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How to Remove Cigarette Lighter Socket Ford F150 Without Messing Up

How to Remove Cigarette Lighter Socket Ford F150

There’s no perfect way to take out the cigarette lighter socket on the ford f150. You just need to do some good research and try things after being sure about all the related points to the process. The thing might not be hard if you have the right tools and vehicle owner’s manual.

The cigarette lighter sockets are one of the most useful parts for working lighters and other devices too. To be honest, there are many pain points shared about how to remove cigarette lighter socket ford f150 by the majority of people who have the least idea with automobile repair and stuff.

And, that’s the reason why we have chosen to talk in one effective way, something that you can easily try it on the older and latest versions of the ford f150 at ease. So, Let’s Jump into It!

Removal of Ford F150 Cigarette Lighter Socket

Cigarette lighter sockets are helpful for reducing smoking and other needs as they provide immense power to different devices. And for that, the removal process of the cigarette lighter socket will need a few tools.  

Note: Before going to the steps, stop your truck engine along with the fuse and keep the power away from reaching the cigarette lighter.

In fact, this socket is the reason why the cigarette lighter is working well. To find the issue with the socket, most people look for removing cigarette lighter too. You can also check out how to turn off cigarette lighter in f150 as well if you want to. 

In the case of the ford f150, the cigarette lighter socket removable process is not challenging. Yet, it is suggested by most experts to read the vehicle owner’s manual at first to avoid silly mistakes.

Materials That You’ll Need

  • A Pair of Pliers
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Removal Tool

Remove The Cigarette Lighter Fuse Box

Behind the ford f150 cigarette lighter cover, grab pliers and take out the cigarette lighter fuse. Be sure to check the letters written near the fuse box cover. And, you don’t need gloves to remove the fuse box.

Just try with a screwdriver to take out the fuse box using pressure. And, with your other hand, pull it out of the panel using needle-nose pliers if needed.

Plus, check the fuse diagram inside your vehicle owner’s manual to ensure you are doing the rightly. The fuse of the cigarette lighter is F89 on 2015-2017 ford trucks that control cigar light functions. And, it is F06 and F08 on the 2018-2021 ford truck.

Note: The cigarette lighter of the oldest model of ford f150 is F22.

Fuse NumberAMP RatingProtected Part
F89 (on 2015-2017)F06 & F08 (on 2018-2021)20 ACigarette Lighter  

Check The Fuse Carefully

Try to use a multimeter to verify whether the cigarette lighter fuse is okay or not. If you see the meter is moving, that means the fuse has a current that can’t be touched.

Find The Cigarette Lighter Sockets

Now, it’s time to gather the ford cigarette lighter removal tool that will fit inside the slot of a cigarette lighter. If you see closely, you will see a small hole that needs a good tool to remove it rightly. So, use the special removal tool to take out the cigarette lighter socket.

It would come out quickly If you turn the lighter socket in a clockwise position to loosen it up. After removing the socket from the cigarette lighter, move to the next step.

Detach The Wire Connector

Then, you have to take out the wire connection that is attached to the socket. Try to place the panel in a flat position so that you can easily see where the wires are attached. After that, gently remove the plastic connect at first and then pull it out from the socket.

According to Trucksauthority.com,

Never use excessive force because it can break the socket. It results in the repairing and installment of both devices.

Most sockets that are attached to the ford f150 should pop out by doing that. So, you don’t have to use a tool to remove the cigarette lighter socket from the fuse box. Just hold the end of the socket and let it slide out of the panel toward your hand.  


Don’t touch the electric wires that are connected to the cigarette lighter socket using your bare hand. As it will cause the current to pass through your body and that will create electrical shocks. And, try to test your truck fuse using a multimeter to avoid future loss.

It May Help You Really!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to remove a cigarette lighter socket?

If you are planning to remove or replace a cigarette lighter socket yourself, then it wouldn’t cost you at all. However, getting help from an expert mechanic will cost up to $50 to $100 based on your truck model. As the work isn’t hard, you can pretty easily remove the cigarette lighter socket with no help.

Why does the cigarette lighter in my car not work?

The cigarette lighter in a car will not work if the socket stops working. To find out the reason, you need to confirm that the cigarette lighter fuse is not burned. That means the socket cannot receive the power to serve well. And so, the cigarette lighter is not working rightly.
Another possible thing that causes the cigarette lighter to stop working is the wire problem. For that, check the wire if it is connected rightly or not.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse located?

Well, the cigarette lighter fuse is located inside the fuse box. It should be on the right side of the passenger next to the trim panel. If you’re still unable to find the area of the cigarette lighter fuse, then check the vehicle owner’s manual to find it easily.  

Why would you remove the cigarette lighter from your Ford F150?

The f150 cigarette lighter removal is not that hard if you know the process. Basically, most people look for an f150 12v outlet removal that is a cigarette lighter. The cigarette lighter is 12 volts that can be removed after you take out the socket. 

Wrapping Up

At last, the misery of being not able to remove the cigarette lighter socket ends with this guide. We have tried to explain the method of how to remove cigarette lighter socket ford f150 in a way that even novices will be able to try it, hopefully! If you end up solving the problem yourself then you don’t need to contact a mechanic and spend anything for repair.

The steps are really simple and won’t cost a lot for you to do yourself. However, if the given trick doesn’t help you to remove the cigarette lighter socket, then be sure to get help from experts. Take your time while following the method. Best Of Luck! 

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