Why is My GMC Voice Command Not Working in the Car? Quick Fix

So, your GMC voice command not working? The main issue might be that there’s too much noise in the background, or the system isn’t upgraded. 

Have you just bought a GMC truck and faced a voice command issue? You aren’t alone in this. Many GMC owners complained that the voice command was working at first, but after a period, they were facing voice recognition, unknown command error, and many other problems.

Even so, there may be other reasons working behind the problem. We’ve analyzed all the issues and came up with some full-proof solutions that even your dealer can’t provide. Let’s get to it. 

GMC Voice Command Not Working: Possible Reasons & Solutions

Modern cars all come with voice command technology. You can make phone calls, give massages, start music from a playlist, and even ask for directions. GMS voice commands aren’t different either. 

With a push of the button, you can easily access this system. However, people often face different voice command errors here. Are you one of them?

Below you’ll find all the possible issues and their solutions. Try them out, and you’ll definitely see the positive outcome: 

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Voice command not respondingReset the system or update it.
Not understanding the voice CommandChange to a foreign language then back to English
Phone Call Command ErrorChange the Contact name, Delete similar contacts, remove emojis from the contact name.
Unrecognizable voiceCheck Background Noise and voice clearance.
Music command errorUnpair the phone then pair it again
Issue with the navigation SystemUpdate the maps

These are all the possible issues you might face in the voice command system. Now Let’s see why your GMC terrain voice command not working and solutions in detail: 

Voice Command not Responding 

One of the most common problems in the voice command system is that it stops working altogether. The system might have been doing just fine at the beginning. However, after a few months, the system may stop following any of your commands. 

However, it isn’t that serious. There might be a glitch in the command system. Just reboot GMC IntelliLink and you’re all set.

Now then, what is GMC IntelliLink? It’s your car’s inbuilt system that connects your phone with the vehicle entertainment system. 

Follow these simple steps to reboot the GMC IntelliLink system: 

  • Go to the GMC IntelliLink home screen  
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • You’ll find the ‘Return to Factory Settings’ option. Press that.
  • When you press, you’ll get three choices:
  • Restore the Vehicle Settings, 
  • Clear All the Private Data, 
  • Restore Radio Settings. 

Choose the ‘Restore Vehicle Settings’ option. And, select continue. 

After a while, the system will be rebooted, and you’ll see the home screen. This should solve the major chevy voice commands not working issue. 

Not Understanding the Voice Command

Another issue you might encounter is the system to follow or ignore your commands.

Don’t reset the GMC IntelliLink here. This is a minor issue. One simple step will solve it. 

What you can do here is:

Go to the language setting > Change it to foreign language > Change it back to English

If you’re facing this for the first time, we’d suggest you restart the car. After that, press the voice command button till you hear a beep sound.

Sometimes, not pressing the button long enough for the system to activate properly, might just be the reason here.

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Phone Call Command Error

Sometimes your voice command may not respond to a call request or show an error code or unrecognizable numbers and symbols on the screen. This happens if you have any emoji beside the contact name or have a duplicate contact number. 

Fix the contact name on your phone. And Voila. 

Unrecognizable Voice

If your GMC Acadia voice command is not working or recognizing your voice, it might be due to excess noise or hoarseness.

If the system can’t clearly pinpoint your voice, it won’t work. Clear your voice and any background noise while giving the command. 

Music Command Error 

Sometimes the system may not respond to your command regarding any song. Here the only solution is to unpair your phone. Either disconnect the Bluetooth from the setting or ask Siri or Google Assistant to do it for you. 

After that, pair the entertainment system again with the phone via Bluetooth. 

Issues with The Navigation System 

Navigation is probably the most used feature in the GMC IntelliLink system. If the voice command can’t activate properly, this will indeed cause a lot of hassle during your ride.

See if there’s any pending update in your phone or car’s system. Keep the navigation up to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my voice command working?

The best fix for this is to reset the voice command of your car. If it’s not a permanent problem, unpair the phone and pair it again. It’ll be fixed.

How do I set up voice commands in my car?

Pair your car’s entertainment system with your phone to set up voice commands. Here is how you do it :
Turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone.
Touch the “Phone” icon in your car’s entertainment screen, select Add phone or pair device option.
Then select your phone’s Bluetooth name. 
Now SIRI or Google Assistant voice command should work on your car. 

What does the voice command button look like?

You need to hold the voice command button for a minute or so for the voice command to activate. You will find it on the steering wheel. The voice command button or push-to-talk button looks like a frequency is coming out of a small person’s head.


If you’re here by now, you should know why your GMC voice command not working and how you can fix the issue. Many GMC users face similar problems with their voice commands. So, you don’t have to worry about any system damage. 

You can easily fix all your voice command problems with the discussed methods. Whether it’s a problem with music, navigation, error command, or unrecognizable voice, we’ve pointed out a solution to each problem.

Give them a try carefully. Peace!

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