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[All in One] Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade- How & Why?

You might be thinking about some upgrades to do to your ford super duty f150, and the steering box seems like the first one that needs attention. And if that’s what the scene is, today we have something more than interesting waiting in this guide.

Yap, we have finally come up with enough resources to share about the ford super duty steering box upgrade, almost everything you need to know.

So, keep aside the next few minutes as this will take a little time to complete but you won’t be disappointed!

Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade

There are a few things that need to be covered for someone who has absolutely no idea about the steering box matter but needs to go for an upgrade. Starting off with the basics

Basics Of the Steering Box Upgrades

Obviously, the first question that can come to your mind is exactly what is steering gearbox. This is basically something that comes with gears having the power to make the driver’s steering inputs transmission.

And the information goes to the steering linkage, which then can allow the wheels to turn or rotate. The steering changes also get multiplied with it. So that, the movements of the front wheels is more than the steering wheel itself.

Now let’s move on to how exactly one can upgrade super duty steering box

How to Make Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade

And at this segment, we will tell you how to upgrade super duty steering box. This will not take you more than an hour or so. However, it would depend on the level of expertise you’ve got in dealing with such swap and automobile projects.

Here are the steps to follow

The first step on steering box upgrade is making things safe enough for you to work on the swap without worries. You need to find a flat surface where you can part the ford. Then make sure to apply the parking brake. You also need a jack for bringing the truck’s front side upwards. Make sure the jack is right beneath the frame.

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Next, you’ll need to find the steering box. And the ford super duty steering box location is on the frame of the driver’s side. You need to use a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket for holding the pitman’s arm to the steering box for unbolting the bolt.

The puller should fit inside the pitman’s arm. Use the ratchet and socket for tightening it. Move towards the other side of the steering box and there you must unbolt the intermediate shaft of the steering column. Again, use the ratchet and socket for this.

You shall see a few lines are running towards the steering box. Use a line wrench for removing these power steering lines. Then you will need an open-end wrench as well as the ratchet for the previous size for unbolting the frame attached steering box.

Be careful while pulling it down and let it move away from the frame. You want to lift the ford steering box replacement in the frame.

Use the ratchet and socket along with an open-end wrench for bolting it onto the spot properly. And you are almost by the end to upgrade the steering box of ford super duty.

At this point of steering box upgrade, you require reattaching the intermediate shaft as well as pitman arm to the steering box using the same tools. Don’t forget to reinstall the power steering lines as well.

You should find the power steering fluid reservoir on the engine, open it and then fill the thing up with the fluid.

Finally, you need to turn the Ford on and start rotating the steering wheel in a clockwise direction until it stops. Then you want to do the same while turning it counterclockwise. A total of 10 cycles of the same thing need to be repeated.

Once you are done with all of these, you can bring the vehicle down from the jack stands. One final piece of advice would be to go with a steel spacer instead of the stock one that is made of aluminum. There can be galvanic corrosion issues with the bolts as those are made of steel. And so, steel spacers will avoid such scenes

Bonus Part – Keeping Up With Your Upgraded Steering Box AKA Maintenance Keys

Now that you have upgraded your steering box of ford super duty, to make sure it stays intact for as long as possible you must also upgrade the style of maintenance.

And the most important one would be checking on your steering system cleaning habits

Having the steering system clean at all times is a priority. And this basically means that you should be mindful while changing the fluid. No, not exactly that you have to swap the dirty or worn-out parts from the steering system. However, making sure the old junk is flushed out, thoroughly, is what we mean.

Give your best for cleaning all the single pieces. Also, make sure fresh fluid circulation is taking over the whole system. And while you clean, the gross unwanted stuff can exit.

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Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the steering fluids flushing it should be as frequent as its application. Investing in a cooler can really help. The temperature will stay down that way. Somewhere close to 275 degrees would be normal operating departure’s end line.

Don’t just focus on cheap options when choosing the power steering fluid

You should already know that for the performance setup choosing the right power steering fluid is important. And you must not only think about the cost when picking one. For power steering keep these three points in mind for choosing the fluid:

  1. It should be fully synthetic.
  2. It needs to be performance-based.

And the brand name must be emphasizing power steering

Nowadays, people hardly go for Dexron-III. Why? Simply because of the lack of anti-frothing additivities in the transmission fluids. Something extremely crucial for performance steering systems.

If you really want to do your best for the power steering components to last the longest, then power steering fluid is the area you must take seriously.

And that was two of the most important tips for maintenance of your ford super duty steering box upgrade that we wanted to let you know.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a steering box?

The steering box replacement cost is not a constant value but something that needs to take into account several factors. However, for a general idea, you need to pay somewhere between 660 to 850 dollars. Here the parts shall cost between 500 to 650 dollars while labor cost would be between 160 to 200 dollars.

What does tightening a steering box do?

If you over-tighten the gearbox, then there will be no return of the steering wheel when you turn it. And then, manually forcing the thing to a straight position will be necessary. You can turn the wheel both ways a few times. And this shall make it loosen up. If there’s no loosening up, then this means it’s too much tight.

How do I know if my steering box is worn out?

For upgrading the steering box, you could be waiting for it to wear out. And a few signs are that the steering wheel will feel too tight and there could be grinding-like noises coming from it. Some also show leakage of power steering fluid or a burning oil smell.

How do I know if my steering rack needs replacing?

The steering rack will need replacement if you can see a few warnings of it wearing out. The first and most common one is extreme difficulty with steering during low-speed driving.
Also, while highway driving, you may notice the vibration of the steering wheel and a loose steering motion. Both indicate a bad rack. This could also mean worn tires.

How much play should be in a steering box?

With a super duty steering box swap, you also need to ensure the right amount of play. And that’s slightly more than the tack and pinion system. The rotation should not be more than 75mm. The measurements are taken at the wheel rim. And this needs to be done before turning road wheels.

Does a new steering gearbox need to be adjusted?

Handling wheels can be problematic if there’s looseness in the steering box. And it can make the wheels drift from left to right if you don’t correct the steering. That’s why the new steering gearbox could need some adjustment if such troubles are visible with it.

Wrap Up

And that was our take on the ford super duty steering box upgrade. You are now all ready to give it a go. With such swapping, you basically are bringing home a fast ratio as well as better performance with the entire system.

You can also think about the supporting gears to accessories that will further enhance the whole experience. This shall add towards the performance and longevity with overall optimization.

If you are not clearly sure of what to do about the upgrade, talking with an expert and discussing your needs may bring a better solution.

Hope You Get a Great Outcome By The End!

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