275 55R20 Vs 275 65R20 Tires – Learn The Basic Differences!

275 55R20 Vs 275 65R20 Tires

We often see the number 275 55R20 or 275 65R20 on different tire treads. Have you ever wondered why manufacturers put these weird-looking numbers on their tires? And why would these numbers matter in terms of picking a tire? All tire companies put a specific number on the tire tread to indicates the width, aspect ratio, construction method, and suitable wheel diameter. And there’s much more to this number story.

Let’s try to talk a bit more about it today along with breaking dome excellent points on the whole 275 55R20 vs 275 65R20 saga. Are You Ready?

275 55R20 Vs 275 65R20 Tires- See The Gist!

Info275 55R20275 65R20Difference
Diameter31.91 Inches34.07 Inches6.8%
Width10.83 Inches10.83 Inches0%
Circumference100.25 Inches107.05 Inches6.8%
Sidewall Height5.95 Inches7.04 Inches18.2%
Revolutions Per Mile632.04 Kilometer591.88 Kilometer-6.4%

What Does the Number Means on The Tire Tread?

Let’s start by explaining the numbers meaning. In the case of the ‘275’ number, it indicates how wide is a 275 tire. Usually, the tire width is showed in a millimeter unit.

Now, if talking about the 65 or 55 number, it actually means the aspect ratio. To make it clear, the aspect ratio of tires is always counted in percentage. So, the number means your tire tread has a 55% or 65% of aspect ratio.

To put it another way, the tire’s sidewall height is 55% or 65% of the overall width. In most cases, the 65% aspect ratio indicates your tire’s sidewall height is around 178 millimeters.

It’s not wise to choose a tire without learning about the letter shown in the tire tread. On most of the tires, you will see the letter R which means Radial. And also, it is an average construction method that most brands use to sell tires.

FYI, 99% of the most company makes tire tread in R construction method for user safety. Other than that, there are B and D construction methods that some brands employ when making tires. And, both of them mean Bais Belt and Diagonal.

Next to the letter, you will see another number that means rims or wheels compatible size. For instance, if you see the number 20, it actually means the size of wheels that you can use on your tire.

Now How Does This Tire Aspect Ratio Matter?

Before we head to the 275 55R20 vs 275 65R20, it is very important that you know why aspect ratio is important in tires. The aspect ratio is a simple calculation of tire sidewall in percentage. And, the total amount of aspect ratio is counted from rim’s edge to tire’s tread.

According to ZigWheels.com,

The aspect ratio of a tyre is represented by a percentage that indicates the height of the tyre, from bead to tread, in relation to the width of the tyre. For example, if the aspect ratio is 45 then it means that the height of the sidewall of a tyre is 45 percent of its width in measurement. Eg; 205/45 R16 83 V, in this case, the aspect ratio of the tyre is 45 percent.

In the case of the aspect ratio, it may affect your driving performance on rough or bumpy terrains. The lower aspect ratio of a tire will support lateral stability and improves vehicle handling. But it may lack cushion comfort and suspension due to vibration. 

Then again, you will comfortably drive over bumps or cracks with the higher aspect ratio tires. However, it may lack cornering and handling. Also, the tire will provide quality riding and balance no matter how higher or lower the aspect ratio is. 

275 55R20 And 275 65R20 Tires- Comparing Key Features

Holding great differences from the performance to the stability, the debate of 275 55R20 vs 275 65R20 tires is still a hot topic. Based on real-life experience, most users find both of these tires good for certain purposes.

All in all, the 275 65R20 tire is quite larger compared to 275 55R20. Due to the sidewall width, both tires make an impact on different riding styles and environments. Overall, the main thing that poles them apart is the aspect ratio.

Comfort Of Riding

When it comes to riding comfort of both 275 55R20 and 275 65R20 tires, they give different stability and support. In the case of 275 55R20 tires, they usually have smaller width of the sidewall that suits SUVs, vans, and other trucks.

Sadly, most users of 275 55R20 tires express the struggle of low traction and air pressure for riding comfort. Even if they do well to support or run over uneven terrains, the 275 55R20 lacks increase footing.

On the other hand, the 275 65R20 tire size is higher which suits most of the high-quality and luxury trucks. As they have wider sidewalls, most users love them for comfortable riding. In fact, some users find the standard for balanced and regular riding thanks to their air pressure.

Not to mention the traction of 275 65R20 tires is better compared to its rival. And also, they ensure low resistance. This is one of the main reasons why people who are new to choosing tires go with the 275 65R20 to suits their regular riding style.


Based on the dry, wet, and winter conditions, the 275 55R20 and 275 65R20 tires vary in performance. let’s start with the good-performing tires that are 275 55R20. They are actually perfect for handling and cornering support.

Most users of the 275 55R20 tires find them suitable for dry, wet, and wintery performance. And, their handling of them is excellent for long or short-distance riding. Amazingly enough, they save extra fuel consumption.

Then again, the 275 65R20 tires are good for their excellent traction. And yes, the 275 65R20 tires have strong treadwear support. But, they perform average on dry, wet, or winter conditions due to their wider sidewalls.

Plus, they cause trucks to spend more fuel due to the need for higher rolling resistance. A few people also face friction while using them. 

But they have bad handling and cornering support on rough terrains. And for that reason, the 275 55R20 gives smooth controlling and steering support thanks to its narrow sidewall.

Vibration And Noise Issues

The 275 55R20 tires have a low aspect ratio and less suspension support that cause users to face vibration. As they lack in protecting the tread from shake, most users find them loud compared to the 275 65R20 tires.

Coming to its competitor, the 275 65R20 tires have a higher aspect ratio that gives cushion comfort from both vibration and noise struggle. Not only do they let users drive smoothly but also stop making irksome noise.

Based on most user’s experience, the 275 65R20 tires will be a better choice to get rid of noise and vibration thanks to their air pressure.

This May Help You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What rims fit 275 65R20 tires?

Theoretically, they will suit different rim widths depending on the 20 inches of height. Most tires have specific requirements of narrow or wider rims based on the overall diameter. In that case, you have 2 rim widths that fit * 275 65R20 tires perfectly. And, they are
* 20-inch rim height x 8.5-inch rim width.
* 20-inch rim height x 8-inch rim width.

How much air pressure should be in a 275 55R20 tire?

The air pressure of 275 55R20 tires is standard based on riding conditions. They have higher tire load capacity with a specific index to bear pressure. According to most users, the 275 55R20 tires have 30-40 PSI or 248 kPa max air pressure.  

What rims fit 275 55R20 tires?

As you know, the tire sizes are designed to fit into a specific rim height and width. Similarly, the 275 55R20 tires won’t be able to fit wide or narrow rims. Here are 3 rim sizes that fit them well:
* 20-inch rim height x 8.5-inch rim width.
* 20-inch rim height x 9-inch rim width.
* 20-inch rim height x 8-inch rim width.

Wrapping Up

And that’s pretty much all you have to know about the 275 55R20 vs 275 65R20 case. We’re sure now that you look at both of the number terms, it does not seem to you like a random figure thrown out just like that. Because both of these are actually pretty serious things to consider when trying to determine tires. These are just a smart way to combine some really important information about a tire so that anyone can get an idea from it.

On that note, we are taking your permission to leave. See You on Another Fun But Informative Discussion Soon.

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