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Ford Sync Volume Control Not Working? Why & How to Fix

Whyisthe Ford sync volume control not working? The volume knob becomes unresponsive when the fuse has worn out. Then how can you find that? Pretty easy!

Every time you sync your radio, there will be no audio. But what if you get a “0” notification every time you turn up the volume? In such cases, the main problem lies within the DSP power.

The condition of the volume sensor worsens with time. It is badly required to be controlled with the control unit on the steering. A journey without a radio is very boring and lonely.

So let’s get deeper into the roots of the problem to make your journey more enjoyable and enthusiastic with music.

Ford Sync Volume Control Not Working

Ford must put great concern into the pre-installed volume system of their car. Though syncing the radio with your iPhone or iPad takes a few seconds, it does not get any sound out. The problem is not in your phone. Because if you look at your phone screen, it says that the music is “playing.”

You can either get your volume system checked by a mechanic or look for the problem by yourself.

If you prefer the latter, we are here to guide you with some probable causes and possible solutions. Firstly, most volume control errors start with a worn-out fuse or a dead battery.

Better check that first! Moreover, the problem might lie in the amplifier, loose amp connectors, bad disc slot, problematic volume knob, damaged radio, and others.

The issues you will face when the volume system is not working are-

  • No audio after syncing your phone or Bluetooth system with the radio
  • Volume goes up when you turn the volume down
  • Too sensitive volume control panel on the steering wheels
  • Slow and idle syncing process
  • Lastly, a lonely journey without music and sounds.
Probable CausesBest Possible Solution
Worn-out fuseReinstall a new fuse
Dead batteryReplace the old battery with a new one
Failed syncing processTry the “master reset.”
Backdated software modelUpgrade to the new software model
Radio volume knob not workingClean and reinstall the volume knob

However, did you know that Ford sync black screen of death issue fixing is not that tough anymore.

Problem-1: Worn-out Fuse

A burnt or worn-out fuse hinders the passage of electricity. It disconnects the circuit. So the power runs out easily. A malfunctioning fuse is one of the prime causes of the slow volume syncing process.

You can easily detect the fuse problem by seeing the dim light facilities, radio not turning on, or faulty climate control facilities.

 The best way to get rid of the problem is to reinstall a new fuse. But the selection of the fuse is a bit overwhelming. To get the best and most compatible fuse, its size and permitted amp must be equal to the original one.

Problem-2: Dead Battery

Is the battery of the volume control system dead? Have you checked it? This is also another common reason behind the Ford radio volume problems.

The battery voltage and power gradually proceed to zero with use. You would be unable to volume up the speaker if the battery runs low. And when it is completely dead, the speaker can’t turn it on after synchronization.

Replacing the dead battery is the only solution in this case. But do not forget to look for any lost connection or wirings in the battery while reinstalling.

Problem-3: Failed Syncing Process

In addition to fuse and battery problems, a failed syncing problem results in no volume output from the ford radio. To check the syncing error, turn off your cell phone, delete the existing sync and try again.

If this does not work, try master resetting the gadget. You should always save the important files and information and contact another place because master resetting will remove the message, contacts, and other files from the phone, leaving only a factory version of it.

You can perform the process from the phone setting. Once the reset is done, try again to sync your phone to the car’s volume system properly.

Problem-4: Backdated Software Model

With time the software is continuously being updated. So, with the old software version, you would be able to run the latest feature. But how can you know that you are running an old version?

From time to time, users will get notifications on software up-gradation. Do not ignore them! Running the old version makes the volume control system slow and creates impairment while syncing.

This problem mainly arises when you are syncing the ford’s volume control system with an upgraded smartphone. You can simply click on the ‘downloaded sync update” and follow their instructions.

Problem-5: Radio Volume Knob Not Working

At the end of our list, we have an issue related to the radio volume knob. The radio volume knob does not work properly when it is stuck, and there are faulty wirings, damaged internal speakers, and many more. Dust and dirt gather on the knob and limit its function.

It is not so tough to do a Ford radio volume knob fix. Start by cleaning the years-old dust and dirt. If the speaker is damaged, then completely remove the old volume knob and reinstall a new one. Keep in mind one thing; the new volume knob model should be the exact carbon copy of the factory-installed model.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to adjust the volume on Ford sync?

You can adjust the volume from the press settings. Select the volume adjustment button and click on it. Then set your desired volume and voice tones.

How do I turn up the volume on sync?

It is pretty similar to the volume adjustment process from the above. Apart from trying on the ford press settings, you can also try increasing the volume on your phone or other devices. It will automatically increase volume on the sync car or truck.

How do I adjust the volume on my Ford sync navigation?

To increase or decrease the volume of the navigation notification, find the navigation setting and press the volume intensity button. That way, you can manually increase or decrease the volume.

Final Verdict

Did any of the mentioned problems match your current situation? Well, these are not the only reasons why your Ford sync volume control not working. So if the problem is not solved after following this troubleshooting guide, it is better to see a mechanic.

Changing the damaged fuse and dead battery is easy. It is also cost-effective when you are doing this simple task by yourself. Keeping these aside, you should always check the condition of the speaker and radio in your Ford car. So best wishes are for you to uproot your volume adjustment problems in ford.

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