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Willing To F150 Seat Swap? Explore Our Experts Guide Now!

Which year Ford is suitable for f150 seat swap? It can seem challenging, but you can find your suitable seat upgrades from the nearest successor or predecessor year models.

Here, we have discussed almost every year model seat suggestions for Ford F150 seat. Ford trucks are unquestionably tough, but the Ford F-150 seats are extremely comfortable.
So, let’s explore!

F150 Seat Swap

The f150 seats are made by carefully researching and checking to get the finest design for lower back assistance and neck assistance while you tilt the seat backward. They can be folded almost 180° flat while still constituting your body’s outlines, so you do not wake up uncomfortably.

Still, Ford F-150 seats can wear out over time, and you need to swap them. Swapping an F-150 seat can be a difficult task, but we have come here to make it an easy one for you.

Let’s commence with different year basis seat swap discussions.

1980 Ford F150 Seat Swap

Some people want to replace the bench seat with bucket seats f150. If you have a 1980’s series Ford F-150 regular cab and want to put newer F-150 bucket seats into it, then you need to do a lot of difficult tasks. Generally, any 1980’s to 1996’s series Ford F-150 bench seats will be a bolt-in fit in a 1980’s series Ford F-150 regular car.

But bucket seats will need a little drilling of the floor pan in a 1980’s series Ford F-150 regular car. You also need to do a lot of welding and grinding to put newer F-150 bucket seats into a 1980’s series Ford F-150 regular cab.

1997 Ford F150 Seat Swap

Some people want to change their solid bench seat of 97 03 f150 seat swap to something more comfortable. They want to put the bucket seats from a 97 F150 XLT Supercab and replace their solid bench seats. In this case, it should be a direct bolt-in.

You might require some additional bolts as the bench just bolts on the exterior of the bench and not anything in the center. The bolt holes will be situated in the floor, and they contain a rubber plug that fills them. They are not threaded but not required to tap them. This is because factory bolts are self-tapping and will create threads as you go.

The workers on the assembly lines do similar stuff, only spin the bolt to install the bucket seats. There are just four mounting bolts for the bench seat, but the bucket seat has eight or ten mounting bolts. You will need to cut the vinyl properly for changing the bench seat to bucket seat.

When you install the bucket seat, you will need four-floor bolts for the center console, in addition to brackets, and two smaller bolts for the back of the console to the bracket. You need to keep in mind that the console and the passenger-side seat are one unit, whereas the driver-side seat is a different unit. You are not required to disassemble the console; you will be installing it accompanied by the passenger seat.

2014 Ford F150 Seat Swap

Some people have 2014’s F-150, Regular Cab STX, that came with a 40/20/40 style seat. The back or top of the middle seat of this truck does not have cup holders or a console as well-armed trucks have. Like those people, if you have this truck, you can add the center seat with the cup holders and console in it. In this case, this seat can easily be replaced with a seat that has cup holders.

This is because all the seats are the same. However, when you want to swap out the seat for a console, that might be a little difficult, and you need to get innovative to do that.

With the 2014 F150, Regular Cab STX, you need to remove one of the other seats, or both to access the bolts. It will require ten minutes to remove it from the back seat and pull it through that way.

Yet, it should not take long if you need to take out other seats. You can remove the maximum of the internal part of your truck out to put your sub box behind the front seats. Also, you can only pull the driver’s seat and the interior bolts from the passenger seat and pull it all out the driver’s side.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add power seats to a ford f150?

Yes, you can add a power seat to a Ford f150. To do that, firstly, remove the manual frame from your Ford f150 seat. Then, remove the power seat frame from the power seat. Install your Ford f150 seat to the power frame assembly, a few mods might be required. The power seat frame might bolt in differently also, and for that, a few mods might be required.

Can I add cooled seats to my f150?

Yes, you can add cooled seats to your ford f150 truck. You first remove the bottom cushion with ducted foam. Then, add the duct panel. After that, add the blower motor. But here you may face issues with the wiring of the blower motor, as many complained. You need to check if the wiring harness for the heated seats is different from the heated or cooled seats and whether you need a switch or not.

Can you get an f150 with a bench seat?

Yes, you can get a Ford F-150 with a bench seat. The 2020 f150 series is available in 3 cab styles. They are Regular Cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew. Regular Cab styles have seats for 3 passengers with the standard front bench seat. SuperCab and SuperCrew styles offer seating for 6 passengers with a front bench seat.

Final Cut

Whether you want to do the Ford f150 seat swap 2004 series or swap any other Ford truck series seats, it can be a difficult task. It can be a more difficult task when you don’t know how to do it. To remove your difficulties, we have covered all the things you need to know about the f150 seat swap in this article.

You may want to change the look of your old 1980’s series f150 regular cab by changing its solid bench seats or making your seats more comfortable. Whatever the reason is, this article has covered all the aspects of swapping your Ford F-150 seats. We are hopeful that now you can easily swap your Ford F-150 seats.

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