5 RAMBox Problems You Should Know About and How to Solve Them

While the RAM trucks are a great option for people, you might wonder, “ Are you the only person with RAMBox problems?” Well, you’re one in a thousand.

The most common issue with the RamBox is the SPACE! We look for a lot of efficiency from this compartment strategy, and with it, we enjoy its safety, convenience and charming look! Yet, the RAMbox does come with its fair share of problems.

Today, we’re going to look at all the little problems you might have when you get a RAM truck. Explore!

RAMBox Problems You May Face

The compartment strategy of the RAMBox was made to solve the problems related to storage and space, which it was able to solve.

However, in doing so, the truck itself got a cut in the cargo storage. The cargo storage isn’t wide enough, and something like a 48-inch wide ATX wouldn’t fit in it.

Here’s a quick overview of the problems that you can come across with a RAMBox.

ProblemsWhy It Happens
StorageDue to the RAMBox design, the main cargo space suffers from less storage space.
Stake PocketsDoesn’t come with stake pockets to store accessories
Bed ExtenderThe bed extender might not work with some models
Locking MechanismThe locking mechanism doesn’t let the lid close properly when it’s been opened and closed a lot.
Clip BreakThe clips inside might break if you try to fit something tight in the cargo space.

That being said, possessing a RAMBox isn’t all bad. Yes, it needs care, but even once a month of maintenance, such as when washing your truck, works wonders on your RAMBox. Let’s dive a bit further into the problems.

Cargo Capacity

Bed storage in the back is sacrificed due to the RAMBox storage system. While you do get a lot of space to store your essentials and day-to-day tools and items, the back storage is sacrificed for that. You’d barely be able to fit an ATV in the back of this truck.

Solution: While you can’t make the back of your truck any wider, you can still definitely make it a bit longer. However, due to some of the new models of the RAM not coming with bed extenders, you can buy one compatible with yours and use that to make the bed longer.

No Stake Pockets

The RAMBox setup doesn’t come with any stake pockets, making it harder for you to store out some of the smaller accessories that would make more sense being stored in small places like that.

Solutions: There’s no real solution for this. You can either just buy different containers and store out the smaller accessories in one of the RAMBoxes. This allows you to keep your cab clean of anything unnecessary.

No Cargo Extender

Some new models of the RAM truck don’t come with the pins that allow the cargo divider in the RAM to act as a cargo extender as well. However, we’ve discovered that it’s actually because the cargo extender, with the pins, can block the tail light out from some angles.

Solution: As we already talked about before, some models of the RAM are not coming with dividers that also work as extenders anymore. For these cases, you can contact a car hardware store and give you the compatible extender for your RAM.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism in the RAMBox does happen to be a bit faulty. The more you open and close the lid of the RAMBox, the more chances it has of getting jammed. It can be a little frustrating when the lids don’t end up closing.

Solution: The locking mechanism in the RAMBoxes jam when you open and close them too often. You can avoid this by not slamming down the lid of the RAMBox when closing it.

Clips Breaking

Since the RAMBoxes make the cargo space in the middle not be as wide, it ends up being a tight space for you to store bigger things. Things such as a wide-body ATX would be hard to fit in the back. When you fit it in tight, it has a chance of breaking the clips on the bed.

Solution: This is inevitable if you try to fit something too wide for the bed of your truck. The clips that hold the door can break off. Try not to make anything too tight or too long forcefully fit in the bed.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a RamBox?

A RAMBox is defined as a Cargo Management System by Ram, the trademark of FCA Group. It’s a pretty cool spacing feature, attached to trucks for storage use. They’re weatherproof compartment-like extra spaces over the wheel well. The two compartments are placed on the two sides of the truck bed.

Is Rambox Worth it?

This can be answered with a Yes or a No, depending on how you use it. The RAMbox has plenty of purposes, such as trainability, lighting, and AC power voltage. If you are a person who needs to carry tools or doesn’t require much use of the bed, you’ll find the RAMbox as a blessing for longer items such as golf clubs, toolboxes, paddles, fishing rods, tubes, tires, and anything you can’t afford to make a mess of.

Can you remove the RAM box?

Yes, you can remove the RAMbox, but you should know that the task will be challenging. The removal starts from the bumper. Here’s the procedure:

  • Underneath it’s the access hole for each side of the RAMbox.
  • Once you see the larger connector on the right, unclip it using a screwdriver.
  • After unbolting it, you will be able to separate the body and lid from the truck.
  • There has been glue usage around the RAMbox bed when installing it, but you’ll be able to figure it out with a few tries.

Final Words

A RAMBox is definitely a great choice for upgrading as a family truck. You can easily just hop on one of these and go away for a trip without any trouble. It offers you enough storage to carry as much as you want with you and also leaves room for safely storing away your essentials. It is a great family-friendly option to choose if you often go on trips with your family.

The RAMBox benefits can easily outweigh the RAM Box problems. If what you’re looking for is a truck that has plenty of storage and is also powerful and efficient, then this is it.

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