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Fixing Ford F150 Wrench Light No Acceleration Issues- Try This Doable Solution

Ford F150 Wrench Light No Acceleration

The wrench light is an indicator that usually shows a yellow “wrench” sign on the dashboard. Sometimes it can pop up if your truck is having PCM aka Powertrain Control Module issues due to low voltage in the system that causes no acceleration along with weak idling.

If your case is similar to these, then the ford f150 wrench light no acceleration problems can be fixed by taking proper solutions. Having issues with the powertrain might cause bad performance when you drive with your truck.

Having the ford f150 throttle body problems or others can be treated by using a device (OBD II or other scan tools) that can access to error code. So, invest your time, focus, and patience when following the given solution. What Are You Waiting For!

Narrating The Ford F150 Wrench Light No Acceleration Problem – Reason & Cause

 Facing challenges of wrench light, no acceleration due to lack of maintenance. Usually, various error codes on the systems such as throttle, OBD system, PCM, and TCM are the root cause why your truck can’t able to start up and it can be treated by clearing the fault codes. Let’s fix it together.

Reasons for Wrench Light No Acceleration IssuesEasy Fixes to The Problems
One or more error codesClean the code using a scan tool

Struggling with the wrench light and no acceleration at the same time surely feels like a panic attack for busy drivers. Luckily, you can deal with the problem easily by using a scan tool along with time and energy. 

According to Online Car Repair Manuals,

First of all, you may not have many choices other than pulling over because a vehicle may be heavily restricted acceleration or shifting on transmission. What is important is what to do after pulling over the vehicle.

The wrench light actually shows up when you start the truck is because it’s telling your truck diagnosing with problems that need to be repaired. And, you’ll notice the accelerator or throttle foot paddle isn’t accelerating when you press it. 

That’s all happens when the ford f150 inner system has error or fault codes that need to be cleared or reset. Before that, you should read the codes to know whether they are having problems or not. 

Sometimes the problem of no acceleration and wrench light actually occurs due to debris attaching to the fuel injector which can be fixed using a cleaning kit. After doing that, try to re-fill the fuel inside the tank to have stunning acceleration. 

Fixing Error Code Of F150 Wrench Light No Acceleration

To solve the problem, you need to start the engine and see whether the dash is showing the wrench sign while the engine can’t accelerate. If that’s the case, then prepare for resetting the code of the TCM and PCM using a scan tool. Be sure to follow all steps without skipping one:

1. Plug the switch of the OBD II scan tool under the dash (where you’ll find the OBD II port). Then, wait for the scanner tool to access and open rightly.

2. Go to the Ford menu and be sure to select the country too. And, don’t click on the Ford Australia bar unless your truck model suits it.

3. After that, select Ok. Then, click on the Automatically Search bar (if your OBD II scan tool has this option otherwise select the truck model). Next, hit on Yes button.

4. Next, hit on System Selection and press the PCM (Powertrain Control Mode). Click on Read Fault Code and then hit the Retrieve CMDTCs. Then, wait for a while.

5. Now, you are on the DTC menu. You’ll see all the trouble codes easily that’s effective to end the problem of wrench light no acceleration error.

6. Afterward, click on the Clear DTCs button to start the process. Next, hit on Yes and then the message will pop up “Clearing Fault Memory Completely” that when you want to click Ok. Wait for a few seconds.

7. Cycle the key on and off for one time to calibrate the engine. Now, check whether the dash still shows the wrench light along with no accelerate or not. If not, then you need to check the ground and main powers wires.

8. Open the hood of your truck and check the main powers and ground wires that are attached (based on your Ford vehicle owner’s manual as not all models have these parts on the same spot).

9. Once you’ve located the plugs, then disconnect them one by one. Be sure to check if any plugs are badly damaged or rusted which might be causing wrench light no acceleration error.

10. Attach the removed switch inside and start the engine to idle for 15-20 seconds. If you see the same problem, it means the PCM needs replacement. Be sure to reset the truck after installing it. And, that is all for today.

Note: You’ll see all the fault codes in the P****-FF type that needs to be reset. For example, due to the 2018 f150 wrench light limp mode activation, it will show a P2135-FF error code that needs to be cleared.

A Helpful Tutorial That Might Like You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when a wrench light comes on Ford f150?

It is an indicator that detects an error with the powertrain malfunction or 4-wheel drive system. Apart from that, sometimes the wrench light is turned on due to inside problems such as fuel injector or throttle body issues. Low voltage in the system is another reason for that too.

Why is my f150 not accelerating?

The f150 usually doesn’t accelerate rightly because of the weak fuel pump or throttle body working. Due to debris inside fuel injectors, your truck might find it hard to accelerate or speed up. And, the wrench light problems also cause no acceleration or idle.

Can you drive with wrench light on?

Yes, you can drive with the wrench light on. But, it is advised by experts not to switch on wrench light or any other mechanic garage for a longer period of time. Plus, using this function uselessly can also cause mishaps or accidents at any moment.

Wrapping Up

As you now know how to get rid of a ford f150 wrench light no acceleration issue, we hope all the struggle ends here. Due to the error of it, a bunch of systems of your truck might restrict itself to avoid inner damages.

Based on that, we come to this solution that can only be done by an OBD II scan tool to fix the wrench light error codes. And also, don’t forget to check the throttle body whether it’s dirty or not as that might bring back the old performance with no issue of no-idling or acceleration.

We suggest getting help from a professional mechanic if you still can’t able to fix the trouble. Just stand there doing nothing and either go seek help or try given DIY solutions. You’ll Do Great. Best Of Luck! 

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