Why is Subaru Touch Screen Not Working? Reasons and Solutions

Feeling exhausted looking for a solution for your Subaru touch screen not working? Mostly, the solution is not that tough. Restarting or resetting the system might work.

The touch screen feature in Subaru has definitely made the driving experience better. But technical glitches and Subaru touch screen not turning on often becomes the cause of headaches.

But why is this happening? And how can you solve this?

We’ve got the answers to your questions to lessen your troubles with your Subaru touch screen. Read the full article to understand the ways of solving your problem.

Reasons for Subaru Touch Screen Not Working

Subaru’s touch screen system makes it easier than ever. When it comes to GPS, we must appreciate the adequate screen size. Navigation is undoubtedly better with the touch screen experience.

Apart from these, the mobile connecting feature is one of the best facilities your Subaru touch screen has to offer. From receiving calls to listening to favorite music, everything is now available in one place. It connects the smartphone to the system via Bluetooth.

Let’s try and find out what prevents you from enjoying these benefits when the Subaru touch screen stops working.

Bug or problem in the operating systemRestart the screen, contact the dealer if not solved.
Short circuit in the systemCheck the connectors, take the help of a car electrician.
Problem in the power supplyCheck the fuse.

These are the 3 most common causes among the others. We will try to learn what problems do they create, and what should be done when we face them.

Let’s have a detailed look at these problems and their solutions.

Touch Screen Not Responding

The most common complaint about Subaru is the unresponsive touch screen. If you are wondering why your Subaru Impreza touch screen not working, you are not alone.

There can be many reasons behind this occurrence. A bug can cause the touch screen to freeze. Users often face this problem, and they found the idea of resetting the system helpful. It is a soft reset and does not erase anything.

To do the reset, you have to press the power button, tune/scroll button, and the CD Eject button together. Keep pressing them for around 10-15 seconds until you see the screen turning off. You’ll see it turning on again on its own. This should solve the problem.

However, if the touch screen remains unresponsive even after the reset, you might have a faulty operating system. You should consult with the dealer about resolving the issue.

Turning On and Off   

Many users reported that their Subaru forester touch screen not working and turns on and off without any reason.

It’s highly possible that it is happening due to a short circuit. You can check the fuse and see if you can detect the issue. Attach the connectors properly if there are any loose ones.

An electrician might help you better in this case.

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Not Turning On

Sometimes some problems with the power supply can cause the Subaru forester touch screen not working. It may not turn on at all.

In that case, you can check the fuse to see if they are disconnected. Besides the touch screen, you will find the power supply side. It is also possible that the fuse is blown. A blown fuse prevents the power supply from reaching the head unit and causes the touch screen to shut off.

Another possibility is the car battery having trouble supplying the power from time to time. It sometimes happens as Subaru has so many electronic devices in it.

If cannot find out the problem, take it to the dealer. You might need to replace the head unit entirely.

Apart from all that, when facing trouble with the Subaru Crosstrek touch screen not working, a software update is suggested to the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Subaru touch screen?

If your2020 Subaru touch screen not working, reset the system by pressing the power button, tune/scroll button, and the CD Eject button together. Keep pressing them for around 10-15 seconds until you see the screen turning off. You’ll see it turning on again on its own. This should solve the problem.

Why is my Subaru screen not working?

There might be more than one reason for Subaru touch screen not to work. Operating system issues, bug, power supply failures, and short circuits are some common reasons for the 2015 Subaru touch screen not working.

Why is the radio in my Subaru not working?

Probably, the fuse of the radio is blown. The blown fuse prevents the power supply. Consequently, the radio stops working.

Wrap Up

Although touch screens in cars provided us with technological bliss, we also have to endure the difficulties that come along with it. Subaru touch screen not working can create all kinds of issues for the users. At times we have to struggle through our way to make it work properly.

Try to keep the touch screen clean with some distilled water and a microfiber cloth. At least, this will keep the outer problems such as dirt, and finger stains away from your touch screen. If your Subaru touch screen does not respond after cleaning, try the solutions mentioned above.

If it is some mere problem, a soft reset is enough to solve it in a jiffy. Otherwise, you might need to take a trip to the experts to determine what is wrong.

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