How To Install Running Boards On Ford Explorer: Beginners Guide

Is it even possible to put running boards on ford explorer? Yes, it is possible to put running boards on ford explorer. But, how to install running boards on ford explorer?

Running boards make getting in and out of a large vehicle or SUV much simpler. You don’t need to drive your Ford explorer to the shop or employ a professional technician to install aftermarket running boards since you can do it yourself. It is not that difficult to install running boards on a Ford Explorer.

So, if you have been wondering how to install running boards on 2018 ford explorer or any other Ford explorer models, our guide will get you cover.

How to Install Running Boards On Ford Explorer

Let us get to business without wasting any more time. So, how to install running boards on 2017 ford explorer? Read below to know everything about the installation process of running boards on Ford explorer.

Thankfully you can follow the same answer for how to install running boards on 2015 Ford explorer, simply follow the steps that we discussed below.

Step 1: Finding the right running board for your Ford Explorer

There are a lot of well-known brands to consider while buying running boards. Westin and Dee Zee have been making running boards for a long time and have been renowned for producing high-quality products.

Make sure you obtain the right type since running boards are specially made to fit your car perfectly.

Step 1: Get all the equipment in your hands

Check that you have all the hardware for your running boards by opening the box. After that, read the installation instructions. This is significant since the installation technique varies slightly between Ford Explorer models.

The standard list of equipment you will require:

Step 2:  Look for Factory holes

Now you need to look for the factory-built holes in your Ford Explorer and install the bolt plate. The bolt plate is the component that secures the brackets. Depending on the manufacturer, the factory drilled holes may have rubber plugs.

So, if you want to know how to install running boards on 2020 ford explorer, this is for you as they come with pre-drilled mounting holes. Ensure that the mounting brackets are aligned with these holes and that the bolts are tightened.

However, sometimes mounting holes aren’t there for older models like the 2015 Ford explorer. If your vehicle’s holes aren’t pre-drilled, you’ll have to drill them yourself according to the assembly specifications. The crucial thing to remember is that the holes you drill must align with the bolts on the running board.

Step 3: Time to attach the Brackets

The number of brackets will vary depending on your car’s make, model, year, and size. Begin by assembling the front bracket. Attach your brackets as tightly as possible, as you may need to make changes later. Make that you’re using the right bolts, nuts, and washers.

Step 4: Running Boards installation

Connect the running boards to the mounting brackets once they’re firmly secured to your frame, making sure they’re aligned along with your cockpit, so they don’t impede or act as a barrier to anything. Make sure everything is in the right place.

Use the supplied hardware to secure the running boards to the brackets. At this stage, make any necessary adjustments and leveling. Once you’re sure everything is aligned and positioned appropriately, tighten all of the nuts on the brackets.

Step 5: Connecting lights and motors

This is the final step for installing running boards on your Ford Explorer. Connect the wire harness to your vehicle’s electrical system if your running boards come with lights. Once you set up the lights, you’ll need to wire a motor to your ignition system if your running board is retractable.

It is critical to follow all manufacturer directions once again. If you cannot complete these tasks on your own, we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional mechanic.

So far, we have discussed how to install running boards on 2020, 2015, and 2018 Ford Explorer. That said, you can install a running board on your 2017 Ford Explorer by yourself in no time.

How do you take the running board off a Ford Explorer?

Lift one side of your Ford. Use two jack stands to secure the car, one in the front and one in the back. Then use two additional jack stands to keep the running board in place while releasing the fasteners.

Remove the fasteners that secure the running board to the vehicle’s frame using a socket wrench. Remove the running board and set it aside. And with the floor jack, lower the car to the ground and repeat on the opposite side.

Ford explorer running board removal is quite an easy process, follow what we wrote above, and you will have your running board removed in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Down below, let us look into some of the frequently asked questions regarding running boards on Ford Explorer.

Can you put running boards on a Ford Explorer?

Yes, you can add running boards on your Ford Explorer. Additionally, depending on your tastes and needs, you will have the choice of having running boards on both or either side of your car.

Do 2020 Ford Explorers have running boards?

Ford 2020 does have running boards that you can buy additionally from the aftermarket. You can either install them by yourself or from a workshop.

Does the 2021 Explorer have running boards?

Just like the 2020 Ford Explorer, you can add running boards on the 2021 Ford Explorer. The market is full of different models and designs of running bars to choose from for your 2021 Ford Explorer.


If you want your Ford Explorer to look cool and want easy access to the inside, running boards are a must to have. Do we hope this guide has solved your query on how to install running boards on ford explorer?

That said, installation of running boards on any latest model of Ford explorer is quite easy, and you can do it by yourself by following a few quick and easy steps that we mentioned above. This guide is just meant for you if you do not wish to spend additional money on a workshop to install a running board.

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