that Manual Shift Mode can let the driver request gear changes anytime.

The 8hp75 ensures hybrid drivetrain components which are recommendable for better compatibility. It also has various shift maps with compatibility with the thermal management system. Therefore, the 8hp75 also beats the 8hp70 in this case.

Price Differences between 8hp70 and 8hp75

There are some variations in the price that you may consider. However, the cost of these transmissions depends on some variables like ratios and stuff. Above all, we would like to give you an idea.

As shown in the column, you will have to pay a lot for the 8hp75 transmission compared to the 8hp70. The possible reasons might be the performance and powerfulness of the transmission. If you want to buy ZF 8HP70 F10, you have to pay around $3250.00.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between 8HP75 and 8HP70?

The 8HP75 has more IB-ft capacity compared to the 8HP70. Besides, there are some differences regarding price, weight, and performance too. Moreover, the 8HP75 is much stronger than the 8HP70 in any sense. The torque limit is also lower in 8HP75.

What is 8HP75 transmission?

The 8HP75 usually transmits power to the engine. It has a hybrid drivetrain component which helps the transmission process super fast. We have seen an upgraded control unit on the 8HP75 transmission to transfer the power to the engine even more fruitfully—this very most popular 8-speed automatic transmission.


You have got a clear picture of what you were wondering about a few minutes ago. The journey to the 8hp70 Vs 8hp75 discussion comes to an end. Once you know your circumstances clearly, you should choose the right transmission type for your truck, car, or cab.

Eventually, if you have a tight budget, you feel shy about going with the 8hp70 will benefit you. On the other side, if you want to forget about the buffet and look for the comparatively best and more robust transmission, go with the 8hp75.

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