Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement- A Perfect Guide You Need!

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

Wondering how to carry out Subaru key fob battery replacement? We’ve got you covered! If you’re Subaru key fob stops working from time to time, a worn-out battery might be the answer.

Simply changing the battery can make your key fob good as a new one. You can easily solve this issue on your own, saving yourself from the hassle of going to the garage or dealer shop!

Read this whole to find out the easy steps to replace the Subaru key fob battery.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

You can replace the old battery with a new one with some straightforward steps. You don’t even need to use any complicated tools in this one. So, you can make the Subaru key fob battery dead to alive following these instructions. We’ll need to get rid of the dead one, obviously!

Basic Steps

  1. With the help of a screwdriver, mostly a flathead, open the key fob case.
  2. Take out the old battery from the case.
  3. Install a new one of the same model.
  4. Reassemble the case together.

That’s all. As simple as that.

However, since there are some different types of Subaru key fobs, there might be slight changes in the replacement process. Let’s discuss the replacement process of different key fobs in detail.

Fixed-key Key Fob

This key fob has the key fixed to it, just as the name suggests. If you’re searching for Subaru key fob battery replacement 2010 model, you can take a look at the tutorial for the fixed-key key fob. Probably, that’s the one you have.

  • First, take your key fob and find out the little indentation around the key ring area. Then, take a flathead screwdriver, place it there, and give it a little twist. You’ll see the key fob case splitting into two parts. Insert the screwdriver in the split area, and move it around to part away from the case completely.
  • Inside, you’ll find the battery attached to the opposite part of the buttons. You can easily take out the battery using the corner of the screwdriver to push it out. Now, it’s crucial that you check the model of the battery used in the key fob and buy the exact one for replacement. Most of the fixed-key key fob contains a CR1620 model battery.

If you’re wondering how to replace battery in 2013 Subaru key fob, you’re going to need the same model battery replacement as the 2013 model key fob also supports that one.

  • At this point, you simply have to pop the new battery in its place. Make sure you install it in the same position. Placing it wrong will not make your key fob work, and it may cause damage as well. Push the buttons to check if it’s working properly.
  • Once you check that everything’s working just fine, you need to reattach the key fob together. Everything should fall in place without any force. If you need to force it, you might be placing it wrong.

This process is also applicable for Subaru key fob battery replacement 2014. In fact, for the other fixed-key key fob models that Subaru has continued from 2008 to 2019.

Silver Sides Key Fob

The silverside key fob is much different in look than a fixed-key key fob. Subaru introduced silver sides key fob in 2015 and continues to this day. Follow these instructions for your Subaru key fob battery replacement 2015.

Though invisible, the key is right there inside the key fob, which is unknown to many of its users. As it has a different structure, the battery replacement process is a bit different too.

  • In order to open the case, push the silver button on the back of the key fob. This will detach the actual key to the car door from the fob. It will reveal another push button right beside where the key was placed. You can use a flathead screwdriver or the key itself to push that button which will part the case away.
  • You can now clearly see the battery. Take out the battery with the help of the screwdriver. Placing it beneath the battery corner and giving it a twist will make the battery pop out. Again, check for the battery model. Usually, you’ll need a CR2032 model battery.
  • Place the new battery in an accurate position. Be careful not to place it in the wrong way.
  • Reassemble everything reversing the dismantling process. You’ll know you’re doing it right when everything sits perfectly in place. With this step, you can successfully complete Subaru key fob replacement 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do Subaru key fob batteries last?

A key fob lasts for 3-6 years, depending on whether it’s a smart key or a fixed-key fob key. The battery used in smart fob keys runs for 2-3 years. On the other hand, the battery on fixed-key fob keys can run as long as 5-6 years.

What battery does my Subaru key take?

The type of the fob key determines the kind of battery it needs. Mostly, the Subaru key fob contains a CR1620 or CR2032 battery.

Can you replace the key fob battery yourself?

Yes. Replacing a key fob battery is quite a simple process. You can easily carry out your Subaru key fob replacement by yourself.

Wrap Up

Subaru key fob replacement is almost easy as a child’s play. After you change your key fob battery once, you can be at ease for the next few years. Key fob batteries run as long as 3-6 years, depending on the key fob type.

Replacing the key fob battery on your own will save both your energy and money. You don’t have to be an expert or that handy. With the help of our super easy instructions mentioned above, you’ll be able to change the key fob battery like a pro!

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