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[A to Z Guide] How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford

How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford

If you are struggling and don’t know how to reset ambient temperature sensor ford then you just entered the right place. This sensor might be a new term for some. It’s basically one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle’s whole temperature segment. Rides won’t be comfortable without this sensor working properly. And so, when it needs a reset or even a replacement, you should be able to do that without making any mistakes.

Symptoms are often what makes the thing clear, that your vehicle’s sensor in charge of temperature is facing the problem. And from that point, it’s best to look for a solution instantly and give it a try.

We will be giving some basic tips relevant to the sensor and then break down the whole resetting matter. Sometimes the reset changes nothing and that’s when a replacement is the best next thing to do. So, we will include the replacement process shortly as well. Keep On Reading…

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford – Easy Tricks

Have you found your truck AC not giving enough cooling? Or does your truck climate screen show the wrong temperature data? This is a common issue that shows your truck’s ambient temperature sensor is faulty. For that, it needs reset or replacement.

Resetting the ambient temperature sensor on Ford requires patience and time to do rightly.

Ford trucks have different series such as Lincoln, Ranger, F-150, and so on. It would be best if you follow the right reset or replacement plan that fits your truck model. Also, learn about some easy tips that will help you when resetting ambient temperature sensor in a good way:

Find The Sensor

To reset or replace, you need to know where is the ambient temperature sensor usually mounted on Ford.

Usually, it is located inside the bumper. If you unlock the bumper, it should be on the middle or left sides. Since an ambient temperature sensor needs to read outside climate, it is located in the front side.

Get All Necessary Tools

Makes sure to grab well-working tools before heading to the resetting or replacing process. Try using tools that are strong and effective to do the job well.

Grab 2 screwdrivers that have good strength to work well.

You can also get a screwdriver from online stores based on people’s reactions to pick the best one. So, use tools that are worthy and efficient.

Clean The Sensor

When it comes to resetting the ambient temperature sensor on Ford, start by cleaning it. Sometimes a dirty sensor can cause no communication to the climate screen.

Before you waste your energy on the steps, try cleaning the sensor and then check whether it need reset or not. To clean rightly, use a dry rag or cloth to dirt-free the ambient temperature sensor.

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Resetting Ambient Temperature Sensor on Ford

Does your Ford AC mode react weirdly? It indicates the ambient temperature sensor loses the ability to connect with the climate screen to show the right output. This type of issue can be fixed if you readjust the sensor system.

The reset of the ambient temperature sensor gives consistent cooling and outcome.

In general, it is a sensor that helps truck AC systems to flow air based on the outside climate. If you want to know how to reset ambient temperature sensor Ford, then start following the given steps.

Step-1: Start Your Ford Truck

First off, turn on your Ford truck using your remote. You will need the truck to be operated to reset the Ford ambient temperature sensor ideally. Be sure every part on your Ford truck is stable. Just press the remote start button 2 times to start fine.

Step-2: Change Gear To Drive

Next, you need to change your gear shift to D which indicates Drive. This way we find it very easy to continue the resetting process faster and faultlessly. To do so, you only need to set the gear shift to the D and hop to the next step as fast as possible.

Step-3: Press AC & Max AC Button Together

It’s time to start the real process for resetting the ambient air temperature sensor. To do that, hold the AC and Max AC button at the same time for a few seconds. It would be better if you press them for 2 seconds nonstop.

Makes sure there is no click noise when you are holding these buttons on your climate screen. If you do so, the reset process won’t activate.

After that, we have pressed the AC button for not more than 2 seconds. Now, wait for some time to ensure recalibrate. And, it will directly reset the ambient temperature sensor. We find this trick very helpful to reset faster.

Pro Tips: If the following process doesn’t solve the AC working issue on Ford, then replace the Ambient temperature sensor.

How To Replace Ambient Temperature Sensor?

Replacing ambient temperature sensors is not that hard if followed rightly. Besides, the ambient temperature sensor price isn’t expensive to fit the new one. So, take all the items and go into direct steps.

Replacing the ambient temperature sensor will result in AC function new-like improvement.

Required Tools:

  • Ford Truck
  • New Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • 2 Screwdrivers
  • Cleaning Rag
  • Safety Equipment

Take Out the Battery

The first thing you need to do is to remove the battery from Ford. Makes sure the truck is not operated. We have done this step by wearing shockproof gloves to avoid mishaps. This way you can avoid electric negative impact.

Remove The Wires & Screws

After that, we have taken out the bumper of the Ford truck. Then, remove all the wires attached to the sensor. Try to twist the wires to take them out safely. Also, we find plastic clips that help them to loosen out easily.

Next, you need to take out all the screws that are attached to Ford parts. Once you have done removing the wires, set them in different directions to avoid accidents.

Disconnect The Sensor

Then, we have taken out the sensor and kept them in a safe place. Basically, it may need a screwdriver to twist them safely. Just grab 2 screwdrivers on both hands and twist the sensor by holding it tightly. Keep the bracket in place to attach the new one easily.

Install The New Sensor

Now, it’s time for a real ambient temperature sensor replacement process. Fit the new sensor on the bracket using your hand. We find the screwdriver trick useful to attach the new one at ease. Makes sure you have twisted the sensor using screwdrivers.

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Attach The Wires & Screws

Next, insert all the screws that you have detached a few whiles ago. We used a screwdriver to attach them rightly. Then, fit all the wires just like you have removed them before. Makes sure to fit all the parts that need to access the sensor.

We also fit the battery that has been detached in the beginning process. Then, reconnect the negative terminal of the battery rightly to finish the steps.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Wrap Up

Now that you have learned all the steps with cool tricks of how to reset ambient temperature sensor Ford. Getting a bad response or false temperature shows your truck temperature sensor is in bad condition.

It would be a great headache if the AC system doesn’t act well when in need. This will give a painful experience if you ride a truck on a daily basis.

Luckily, there is a way to reset the ambient temperature sensor on Ford trucks which you can try to fix issues faster. Our given method is easy and safe to try. And, the process is efficient to restore the temperature reading and accessing ability at ease. Hope It Goes Well!

If you are noticing a bad acceleration or slow idling of the engine, then don’t forget to check how to reset throttle position sensor ford. Be quick to look for solutions whenever there are bad symptoms that your vehicle may be showing recently.

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