Know Dodge Ram Headlight Wire Color Codes to Master Wiring

Dodge ram users often ask about the dodge ram headlight wire color codes. This RAM producer offers different headlights like LED, Halogens, HID, and many more.

If your Dodge ram is performing strangely when it comes to beaming headlights owing to burned or damaged wires, or if you want to modify the headlamp to your liking, identifying the exact location of headlight wiring is a must.

You might have to go through huge manuals to find the headlight wire color codes. But, to save you from this hassle, we have decided to point out all the wire color codes.

Dodge Ram Headlight Wire Color Codes

Check this table below to understand the dodge ram wire color codes correctly.

Color CodesMeaning
Dark blue with white stripes or plain YellowLow beam
Light green or light black/RedHigh beam
Orange stripes with dark greenPassenger side low beam
Green/BlackPassenger side DRL and high beam

These are the standard color codes you need to know; however, the color codes do vary if you choose different headlights, which we will discuss in detail below.

Because of updates and new features, color-code information for the 2007 Dodge Ram headlight wire colors may differ between models. Models introduced in subsequent years, on the other hand, will not change significantly.

Low and High beam and DRL

Low and high beam lights can be both on the driver and passenger sides, and the wire colors will vary.

  • Passenger side: Low beam power is dark green with orange streaks, while high beam and DRL power are pale green or black.
  • Driver side: The low beam is powered by a dark blue cable with white lines—the color code light green or black powers the high beam on the driver’s side headlight.

All Low beam, DRL, and High beam headlights are controlled by 3-4 wires that combine BCM to the side of the main headlights. Because the module transmits a pulsing power supply to LEDs for high beams to lower average voltage, DRL will flash weakly.

Ground Wire

The ground wire is the most common in all truck’s headlights. The color of the ground will always be the same regardless of the model of the car. It will always be black.

Parking lights

Blue with a grey stripe is the color code for the Parking lights. It also aids the headlight’s visibility when in parking mode.

Turning Lights

The color of the wire of the turning light is usually either bright yellow and has orange or green stripes. These wires create a connection to the Right-front and left-front lamps.

Why Knowing Color Codes Necessary?

You have already read about Dodge ram headlight wire color codes. But why is it essential to know the color codes?

  • If you wish to replace any existing faulty headlight, you must know the headlight wire color codes.
  • You’ll need to have the headlight wire color info to connect with certain colored wires for LEDs, HIDs, and other forms of lighting.
  • In case of melted, damaged, and rusty plugs, you should repair or replace them with new wire. To change headlight wiring, you must know the headlight wire color code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it really essential to know the Dodge ram headlight wire color codes? Yes, it is but is that all, or do you need to know something more too. Read below to learn more.

What color is Low Beam wire?

The low beam wire color can vary between different year car models. However, most commonly, the color for low beam wire is Dark blue with white stripes or plain yellow, or it can also be Orange stripes with dark green.

What color are headlight wires?

The light blue front turn signal cable is on the left. The cable for the left rear turn signal is yellow. The right front turn signal cable is dark blue, and the right rear turn signal is dark green wire. The ground is black.

What is the green wire on the headlights?

Light green wire suggests a high beam on the driver side, and dark green suggests a high beam and DRL on the passenger side.


Wiring intricacy and circuit designs have risen as a result of current LED and HID lights and extra functionality such as DRL. As a result of the increased number of wires and interlocks across numerous tasks. Hence you will need comprehensive headlight wire color codes.

Hence as a Dodge Ram user, you must know the Dodge ram headlight wire color codes. Understanding these codes will help you save a lot of money as you will be able to fix any headlight issues by yourself without the help of any professional mechanics.

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