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What Color Antifreeze for Ford F150 You Can Use?

What Color Antifreeze for Ford f150 – A question many ask but know by few. The color of antifreeze is orange in Ford F-150.

Antifreeze is an additive used to lower the freezing point of the liquid. The goal is to attain an end below the freezing mark in cold environments.

They keep the engine safe from temperature, corrosion, and rust. There is yellow, green, and red colored antifreeze available. The antifreeze is blended with water to help with the temperature in cold weather.

What Color Antifreeze for Ford f150?

There are different colors of antifreeze available for Ford F-150 trucks. You have to know which one fits your vehicle correctly. Basically, for ford f-150, an orange color antifreeze is used.

Antifreeze comes in condensed and ready-to-use forms. In the case of concentrated ones, make sure to dilute them before you use them. The concentration is 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water.

The readymade ones are prediluted. You can use them in top-ups or replacements too.

Why is Orange Color Antifreeze used in Ford F150?

The orange-colored antifreeze has many benefits for the vehicle. They work more effectively when compared to the other ones.

They provide complete protection from temperature. The orange antifreeze works more smoothly than the other types of antifreeze. They make sure the cooling system remains cool during hotter temperatures.

The orange antifreeze works against rust corrosion. The colling system is made of metal parts, and it erodes over time. When this happens, the truck will have a system failure. Also, there are a lot of rubber and plastic components in the system, which will melt in case the system starts to overheat.

When the engine starts to overheat, there are a lot of issues that begin to happen. By ensuring the system doesn’t overheat, the antifreeze solves many problems. For instance, overheating causes systems oil to thin down.

How does antifreeze work?

Antifreeze and water make good combustion. Since the water already has coolant properties, the addition creates a strong pairing.

They work in internal combustion engines. They ensure the rigid enclosure doesn’t burst when it expands.

Choosing which antifreeze to put is also challenging work. As there is a wide range of selection, there is also a wide range of results. The temperature range decides the liquid phase in which it will stay. This is important as the heat transfer decides the functioning.

What color antifreeze for the 2012 ford f150?

We weren’t kidding when we said there are a lot of bottles of antifreeze out there. The 2012 ford f-150 takes yellow antifreeze. The Prestone 1 Gallon 50/50, to be more specific.

This antifreeze raises the boiling point of the engine. It prevents overheating and ultimately protects from corrosion.

The cooling system keeps the engine cool. What the antifreeze does is absorb the heat from the engine. It doesn’t allow the water to boil during hot weather.

It also ensures the metal parts in the engine do not corrode and rust. It is recommended to change the antifreeze regularly.

The orange-colored antifreeze lasts longer than the rest of them. So it is economical to use them in the trucks.

When to Replace Antifreeze in Your Ford F150?

The antifreeze should be changed regularly. When you are working with them for a long time, it becomes an instinct to change. But for new ones, it becomes problematic.

When the color of the antifreeze when you see it becomes rusty. The antifreeze has worked against the corrosion, and this is an indicator.

It is recommended to change the current antifreeze every 30000 miles. At first, see for 60,000 miles. From then, make it a regular to change after every 30,000 miles.

It will cost approximately $95 to $155 to change antifreeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color is Ford antifreeze?

The Ford antifreeze color is mainly orange. This is a protection against external corrosion.

What kind of antifreeze does a 2012 f150 take?

The 2012 Ford F-150 takes the Yellow 50/50 antifreeze. It will raise the boiling point of the engine when the time comes so that it doesn’t overheat.

What color does antifreeze for the 2013 ford f150 take?

The 2013 ford F-150 takes the Motorcraft 1 Gallon Orange 50/50 antifreeze.

What coolant does Ford recommend?

The Ford takes Motorcraft coolant. The 50/50 makes sure the vehicle doesn’t get corrosion or freeze.


By now, we know how vital antifreeze is for a truck. Truck maintenance is complex. One needs to know about every detail to keep the vehicle in good condition for a long time.

Antifreeze is an essential part of a truck. There are several kinds of antifreeze, and every type fits a specific engine. This article talked about what color antifreeze is for the Ford f150.

The ford f150 engine reacts and adjusts well to orange antifreeze. The engine functions efficiently and ey keep the temperature down by working against different issues.

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