Running Single Wheels on a Dually- Possible Or Not?

Can you run single wheels on a Dually? Are you a Dually truck owner? Running single wheels on a Dually is possible, but you must consider a few things.

Keep on reading because we will now share other technical details on running single wheels on dually along with other cautions and conditions.

Is It Okay Running Single Wheels on a Dually?

Duallys are trucks that have double wheels on the rear tire. They are heavy-duty trucks, and dual rear wheels help them carry heavier loads.

There is a huge impact of the single wheel on Dually. Whether it’s a set of inner or outer pairs, the single set of rear tires wears out pretty fast due to excess load.

Moreover, when you run one set of rear wheels on your Dually, there is a chance of loosening the bearings or the bearings may wear out faster due to uneven weight distribution if you carry heavy loads pretty often. Hence you may need to change them more often.

Besides, these are also primary concerns when you run your old body style or OBS Ford dually to a single wheel. But you can still use single rear wheels on a Dually. But opting for a pair of Super-Single tires would be a better idea.

Which Tires Can You Run On Duallys?

The standard tire size for Duallys is 225/85r16. However, to increase the tire size, you should use spacers. And you can use Super single tires for the rear wheel as well.

Using a set of standard 225/85r16 tires is an optimum option for Duallys. The Super Single Tires are another good option to go for if you want to reduce your overall truck weight. They are wider than standard tires.

However, if you want to use larger tire sizes, spacers are the only option, as we told already.

Does A Dually Have A Different Front Wheel?

The front pair of wheels of a Dually are different from the rear inner wheels. The Duallys have matching front and rear outer wheels. The inner rear wheels are steel-made, whereas the front and rear outer wheels are aluminum-made. And they also may match in outlook.

However, the wheels may have a different look, but they do not have a different size. All six tiers of a Dually are the same size and interchangeable. Only the wheel rims may look different from each other because of visual reasons.

Are Duallys Good For Towing?

Yes, Duallys have a better towing capacity than regular pickup trucks. Where standard pickup trucks have four tires, Duallys have six. So, they have way better tow capacity than the pickup trucks.

The six wheels have more pulling power and can bear more weight. They are way stable on rough terrain full of mud, gravel, and dirt. In addition to that, you can have an additional two thousand pounds of load on the truck bed.

Also, you can use a Dually for towing a fifth wheel. Dual Rear Wheel or DRW trucks and trailers can tow up to 14,000 pounds more weight when compared to Single Rear Wheel or SRW vehicles. So, when you calculate all the advantages of a Dually, you can compare that it is better than a regular pickup truck for towing.

But there are some issues with it. Duallys are tougher to handle than single-wheel trucks, especially on wet or slippery roads. And when there is no load, the truck can bump a lot. Duallys consume more gas than single-tire trucks. And there is an extra cost to buy an extra pair of wheels and maintain them. So, before jumping to buy a Dually, consider these factors very well. Only if you need to tow regularly can you go for this option.

Can You Use Super Single Tires For A Dually?

Yes. Super single tires are also popular as wide-base tires as they have wider tread compared to regular ones. These tires are specialized to handle the load of dual rear tires.

The best advantage of the super single Dually is it reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. So, it can carry more loads. It also costs you less to replace a set of super single tires than a set of regular dual rear tires.

Can You Rotate The Wheels On A Dually?

Yes, you can run a Dually by rotating the tires. Rotating the Dually tiers will help you reduce the impact on one pair.

On Duallys, exchange the rear outer tiers with the front tires, and you can avoid uneven wire and tears. And exchanging the rear tiers between the inner and outer pair is actually good for the wheels, and it lets them wear evenly.

When the Dually runs on rough terrain or hauls down a heavy load, the outer pair wears out more harshly than the inner pair.

The front pair gets more damage on the edges while the rear tires wear out in the middle part. Also, the rear pair damages quicker on Duallys than the front wheels.

So, you need to change them every 10,000 miles when running on the road. But if you drive more on rough terrain, change them even earlier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Make a Single Wheel Truck Into a Dually?

Yes, you can turn your single-wheel truck into a dually. DRW can carry more loads than single-wheel trucks. By using advanced automotive technologies, you can turn your single-wheel-drive into a Dually just by replacing some parts.

Can You Drive on a Flat Dually?

Driving Dually on flat tires can be risky for your vehicle. The impact can be as fatal as damaging the tire tread, rim, and sidewalls. This can even require a tire replacement if you drive on a flat tire. However, if one of the dual flat tires is flat, you can still drive with no or very light loads. But when towing or carrying a heavy load, you should slow down the speed to 25 mph.


So, running single wheels on a dually is possible despite having some issues. But keep in mind it can damage the wheel settings in the long run with a heavy load.

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