Magnaflow Glasspack Vs Cherry Bomb Glasspack Argument!

Magnaflow Glasspack Vs Cherry Bomb

So, have you looked for the best and loudest glasspack that doesn’t disturb your driving mood? In that case, you will find the 2 options that rock in all features and they are: Magnaflow and Cherry Bomb.

Also, that’s where a lot of people get into fights to decide one while comparing these two. Most truck owners will like to have better efficiency, emission, and nice tone of the truck when starting the engine.

And, we know you are also here to know the winner of “Magnaflow glasspack vs Cherry Bomb glasspacks”. In this guide, our main target would be to present in-dept comparison of these 2 options based on their effectiveness and benefits that one would like to have. Are You Ready!

Which One Is a Good Between Magnaflow Glasspack Vs Cherry Bomb Glasspack?

The main difference between Magnaflow and Cherry Bomb is the performance and noise level. You will enjoy the sound using the Magnaflow glasspacks but it lacks in function, unlike others. Then again, you can’t use the Cherry Bomb for a long time yet it boosts HP and MPG.

ParameterMagnaflow GlasspackCherry Bomb Glasspack
PowerAdds for up to 20 HPIncrease 10% horsepower
MaterialAluminized and red-coated steelHigh-quality aluminized steel
MPGNot as good as Cherry BombImproves fuel economy

As both of them have great ability to let the gases (such as fuels, gasoline, diesel, and so on) pass through the central side of mufflers, they perform great to improve the noise of your truck in a different way.

We have seen a lot of users praising both glasspacks as they do great when it comes to the noise. But, the duration of providing decent sound is limited if using the Cherry Bomb due to their short period lifespan.

And, according to most experts, the glasspack muffler will last not more than 5-7 years. So, that wouldn’t be a problem if you are used to it.

On the other hand, The Magnaflow glasspack sound is quite decent that will give a nice racy feel but won’t disturb you at all.

And, the cheap pricing, deep car tones, and increasing emission are some great abilities of it. That’s why some truck users always prefer it over others. Even if it has so many benefits, you will have to face low-performance issues.  

The Magnaflow Glasspack Muffler Gives Deep Noise but Can’t Impact On MPG

As you know, it has an adjustable straight-through outline that is similar to a typical glasspack rumble. This one will not let you down thanks to its stunning sound and affordable range. Let’s meet with its benefits and downsides:


  • Nice construction and design to stand a long period of time.
  • Perform greatly to ensure a good emission system of the engine.
  • Makes deep and rough noise that gives a rush-like riding feel.
  • It is budget-friendly and supportive.


  • It’s terrible when it comes to saving MPG although your truck won’t act differently, just as usual.
  • The installation process of it is quite challenging but can be done rightly with the help of an expert.

The Cherry Bomb Muffler Is Excellent for Performance and Low-Pricing but Don’t Last Long

For anyone who loves to hear the growly noise and wants to see the rise of HP in the truck, then it is the best option to try. This one has great facilities that would awe you. Now, take a close look at its good and bad sides to know in detail:


  • Works fine to improve the speed and engine performance in a good way.
  • Its throaty noise will be fine for adventure lovers.
  • Helps vastly to improve truck working ability by lessening backpressure.
  • We love its great ability to add MPG that helps to save fuel.


  • It doesn’t last for a good period.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Cherry Bombs get louder over time?

The answer to that question would be both yes and no. Basically, the Cherry Bomb is designed to ensure no issue of noise and adds a truck emission system when operating. However, it may make louder sounds if this glasspack is used for a longer period of time.

And also, it’s a common behavior of the exhaust system parts such as glasspack to make noises when it gets older.

Are glasspack mufflers loud?

It’s true all glasspack mufflers will make noise, but most of the time the sound is like a whisper and pleasant. As most owners want their trucks to violent and hostile sounds, they work their best to provide that.

Also, the glasspacks are made out of fiberglass and other materials that help to make a roar-like sound but don’t give a headache.

Sometimes, the loud sound of the truck might be because of different reasons such as a cam phaser. If that’s the case, be sure to check how to quiet cam phaser noise to solve that.

What’s a glasspack do?

The glasspack is a part of the exhaust system that stands on the middle of the muffler to ensure easy passing of gases through it. With this, your truck will run better without making a terrible or blast-like sound.

Not only that it has a simple and old outline to use but also ensures good transferring of natural fuels, petrol, and other diesel. This part also helps to improve the truck emission system.

Is a Cherry Bomb glasspack legal?

If you don’t void the period or lifetime of the Cherry Bomb glasspacks on the truck, then it’s totally okay to use. However, it is illegal in the UK and some cities of America due to the loud noise and straight pipes.

Even if there’s no law enforcement agency confirming that using the glasspack is illegal in the US, so you can use it but be sure to change it if it makes bad noises.

Does glasspack increase MPG?

No, probably not! You’ll never see any improvement in the mileage or fuel spending even if using the glasspack. The only benefit you can get from it is the aggressive sound (that is not loud) and better working of the emission system.

As it is an inexpensive way to give a husky and strong exhaust note, you won’t find any changes to the HP, MPG, or torque after starting the engine except for a few ones.

Wrap Up

Magnaflow glasspack vs Cherry Bomb glasspack argument is still a very hard-to-decide topic as both rocks in their individuality. The main purpose of them is similar but they have different effects that make both good based on what you desire.

Basically, the Magnaflow glasspack is a standard pick for anyone who wants affordable, 10% extra HP, and MPG benefits. However, it may give some bad experiences as the installation will be hard to deal with for DIYers.

On the other hand, the Cherry Bomb glasspack is a killer choice if you want a wide range of benefits in one pack. It will help your truck to make a mature sound and ensure improved engine emission, power, and performance.

Not to mention its ease of installation and affordability that makes people want it more. But, it may not be a good option if you prefer lifelong glasspacks. So, if you ask us for our opinion, we would like to put the crown on the Cherry Bomb due to its nice sound and performance.

Hope this guide helped you a little bit to let you choose the best for yourself between these 2 glasspacks. Now, It’s Time To Bid Farewell. Till Then, Good Bye!

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