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Not Sure About Ford F250 Tail Light Wire Colors? (Now You Will!)

 Ford F250 Tail Light Wire Colors

You don’t have to dwell on any frustration of not understanding the Ford f250 tail light wire colors matter anymore. Because finally, we have decided to do something about it.

Understanding the colors of these wires that play an important role in many purposes, that you might be needing to serve, is key to doing things in a better way.

And so, we have made up our mind to explain the stuff briefly for anyone needing some guideline with this specific thing. Keep Reading…

Uncovering The Ford F250 Tail Light Wire Colors, Pins, & Their Functions

Determining the f250 tail light wires is easy if you check the diagram or manual. But most can’t find the identification of the wires due to indistinct artwork in the manual. Another reliable way to determine the wires can be done if you check the shade of them and pin type.

Here’s a table of ford f250 tail light wiring color code to give you a clear idea of each part functions: 

Ford F250 Tail Light PartsPin TypeColor Code
Left Turn (Passenger Side) Signal / Brake WirePin 1Light Green/ Orange 
Right Turn (Driver Side) Signal / Brake Wire Pin 2Orange / Light Blue
License & Park Light / Tail WirePin 4Brown
Reverse Light WirePin 5Black / Pink
Ground WirePin 6Black
CHMSL Wire (If included) – Green

The given chart might not be wholly helpful to you so we are going to illustrate the wire colors of ford f250 tail light diagram. Plus, you’ll find untold tricks that help locate each cable at ease. Let’s see them together.

image 7

For your information, the tail light wire contains 7 pins where the 3rd pin is inactive.

Let’s go deep into the wiring connections of the f250 tail light to the 4-wire trailer connector:

  1. Left turn signal or brake wire to pin-1 (Yellow-color wire).
  2. Right turn signal or brake wire to pin-2 (Green-color wire).
  3. License & park light or tail wire to pin-4 (brown-color wire).
  4. A reverse light wire connects separately on the left and right connectors.
  5. Ground wire to pin-6 (white-color wire).
  6. CHMSL aka center high mounted stop lamp wire to light blue wire.

Ground (Negative) Wire

At the back of the tail light, you’ll see a black wire which connects to the f250 truck ground. And, this wire is the ‘negative’ or ‘ground’ wire.

Even if nearly all f250s tail light’s ground wires are black, some of them can also be black with yellow stripe, green, or orange in shade. This wire is connected to the truck’s and tailer’s ground point.

License & Park Light Wire

Seeing all the wires at the rear side of the tail light might confuse you to determine the license and park light wire which is mostly in brown shade. It is connected to the truck’s wiring harness on f250 and tailer’s taillight.

Reverse Light Wire

Attached to the truck’s backup circuit and backup light of the trailer, the reverse light wire is always pink or black.

In a 4-way, 5-way, or 6-way trailer, this wire is not included. The reverse light is set under the dash in the f250.

Left & Right Turn Signal Wires

Most people get into puzzles to determine the left and right turn signal wires since all of them are being attached together. Now, their color does differ in f250 trucks.

  • The left turn signal or brake wire is light green or orange. And it directly connects to the rear light (left) with a splice and another wire to feed the #1 fuse to illuminate when hitting the blinker switch.
  • The right turn signal or brake wire is orange or light blue. To locate this wire, it will be attached under the truck.


Above the rear window, the CHMSL aka Center High Mount Stop Light wire is mostly green in shade.

It is also known as an extra ‘Hotwire. To find this wire, take out the driver’s side step plate under the hood.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you identify a tail light wire?

Well, by using a circuit tester, you can discover the tail light wires in the ford f250 at ease. It does help when a driver can’t identify by wire colors or functions.

What is tail light?

It is a warning light that shines when you press the blinker switch located near the steering wheel. The tail light is always illuminated in red that can be seen from the backside of the truck. And, a lot of people call it a taillamp.

How do tail lights work?

The tail light basically works due to 2 aspects which are fuses and wires. Both of them signal the truck to operate when a person uses the switch of it. And, the tail light and headlight are wired together to beam easily.

Wrapping Up

And that should be all. Along with the Ford f250 tail light wire colors and other stuff related to it, we also tried answering the most commonly asked questions of years. What do you think now? Do you find this matter better and less confusing than before? We really hope so.

However, if it still makes you wonder about a couple of stuff, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional personally. They should be able to give you a more specific guideline and answer of whatever exactly you are looking for.

Good luck on that and we’ll be leaving for today only with the promise to be back with lots of other fabulous informative pieces, soon!

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